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RHONY Recap: You Want To What Me In Where?!

Finally! It’s about time The Real Housewives of New York City gets interesting! Looks like tons of drama is ready to unfold and I am ready for it! So let’s talk Monday’s episode!

Ah. So Sonja thought it was a good idea to bring Ramona along to the meeting regarding Sonja’s toaster and failed to tell Heather. I get Ramona knows her stuff as well but I thought it was a bit inappropriate to bring Ramona knowing Heather and Ramona don’t get along, knowing Ramona is going to make a million comments that are all going to be negative. You saw Ramona answer her phone during the meeting proving she was just trying to tick Heather off.

I’m getting irritated with Ramona. She continues to say how annoying it is that Aviva brings up her ex Harry but why does Ramona care? It’s not like Aviva is EVER saying anything bad about her ex and why is it okay for Ramona to bring up Harry but when Aviva brings him up-Ramona freaks out. Let’s not forget Aviva and Harry share a child together. Get over it, Ramona! If she’s bashing him, that’s one thing but she’s always ever talking highly about him on the episodes.

I personally didn’t find it a big deal that LuAnn said ‘American Indian’ at the dinner table, she does have it in her and I just think Carole already has an issue with her so anything LuAnn says, Carole’s going to blow up.

Everyone goes out for dinner and Ramona’s husband Mario feels the need to call out Jacques for the whole wine situation. Mario believes Jacques was trying to set up Ramona. Jacques denies this. I think it was nice of Mario to stick up for his lady and call out Jacques but I think they could have done it man to man without the audience!

Well well well! We finally meet Harry Dubin! And he seem’s pretty damn awesome! I started understanding the hype watching him. He definitely looks like a charmer!

Sonja and Heather have another meeting. This time Ramona is a no show while LuAnn is! No one should be coming to the meetings and these two seem like they can’t agree on anything! I think it’s best if they don’t work together.

Side note: In Sonja’s words, Heather’s husband is so effing hot!

Thoughts on Monday’s episode? Do you think Sonja should have brought Ramona? Do you think Carole got carried away? Do you think Mario should have called out Jacques? Let’s Discuss!

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