RHONY Ladies Sets The Record Straight


The Real Housewives of New York ladies took to their blog to set the record straight about a few things. Below is a few pieces from each housewives blog discussing their thoughts on Monday’s episode!

LuAnn De Lesseps: Overall, I thought my talk with Ramona went as well as could be expected — since she feels that she didn’t threaten me and I know what I heard on the phone that day, even if she denies it. It’s a case of “she said, she said.” I’d wanted to clear the air with Ramona and move forward, and, in the end, I decided to put this behind me although I do feel that I made a deal with devil. I was surprised that Aviva felt the need to fib about how I shared Ramona’s threats to me with the girls.

Heather Thomson: As you see, Ramona took a shot at me again in this episode during her lunch with Aviva. And while I agree that I have a lot to say and that it certainly appears that I talk A WHOLE LOT, I don’t agree with the “interrupting” comments. My “engaging in a conversation” is a sign of enthusiasm, and when Ramona (of all people) gives me grief about it, it is truly the pot calling the kettle black. I mean, did you see her conversation with LuAnn? It seems that everyone has the same issue when communicating something to Ramona that she does not deem important.

Ramona Singer: If LuAnn wanted to clear the air with me she should have invited me to meet up privately. Confronting me at Sonja’s party was not the right thing to do, and was inappropriate and disruptive to Sonja and her guests. When we finally did meet up, I was not prepared for what was about to happen. I have apologized privately to LuAnn about last year’s reunion, and when that did not seem to be enough, I apologized publicly. LuAnn is very passive-aggressive, which can be equally offensive, and hurtful. I felt pushed against a wall at the reunion. Regardless, I should never have brought up her daughter. People make mistakes, and it’s important to acknowledge and learn from them. Children are off-limits. I apologized immediately and repeatedly. I’m not quite sure what else LuAnn is looking for?When the word “blackmail” came out of her mouth, I was shocked. It sounded like a line right out of a movie. And just like movies, this story was completely fabricated! It is difficult for me to know what else to say about it because there is no truth to it. Not only does blackmail sound ridiculous, but what rewards could I possibly gain from it? I’m not sure why LuAnn has fabricated this story and continued this saga. That is for you to decide. Don’t you think she needs somethIng more relevant to dwell on?

Carole Radziwill: During “Showdown at Bethesda Fountain” in Central Park — cue theme to Gunsmoke — I realized why I feel comfortable around Ramona. She grew up with yellers and screamers and so did I. I didnt even hear my own voice until I was in high school. My favorite moment of this argument, though, is when Ramona, mid-meltdown, pauses to admire her shellacked fingernails. Luann doesn’t seem impressed, even that they last three weeks!

Aviva Drescher: As you could probably tell, Carole and I had a blast shopping together. One of the best parts of this show was becoming friends with Carole. Carole is intelligent, funny, and experienced. Nothing shocks Carole, which makes her easy to talk to. Most of all, she is not judgy. Carole has a calm about her and an appreciation for humor. Carole is a real girl’s girl and vintage shopping was filled with fun and laughter! My first one-on-one with Ramona was lunch at Fishtail and in retrospect I was a bit overwhelmed by Ramona’s theatrics and the darts she threw from the get-go. . .Clearly, Ramona takes some getting used to (Maybe my Stevia sweetener would work on Ramona!). It felt really odd to be thrown into an argument at what I (naively?) thought would be a nice getting-to-know-you lunch. I was definitely not at ease. Chalk it up to inexperience, or whatever, but this was not my favorite moment. I may have been too cautious (or not cautious enough) in dishing it out. But have no fear, my fellow blogosphere friends: it doesn’t take me long. As you will see, I get more comfortable expressing my positions to Ramona in the weeks to follow. I stand up for myself just fine, thank you very much.

Sonja Morgan: Ramona’s comment was that LuAnn was a weekend mother, not a bad mother. Still, Ramona should have never gone there. I still wish Luann would let it go. It’s all getting old. You gotta laugh when Ramona vacillates and says “I don’t have time for this! I don’t even have time for my nails. I get these shellacks now. They last three weeks!” Okay, so now we have time for petty fights with our girlfriend! You can always count on us Housewives for comic relief at just the right time.

Thoughts on what the ladies had to say? Who is your favorite new housewife from RHONY?! What were your thoughts on the episode? Will LuAnn And Ramona ever be able to move forward?

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