Unveiling the Truth: Did LuAnn De Lesseps Cheat on Her Boyfriend?

RHONY star LuAnn De Lesseps was caught up in a little lie when she told the ladies that she was hanging out at the house with some “italian friends.” Turn out the “italian friends” was really the hot Johnny Depp look-alike that she had her eyes on all night! Speaking to Miami New Times, LuAnn confirms she is not a cheater, she’s just a liar!
Oh, the Italian friends. I watched Real Housewives of New York last week. Did you cheat with the Johnny Depp lookalike or not? If Ramona had asked you how you got home, and you had gotten a ride home with a Johnny Depp lookalike, what would you have said? For some reason, immediately I just said, “Oh, I got a ride home with my Italian friends!” Little did I know that they had set me up to have dinner with him that night. So when I realized that he was coming, I panicked, and then I made the call to him that everyone saw. It was a comedy of errors, basically. The cover up was worse than the crime. I was having fun, got a ride home, the guy was nice, but I am in love with my boyfriend. The funny thing is that I think he was coming over to see where Sonja was staying. So it’s official: you are not a cheater? If I was going to have an affair, do you think I would do it with a house full of housewives? It doesn’t make sense. I wouldn’t have brought him home to a house full of cameras and been knocking on Heather’s door. My only mistake was the white lie. Did it cause drama between you and your beau, Jacques? Well, there was a little drama. He is a man. The way it played out, it was a little shocking for both of us. On another note, is it just me, or has Ramona Singer lost her mind this season? Well… I don’t really talk to Ramona. We have never been bosom buddies. Then there was the wine party incident. We were having a good time. We featured her wine. We were all having fun! It was a little naughty, but not malicious. If you notice, she had fun at that party. Mario [Singer] is the one that came back and stirred things up. He’s the seventh housewife. He sure is. He is the new Simon. He wants that camera time. So LuAnn says that Johnny Depp Look-alike just dropped her home. That doesn’t explain the laughing in the house. I don’t believe LuAnn. I think it’s silly if Jacques believes LuAnn. LuAnn was caught in a big lie and did cheat on Jacques. She was literally drooling over the kid and brought him back home. I doubt the two “just talked.” Do you think LuAnn is still lying?

No, LuAnn did not cheat on Jacques with the Johnny Depp lookalike. She had a ride home with him, but she is in love with her boyfriend and would not have an affair, especially in a house full of cameras.

 Yes, there was a little drama between LuAnn and Jacques because of the way the situation played out. It was a bit shocking for both of them, but LuAnn maintains that she did not cheat and it was just a white lie.

No, LuAnn did not bring the Johnny Depp lookalike back home to cheat on Jacques. She had a ride home with him, but she insists that they only talked and she is still in love with her boyfriend. The laughing in the house was unrelated to any cheating.

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