RHONJ Recap: Caroline Crosses A Line!

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I’m so livid after watching Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey! Am I the only one who gets so stressed out after finishing off each episode? Before I start with my recap, please allow me to make something clear. This is MY opinion and you are allowed to have your own opinion even if you don’t agree with mine! So let’s get started!

This episode basically focused on Caroline making a fool of herself and looking for ways to hate Teresa. It begins with Kathy telling Teresa she was upset over the toast. Teresa said it wasn’t her intention to leave Kathy out and the two begin talking. For some odd reason, Kathy the ass-kisser feels the need to bring up Caroline Manzo and tells Teresa how Teresa should try harder with Caroline! You’re kidding, right? If Kathy was a true cousin, instead of being on Caroline’s ass because she knows Caroline is listening to the conversation, she’d tell Teresa to let go. She’d tell Teresa that she already apologized and if Caroline doesn’t want to be her friend any longer than forget her! Teresa has acknowledged what she wrote in the cookbook several times throughout the season. She’s apologized to Caroline but Caroline didn’t accept it because she is convinced Teresa isn’t being genuine. That’s Caroline’s problem not Teresa’s! Imagine if this was any other Real Housewives show. They’d be over the cookbook crap in half a episode! MOVE ON, CAROLINE! Isn’t that what you tell everyone else to do?

While Kathy continues to talk about Caroline with Teresa, Caroline calls Teresa names in front of Melissa not giving a crap. For the first time ever, I agree with Melissa when she said in her interview that Caroline should move the hell on and drop it!

Teresa and Kathy get up and join the ladies. Caroline looks like she’s about to burst and starts calling Teresa out. It’s pathetic to see Teresa continue to try with Caroline while Caroline just isn’t having it! The magazine gets brought up. Again, these housewives just love dragging everything. Everyone needs to get over the magazine situation! I hope that throughout the conversation where Caroline bashes Teresa that Melissa took note and saw that Caroline was once Teresa’s friend and is acting this way. Caroline then says in her interview that when Teresa and Caroline were friends, Teresa only ever spoke badly about Melissa. Even if Teresa did speak badly about Melissa to Caroline, it’s because she trusted Caroline and was telling Caroline her problems in confidence. Not so Caroline can call her out on it when the two stop being friends. Imagine what Teresa knows and has heard about the Manzo’s/Laurita’s! Do we see Teresa exposing them let alone talking about them? NO!

The past is the past! Even if Teresa spoke about Melissa to Caroline, who cares?! Mel admitted she hated Teresa a few years ago and even became friends with Teresa’s enemy, Danielle behind her back! They both did the same thing to each other! They both aren’t innocent. Regardless, Caroline needs to stay the hell out of it! The sad thing about this episode was that I really felt like Joe Gorga was loving every moment of it.

While Caroline continues to rant, Joe Giudice shouts for everyone to stop it. That’s when momma’s boy Chris Manzo gets involved. Chris, I get your a momma’s boy and that is GREAT but your mom is wrong. Enough said. In the end it was YOUR mother who wasn’t ending the fight and you know it. Albert Manzo says in an interview that if a line’s crossed he will “very much be involved.” Albert, the line was crossed the first 2 minutes into the episode and that was because of your wife. Now go back to sleep.

They ask Joe Giudice to stay out of it but in comes Lauren Manzo trying to call out Teresa while everyone listens. I truly can’t handle the hypocrisy when it comes to the cast. Teresa has had enough. Caroline won’t stop attacking her and Joe Giudice saves the day by finding an early flight for them to leave. Teresa packs and Caroline just tells Mel and Kathy how Teresa used to always speak bad about them. Hah. Remember when Caroline claimed she wanted to help them be a family? Like telling them the negative stuff Teresa supposedly said is really going to help! Caroline leaves the room and starts crying. She looked even dumber. Caroline crossed a line and I am officially over her. Melissa and Joe Gorga decide to leave with Teresa and Joe. Thought it was nice of them to do that. I bet Caroline wasn’t happy with that decision! Jacqueline Laurita slept throughout the conversation because she didn’t want to be in the middle. Caroline was upset over that which is probably why she later cried. Who knows? All I know is I have a headache and I’m simply over this show.


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