RHOC Recap: The Ladies VS Alexis Bellino!


RHOC has been getting quite interesting in the last few weeks. The season started kind of blah but has quickly turned into really good! Tuesday’s episode continues with the ladies having an intervention with Alexis Bellino.

Here’s my thought on all of it. The ladies are calling out Alexis on things that she says and does but Vicki said it best when she said all of the housewives are crazy and none of them are going to change. It’s time that they just accept them for who they are, acknowledge that they too do and say dumb things and try their best to just get along!

So Gretchen is supposed to be Alexis best friend? Correct? Well I don’t know about you but if I was getting attacked by ladies about who I am I wouldn’t be very pleased with my best friend chiming in and agreeing with them! Obviously a best friend should be honest with you but Gretchen could have done that in closed doors. She didn’t have Alexis back and I think a true best friend would have and later on told them alone how they felt on the whole situation. Gretchen agreeing with the ladies and adding her two sense only encouraged the ladies to continue and make Alexis feel really bad about herself.

Gretchen made a big deal about Alexis not allowing her to come into her room but I think it was one of those moments where you’re just shocked and want to be alone. It’s not as if Gretchen had her back that she wants to even see Gretchen to begin with. The crazy thing is Vicki did and their not even close! Vicki entered the room and Alexis still told her she didn’t want anyone coming in. Vicki did and it didn’t seem like she stayed for long. Gretchen should have been more understanding on why Vicki of all people went in the room. Vicki genuinely wanted to comfort Alexis.

Moving on. Vicki’s several break downs. It’s kind of sad to see Vicki break down and watch Tamra be annoyed about it. Vicki obviously isn’t in a great place right now and Tamra should understand and not get so annoyed with Vicki.

I enjoyed this episode because the ladies were all having fun together. It seems as if Gretchen and Tamra should have best friends from the very beginning because they are very much alike and feel comfortable with each other.

Thoughts on Tuesday’s episode? Do you think Gretchen wasn’t being a good friend? Were the ladies handling Vicki’s break down alright?

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