RHONJ Recap: The Sniff Test


The RHONJ franchise literally have the most adorable children! Forget watching the housewives, I could watch 3 hours straight of Milania just talking! She’s not only so freaken cute but absolutely hilarious!

The episode begins with Melissa getting her make-up done for Antonia’s 6th birthday! Melissa is convinced that Antonia’s birthday should be huge for the simple fact that she only turns 6 once! Oh. Thanks Melissa. We never knew that! Melissa for some odd reason is getting her make-up done because I guess she doesn’t know how to do it herself and guest are coming over! These housewives tend to think their some A-list celebrity that need to be done-up all the dang time!

Back at Teresa’s house, Milania calls Joe Giudice a ‘big poop.’ I don’t care what anyone says-I think it’s hilarious!

Joe Gorga tells Melissa that the therapy wasn’t a good idea and that he didn’t really care for it. He then says he always thinks before he talks..interesting. So he just admitted he thought carefully when he called his sister Garbage and a bi*ch on national television? Like I said..interesting. I really enjoyed seeing Melissa Gorga’s aunts. They all were so positive and I think it’s important to be around positive people!

Teresa Giudice enters Antonia’s birthday and compliments Melissa on how nice Antonia’s birthday looks! 10 points for Teresa. Melissa makes some annoying comment about sprinkled cookies but they both laugh it off.

In comes Jacqueline and can you say..awkward? I’ve realized Jacqueline is a huge hypocrite. Jacqueline complained when Teresa vented to Dina about what’s been going on yet Jacqueline goes over to Kathy and talks about Teresa? When Teresa vents to Dina, it’s because they’ve been friends for 15 years and were friends with Dina before she knew both Jac and Caroline. While Jacqueline has only just met Teresa’s family and it’s because of the show!

Melissa Gorga gets some dancing lessons. It’s quite clear that she needs to take dancing lessons from her niece Gia! Girl can dance!

So, Albie is finally ready to introduce his girlfriend Lindsey. While I was saddened to watch the handsome Manzo talk about his girlfriend, I saw how happy he really is and thought it was cute that he smiled when talking about her. Albie makes it clear that Lindsey should be worried about meeting Lauren before being worried about mama Manzo. Uh. Isn’t it Lauren who bashes Teresa for being an annoying sister-in-law yet she has so much to say before even meeting Lindsey? Caroline meets Lindsey. It isn’t so bad. Lindsey seems uncomfortable the whole time. It was probably the cameras that made her feel that way. Melissa gave Lindsey a few “tips” to be wifey material. She gave her tips on sex which was inappropriate and no offense but I don’t think many would take advice from Melissa. I found it annoying that Albie’s family kept making it like he couldn’t have a relationship and work. Most men are married and then make a huge living for themselves after. All I’m saying is Albie can be committed to work as well as be in a relationship. It’s normal, Caroline! Stay outta it and be happy for your son!

Best Part Of Sunday’s Episode: MILANIA!

Most Boring Part Of Sunday’s Episode: The Rosie Scene. I don’t care. End of story.

Thoughts on the episode? Let’s Discuss!

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