Ramona Singer Says She Found It Very Inappropriate For Aviva Drescher To “Bash” Her Ex Harry


On Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York, Ramona Singer is seen bringing up Harry adding how much she loves him in front of Aviva’s current husband. As most of you know, Harry is Aviva’s first husband and they have a son together. Harry is also known for some odd reason by all of New York. On a side note: Aviva’s current husband is so laid back! He didn’t even care that Ramona kept pushing how much she loves Harry in front of him, he agreed Harry is a nice guy!

Moving along, Ramona is now saying she thought it was very inappropriate for Aviva to “bash” her ex at the dinner table and says she was shocked by Aviva’s father George’s behavior.

Ramona says, “Let’s move on to the dinner at Aviva’s home. Harry Dubin is a good friend of mine and I find it really inappropriate to talk about him behind his back when he’s not there to defend himself. They share a child together and I found this disrespectful to the child as well. Besides that, the conversation was going nowhere positive and that’s why I did my best to end it.

I could not believe the way George, Aviva’s father, was talking! I was so shocked that he would speak and act this way with mixed company. It made every one uncomfortable. I thought the best way to handle this was to make sure the dinner ended as quickly as possible. This is why I went into the kitchen and said bring the main course.

Rather than upset my hosts, Aviva and Reid, I played into the vulgar humor of George all weekend long to keep the peace. This is contrary to the way I normally would handle a situation like that.”

Is Ramona forgetting how she acts in front of others? Ah. Ramona is just…I won’t even say it! Do you think Aviva was bashing her ex harry? Do you think Ramona was truly uncomfortable by Aviva’s father George?!

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