RHONY Recap: Vacation All I Never Wanted


Last week’s RHONY ended with a bitter taste left in the ladies’ mouths after Aviva got into it with Ramona and Sonya. Aviva had just arrived after braving the small plane ride with her husband Reid, and was upset that there was not a red carpet rolled out, balloons out, banners, etc. welcoming Aviva. Instead, she arrived to some skinny dippers. This week, the drama continues in St. Barths!

Aviva and Carole are having breakfast with their men and they decide to go to dinner together. Ramona and Sonja are seen having breakfast and talking about Aviva’s white trash comment to them. Apparently, the women are unaware of what the definition of “white trash” is so they take to their iPad to figure just what this awful name means.

Carole comes into Ramona and Sonja’s room and they continue with the “this is supposed to be a girls only trip” drama. They are upset that there’s men in the house to change the dynamic. Aviva overhears the conversation and storms in ready to shut Ramona and Sonja down. Aviva rambles on about how she wanted a banner that said Welcome Aviva! and continues to complain about their ungracious welcome. At this point, the trip seems ruined. Aviva calls Ramona a phony and basically tells her she is not a good friend.

The women continue to argue about Ramona not being sorry, and Aviva comes to the conclusion that they didn’t want Reid there so there weren’t any witnesses to the “atrocious behavior” that was going down. The ladies talk about putting this all behind because it’s not good for anyone, and they all head out to lunch.

Carole attempts to end this drama once and for all, but she is more sympathetic towards Aviva and Sonja does not appreciate it. Luann, Sonja and Ramona all leave the table and Heather, Carole and Aviva stay behind. Aviva begins to talk about the small pane ride and Heather chimes in about the landing of the plane.

Carole is in tears because of her past experience with small planes in which she lost her friends. She leaves the table and goes to the shops, and not a single person follows her to check if she’s alright! How rude of them. She brought them on this trip and no one is checking to see if she’s okay while the woman is clearly in tears, but Aviva is making a scene over not having had a welcoming party?!

Heather calls out Aviva on making the trip all about herself and this made me love her. She is clearly over the BS and hearing about Aviva and her anxieties all the time! Kudos to Heather for shutting her up! Food is served and now it’s Aviva’s turn to take Carole away from the table. Aviva wants to check on Carole and they discuss that the small plane talk brought back awful memories. They stop by a pedicure shop where fish eat the callouses from your feet. So strange yet kind of cool! (Does Aviva get 50% off? I’m sorry! Couldn’t help myself…)

Back at the lunch table, Heather is informed of Aviva and Carole’s double date tonight. She becomes upset for being excluded along with the three other women and not knowing of these plans. She confronts Aviva and Carole and storms off back to the house, very upset about what this trip has become. Honestly, I can see why she is upset and I would be upset too if my friends made their own plans on a trip we were all supposed to be on together. Heather retreats to the beach and Carole comes to find her and talk to her, which Heather really appreciates. Carole invites her to the no-longer-a-double-date dinner and they go for a swim. It’s so nice to see s nice friendship developing in contrast to the frenemy vibes from everyone else!

Back at home, Sonja is in the kitchen flirting with one of the butlers and Aviva walks in. They rehash the “girls only trip” tired and over dramatic topic AGAIN and it just ends in Aviva calling Sonja a double dealing, two faced person. Sonja is obvious upset that Aviva keeps insulting her and quite frankly I don’t know why Aviva is so upset at her. I feel bad that Sonja is being packaged along with Ramona and not being treated fairly.

Carole plans a spa day for the next day and the ladies prepare for Russ’s concert at night. After dinner, Ramona and Sonja ditch the ladies and skip out on the concert. When the ladies arrive at the house for a farewell dinner, they come home to a drunken Ramona and Sonja who are being so rude and annoying. Stumbling everywhere and leaving the table they go upstairs to pack and talk about how boring the other girls are.

After a little while, everyone has dinner and Heather jumps into the pool, followed by all except Ramona and Sonja who for once look like the prudes of the group. Sonja strips down and jumps in, followed by Heather pushing Ramona into the pool which I imagine is one of the best feelings in the world.

Next week the ladies are back in The Big Apple and it’s safe to say that this trip has changed all the relationships between the women, so it’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out. How did you feel about this episode? Do you think Aviva went overboard again, or were outbursts warranted? Do you think Sonja is being lumped in with Ramona or are they both to blame for Aviva’s lashing out?

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