RHONJ Recap: True Love, True Lies


The Real Housewives of New Jersey aired a very special episode Sunday that celebrated the love between two people. Jamie and his partner Rich had a beautiful wedding that had me in tears. But what’s RHONJ if it isn’t a drama-filled episode?!

Jacqueline Laurita: The episode begins with Jac and Chris Laurita in their Chicago hotel room. Suddenly, the two just happen to have a copy of Teresa’s Intouch magazine! Sometimes I truly wonder how Chris Laurita puts up with Jacqueline being that he’s so positive and down to earth while she’s so all over the place. Don’t get me wrong, I love her in the show. Love BUT if I was to search everything she’s done outside of the show, I’d think she’d have a bipolar disorder.

Caroline Manzo: Jacqueline wasn’t the only one with a copy of the Intouch magazine! So was Caroline! I call BS. Greggy needs some toothpaste so he goes to grab some when suddenly he see’s a copy of Teresa on the Intouch cover. Really? How stupid does Bravo think we are. Bravo probably handed out each copy to all the ladies before taping! In the article, it says Caroline is a bully. Caroline is so upset to read this and says that Teresa is “supposed” to be her friend. HAH! Good one. Teresa is supposed to be Caroline’s friend yet Caroline has been bashing her since episode 1? This has got to be a joke! Caroline gives Teresa the cold shoulder while they are on their way to the beautiful wedding. Caroline acts as if she’s upset by the article when in reality she’s been bitter all season!

The Gorga’s: Really love Melissa and Joe’s jersey shore house! I’d love spending my summers there. To bad it’s on the market right now and they barely had anytime at all to enjoy it! Joe Gorga walks into the kitchen and tells Melissa he found the InTouch magazine of Teresa while he was at the barber shop. I’m literally laughing out loud at this point. This sounds like a stupid joke. Melissa is a hypocrite in the sense that she has a problem with Teresa giving articles to InTouch when Melissa herself has been giving countless stories to US weekly! Melissa says Teresa needs to be loyal to her family yet Mel is the one who contacted Danielle Staub years ago knowing Teresa had problems with her. Kathy attends the Jersey house and they talk about Teresa. Because you know, there’s no such thing as a party if it isn’t a ‘lets trash talk Teresa’ kind of party! Melissa Gorga debuts her song ‘Rockstar’ and it’s another song that sounds nothing like her and is completely autotoned! Just the way I like it! Richard Wakile gives Joe some good advice and while Joe acts like he wants things to be fixed, I totally doubt him.

Teresa Giudice: Can you imagine being with a group of girls who constantly bash you and give you the cold shoulder? I don’t know how Teresa does it! Teresa gets a text while their at the wedding and finds out her cookbook made New York Times Best Seller! Such happy news! Teresa shares the news and gets not even one reaction from the group! True friends would support the fact that Teresa’s book became a best seller not look bitter and jealous. If that didn’t show how jealous the other ladies were then I don’t know what will! Teresa later talks to Jacqueline and notifys her that Joe texted her. Because if she didn’t tell Jac, Jac would throw a fit. Teresa claims she doesn’t need therapy and has done nothing wrong. Teresa has done things wrong just like Joe has and they both should go see a therapist off camera! If they really want it to work, they don’t need to air it out for the world to see. We’ve already seen enough!

Next week’s episode looks intense! I think we’re finally going to see the fall out between former friends Teresa and Jacqueline! Overall I liked this episode just because I enjoyed watching two people celebrate their love for each other! It was refreshing. Thought’s on Sunday’s episode?

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