RHONJ Recap: The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For!


To say this show gives me anxiety is an understatement. Who ever thought a show could literally make you lose sleep? Sunday was the season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and we saw the anticipated episode that most have been waiting to watch for a year now! Before I start, let me just say that this is MY opinion. You don’t have to agree with it and I can’t please everyone. I love to hear everyone’s opinion even if they totally disagree with mine 🙂

The episode continues from last week where Melissa Gorga acts like she’s confused about who this Angelo character is. First off, it’s clear this whole ordeal was a set up. It’s clear Angelo came in and knew what he was doing but did Teresa have anything to do with it? Nope! It was Kim D who had everything to do with it and later admits it at the reunion. It was Johnny and Kim D who put Angelo up to this because they have issues with Melissa Gorga. Teresa was just dragged into it and it looks like she was the one who actually was set up!

Sure Angelo forgot he was mic’d but it’s clear he has never spoke to Teresa in his life. But he has spoke to Johnny and Kim D and he also was listening to everything Johnny was saying. Johnny is Kim D’s friend and is married to Penny who has been wanting a spot on the show for many reasons. Penny and Melissa don’t get along. Penny will do anything to destroy Melissa because Melissa constantly bashes Penny. That’s another story.. Back to the episode.

I think Jacqueline and Teresa might have both knew something was going to go down the day of the fashion show but they didn’t know exactly what was going to happen. Teresa takes Melissa over to the bathroom and tells her what she heard from Angelo. Teresa wants to speak to Angelo with Melissa. If Teresa was in on this, do you think she’d bring Melissa over to speak to Angelo? Just them three? I think not! Angelo mysteriously leaves and Melissa calls Joe Gorga. Melissa tells Joe how she was approached by Angelo and he’s livid. The event is in New York and Joe Gorga wants to come and put this Angelo guy in his place. Teresa thinks it’s a bad idea for Joe Gorga to come simply because she knows Joe has a temper.

Jacqueline and Caroline don’t even know whats going on at this point but are already blaming Teresa. Those two are just some instigators. If anything Teresa is being set up by Jacqueline who is telling everyone that Teresa started this whole mess without any proof except a text message from a friend she refuses to reveal!

Melissa Gorga says on the show that she did work at a gentlemen’s club but quit after a week. That’s a lie! Melissa actually worked there for 8 months. That’s a fact according to pay stubs SHE gave me. So why lie about how long you’ve worked there if you have nothing to hide?

Joe Gorga shows up to the Posche Fashion Show and Melissa is all like, “Omg, Joe why did you come?!” Uh. Melissa? What did you expect? You knew by calling your husband that he was going to come. He was already dying that he couldn’t come and get the camera time so this was his opportunity to get filmed!

Joe Gorga comes and starts a scene with Kim D. He accuses her of all sorts of things from being a coke addict to a whore. He continues to tell her that he wishes she was a man so he could hit her. Classy, Joe. Real classy. Jacqueline starts making things worse. Instead of shutting up and staying out of it, she continues to go to Melissa and tell her how she’s being set up! To say Jacqueline is an instigator, is yet again an understatement. For someone who doesn’t want to start trouble between the Gorgas and Giudices, Jacqueline sure starts a LOT! I even began feeling like Jacqueline was setting everything up. She just continued to push the fact that Teresa had something to do with it. Caroline is running around saying how she has no words..blahblahblah well then don’t speak Caroline!

Kathy Wakile is convinced Teresa could have stopped Angelo from saying something. How silly are these ladies? How can Teresa control anything anyone says? Really? Jac Laurita starts bragging that she knew something was going to happen at the Posche Fashion Show. Well Jac, if you knew and were told from this anonymous “friend” why didn’t you do something about it or warn Melissa?

I thought it was funny how Melissa and Joe kept bringing up how Kim D should be happy that they come to her Posche Fashion Show…two years ago Melissa was dying to be invited to the event. Let’s be real! If everyone knew something was going to happen at the show, why did the cast go?

Caroline Manzo, the girl who thinks she knows everything then says in an interview that Teresa used to tell her that Melissa was a stripper. Oh shut your yap for two seconds. Caroline is not even reliable anymore and no one smart enough will believe that Teresa told Caroline things.

The question everyone should answer is this: How did Teresa know Angelo was going to embarrass Melissa? It was Jacqueline who knew and it was Jacqueline who did NOTHING. Remember that! I think Teresa had every right to boss up to Jacqueline. Jacqueline was going around screaming that Melissa was being set up from her sister-in-law without even asking Teresa! It’s like Jacqueline wanted this and then she didn’t show up to the season 3 reunion, acting emotional trying to hide her tracks….just a thought!

While Joe Gorga and Melissa leave, Melissa insists that Joe Gorga put his window down and tell Teresa shame on her. Interesting. Melissa then says on her interview that Teresa has been tormenting Melissa for the past 8 years. Uh. Melissa. We didn’t forget the fact that you contacted Danielle Staub because YOU hated Teresa so much. To me, it seems like Melissa was jealous of Teresa’s fame and wanted it so badly that she hated her so much and Teresa was clueless about it because Teresa was focused on her life.

Teresa reveals that Jacqueline was a stripper and that Chris Laurita told Joe Giudice. Interesting since Jacqueline has denied it so much. I’m pretty much over this show. Each lady has an issue and they all are just so bitter. It’s not even fun to watch anymore. It’s just exhausting! Glad it’s finally over and we can move on to a fresh start! Thoughts on the season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

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