Alexis Bellino’s Hubby Jim Says He’s Speechless After Ladies Ganged Up On Alexis


On Tuesdays episode of RHOC, we see Alexis Bellino get ganged up by everyone leading her to feel uncomfortable and cry. I don’t know how you felt about the episode but I felt a bit sad for Alexis. I think throughout the trip, she’s trying to have a good time with everyone and every last thing she does, Tamra and Heather are calling her out on it. It’s like they examined every thing she says or every way she moves so they could talk about it later with each other. My question is: Why are they so bothered by Alexis? Why do they allow Alexis to affect them so much. It doesn’t add up nor does it make any sense.

About the jewelry comment, I think it’s smart of Alexis to wear costume jewelry instead of wearing her real diamonds. No one cares if any of that will get stolen because it means nothing yet still looks real. Shouldn’t they be happy that Alexis is being honest? Things happen and jewelry could be stolen but regardless why are the other ladies so bothered by it?

I do think Alexis is over does it at times with saying what she has but who doesn’t? Heather Dubrow-I’m looking at YOU! Heather has mentioned several times that she has a mansion, only eats certain things, has an elevator, complains about her mansion being too small yet is annoyed with Alexis?

My whole thing with Gretchen is that Gretchen is Alexis friend. Gretchen had already spoken to Alexis on the plane like she mentioned so why would she have to chime in with the ladies and add more drama so the girls feel it’s even more okay to gang up on Alexis. I also see Heather Dubrow constantly tweeting and making rude comments regarding Alexis and all I can think is “grow up.” She isn’t doing it back and enough is enough.

So how did Alexis hubby feel about the situation? Jim took to his blog to simply say, “The network and these women must be so proud of what they tried to accomplish. I have no words.”

Do you think the ladies were ganging up on Alexis? Could they have handled it better? Who’s in the wrong?

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