Melissa Gorga Says Don’t Believe ‘The Victim Crap’ Teresa Tries To Pull!


Well it’s clear these two will never make up. There family is completely ruined and it’s all thanks to a show called The Real Housewives of New Jersey! Melissa Gorga took to her blog to explain the real truth on what happened at ‘The View’ and asks the viewers not to believe ‘the victim crap’ Teresa tries to pull. She says,

“Let me clear something up. You all know me by now and know that I am real. There are a lot of BS stories going around about the View. Let me clear them up. Bravo called me and said the View wanted Teresa and I to come on. I said I wasnt sure if it was a good idea and I asked what Teresa thought. They told me she said yes already. So I said OK, I have nothing to hide, its fine. The View wanted Teresa, Kathy and I to go on together in one segment. We knew this for weeks. The day before I got a call saying Teresa refuses to go out with us and she is demanding her own segment. I didnt understand why, but I said fine. The producers gave us all our own dressing rooms. We did not see Teresa the whole entire time we were there, not even for a minute. The producers came in and told us that all the women would be with Teresa because there was room on the couch. Kathy and I would have everyone minus Whoopi and Sherri. This was pre planned. Mind you Whoopi and Barbara both said they were not familiar with the show and dont watch it. Teresa did her segment and I was watching the screen from the hair and makeup room. I found her excuse really lame for not wanting to go on with us because she had just written us an apology in a national weekly magazine, but you thought this had to be private. You dont want to talk in public? Is she kidding me? She is the QUEEN of telling the story in public. I would rather do it face to face than behind someone’s back in a magazine. I think we all know the Truth is that she wanted to be able to go out there and bad mouth us for being on the show without us sitting there and being able to correct her. Yes, we are on the show and have been for 2 seasons. She also went out there and said we all talk behind her back. Are we watching the same show? Or is she constantly trying to ruin my marriage and my character behind my back? This is why she wanted to go out alone. Please don’t believe any of the victim crap she pulls saying we were going to attack her. This is why I called her a coward!

I know there are many of you who have figured this out already, but she had to come up with something that would get her out of this. So what does she do? Lie. It is 100% false that Whoopi refused to go back out. It was planned that way from the start. I actually got a chance to meet her after the show and I said to her, “Molly, u in danger gurl!” she got hysterical and we took a pic together. She was sweet and warm. The last lie is that we haven’t seen each other in 9 months, I went to Gia’s Birthday party in February. I was invited and I came, I stayed until the very end and enjoyed it with the kids. These stories could not be more false. They were planted in the press and the press went with it. Me and my team don’t lie and dont play dirty like this.

Lastly let me once and for all clear up the rumors about how I got onto the show. I was called for an interview on a Friday afternoon. Just an interview, Saturday the producers must have called Teresa to tell her they were interviewing me, Sunday, Teresa and I talked, yes she was mad they wanted to interview us but she knew about the interview. I was not asked to join the show until 3 months later. She knew the whole 3 months that we could possibly join the show. Once they asked me it took me another couples weeks to decide if I wanted to do it. She knew about this the whole time. Do not believe that she didnt. She knew the first day we all went to film that we were all going to be there together. She was so mad that she wouldnt sign her contract because she didnt want us on the show. The statement she put out in the press is a complete lie! To every extent of the word. Lies, lies, lies. If she wants to lie about her own life I will never correct her or get involved, if she lies about me, I will correct her.

I feel you are owed that. To my fans that always stand by me, you are amazing I love you and I appreciate you!

So this is the same girl who says she wants to move forward but is begging viewers not to believe Teresa’s ‘victim act.’ Obviously, Melissa was asked to be on the show to bring drama. That is why Teresa is mad. In Teresa’s blog, she took responsibility for her actions. Has Melissa ever? No! Not once! And yes, Melissa. YOU and everyone else are normally the ones bashing Teresa on the interviews. It is definitely not the opposite. When Teresa does something Melissa doesn’t like, Mel makes sure to blast her for it but then she’ll do it and never say a word! Let’s not forget that Mel contacted Danielle Staub trying her hardest to get on the show. This show is beginning to get exhausting and I think each and every one of the cast mates are looking more pathetic every episode! Thoughts on what Mel had to say?!

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