Melissa Gorgas Sister Fights With Kim D Over Twitter; Gets Husband Involved!


These girls just love the drama! It’s crazy to see mothers fight each other on social networking! Before tonight’s episode aired, Kim D took to her twitter to tell her fans this, “Please remember while watching 2nite’s #rhnj that no matter what, there is always a code a man must follow when speaking to a woman. Always.”

Melissa Gorgas sister Lysa Simpson obviously stalks Kim’s tweets and loves the drama because she responded to Kim yet again saying, “tell me when you see a lady.”

This obviously annoyed Kim and the fighting began! Kim wrote, “it won’t be when your face is shown!! That’s IF its shown…One of these days you’re going to see just how small you are doll” and Lysa responded extra classy with a “shut the fuck up bitch!”

Lysa added, “I lost myself for a minute,UR not worth it. My followers know me &you dragged me in, but now I will rise above you, bc your UNDERNEATH me. You trying to talk to me won’t make you relevant #bye bye.”

Woah. I’m so confused on how anyone talking to Melissa’s sister would make them relevant. It’s quite the opposite! Lysa’s hubby then got in the drama and wrote, “@KimDPosche Time to step in….. your a coke whore piece of shit n couldn’t wipe my wife’s ass! #youoldskank.” That’s not all! He continued, “@shesgotgame16 @samantha120x @allabouttrh @kimdposche Everybody’s tired of people that have nothing to do but this #getalifebitches.”

Have nothing to do with this? Well Scotty, your family signed up for this and basically died to be on the show so don’t get so fired up when people have an opinion. Does anyone else find it odd that a supposedly straight man like Scottie uses the word “bitches” and if you read his tweets, he calls women jealous? Is it me or is something off with him? Do you think Melissa’s sisters just trying to make herself relevant? Who do you think took it to far?

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