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Marysol Patton Reveals Who The Most Problematic Housewife Will Be, Opens Up About Her Personal Life

RHOM publicity machine is still in full swing following the premiere of the newly revamped series last week! In this latest interview with Wetpaint, returning Housewife Marysol Patton opens up about everything we need to know regarding the new season. Marysol opened up about her castmates, old and new, her divorce and relationship with her now ex-husband who we saw marry her on season one. Marysol also discusses Mama Elsa, a fan favorite of the show, and reveals which of the other Real Housewives franchise is her personal “fave”!

Wetpaint Entertainment: You must be so excited for Season 2.
Marysol Patton: I am, very much so.

Let’s get your opinion on the new castmates, starting with Ana.
Alexia [Echevarria, a returning cast member who won’t be full-time in Season 2] and I recommended her. We’ve been friends with her for like 13 years. We were like, “We need a smart, established, sassy, sharp-tongued girl in this group. Because we don’t know who’s going to end up here, but she’s going to be great.” And they loved her. She’s very sharp. She’s an attorney, she’s a published cookbook author. She’s like our Latin Bethenny pretty much. We’re actually all in a hotel room in New York City together right now, the three of us.

How do you feel about the supermodel, Joanna?
There’s two sides to Joanna, there’s one side that’s really, really, really sweet, and like all of us, we lose our temper at one moment, and then she just kind of— And a few other girls do this, they just kind of black out, and they go crazy and they don’t even remember what they did afterwards. I don’t know how to explain it.

Are you saying they black out from alcohol?
No! No no, it’s just, when they’re angry, it’s like they shut off and they have a hot temper, and then afterwards they don’t even remember what happened. I’ve seen other girls like that. Because I’m really even-keeled, I don’t have a temper, so when I see people go crazy like that, and then they calm down, and they don’t remember any of it, I’m like, “Wow, that’s what it’s like to have a hot temper.” But she’s also really sweet. And sensitive.

What are some of the biggest Season 2 feuds in general?
In general, Karent, the new girl, the dentist — she had a problem with a lot of us from [Season 1]. And I consider Ana from before because I’ve known her for so long.

What were Karent’s issues?
Everybody had a separate individual mishap with her, completely isolated and completely different, none of them had to do with each other. We all individually had a completely different issue. I don’t know why she is just that way.

And what do you think of Lisa?
I like Lisa, Lisa’s funny. She’s cute. She’s cool. I like everything about Lisa, she’s very, very cool, I never saw her blow up or freak out, she’s just kind of silly and funny and fun. Light-hearted.

What’s your major storyline this season?
[You’re] going to see me going through a very difficult transition in my personal life with my now-ex-husband, so it kind of plays out in the show, the separation, the going back and forth, deciding whether we would get divorced or not, and in the end, we just get divorced.

Did the show have anything to do with the breakup?
No. Honestly, I’m all about work work work work, and I put my work first, and it just didn’t gel. We were in two different places, we still love each other, we’re like family. He comes to all our family and holiday functions, we talk all the time and we work together, but as a married couple, I wasn’t a good wife for him and he wasn’t the right husband for me.

What did Mama Elsa think of the divorce?
She really loves Phillippe. She’s always like, “I love Phillippe!” She thinks it was the right thing to do, and she thinks it’s a shame it didn’t work out because she thinks he’s a very good man, and he is a very good man, and nothing. She thinks I’ll get married again, so stay tuned.

What can Mama Elsa fans expect this season?
Oh my god, she filmed a lot. A lot. And she is funny, so you can see more fun with Mom.

Do her confrontations embarrass you?
Well, it upset me very much that a friend of ours for many, many years was yelling at her, but I wasn’t there so I watched it in the promo, and that upset me but that guy does that kind of thing quite often, it just upset me more that it was with Mom. She comes out more to parties with us this time, she’s more a part of the group, instead of just me visiting her at home, so she kind of gets into it. She doesn’t put up with anything from anyone.

Do you watch any of the other Housewives series?
I don’t watch them regularly, I try and catch the reruns, because my schedule doesn’t permit. I love The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I love NeNe, we’re buddies. She’s hysterical, I think she’s fabulous. She turned out to be a brilliant natural actress, a comedian. I like to watch Beverly Hills, very much so. I think Lisa Vanderpump is pretty witty and funny, and she always stays calm and above the fray, and she’s elegant. I watch them all, but I really love Atlanta, that’s my fave.

I am glad that Marysol and her ex-hubby have found a way to remain friends. Mama Elsa is quite the character and my eyes just get glued to the TV in shock whenever she does or says something outlandish, so I’m glad we will be seeing more of the Miami Housemom. I have to say that with each of these interviews I get more and more excited for RHOM to take off. The revamp has great potential! Have you been tuning in? Are you shocked that Karent is involved in a lot of the drama with the
cast? Any thoughts on Marysol’s storyline this season?

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