RHONJ Recap: Attempting To Have A Field Day!


Well well well! Another episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has passed and even though it could have been a fun cute episode it was still so disappointing. The bashing continues, the arguments won’t stop. It’s like never ending drama with these people. Let’s begin with Joe Giudice.

Joe Giudice: Joe Giudice is real. Joe Giudice has no filter but I just can’t respect what he says. I don’t think its right how he speaks to his wife but I know that it is out of frustration so it’s understandable. Melissa Gorga made a comment about Joe Giudice not attending the “field event” adding that he doesn’t like them. Newsflash: Melissa and the gang don’t like Joe Giudice and Joe is aware. Instead of putting himself in a situation with people who talk and don’t like him, he avoids it. He doesn’t like them as well so instead of being fake, he isn’t. I don’t know if I can say that about the rest of the “house husbands.”

Joe Gorga: Joe Gorga is sneaky. He’s smart and sneaky. He “acts” like he feels bad about what he said to Teresa but I am convinced it’s just for the cameras. He makes sure to say, “maybe I should be telling my sister I love her.” Bravo, Joe. First smart thing you’ve said in two seasons! Only took you that long! Joe Gorga says he texted Teresa but I find it so silly that he makes Melissa read it in front of the cameras and they make sure to tell everyone at Caroline’s that he texted her. It’s like it was a total set-up that they kept bringing it up. Joe Gorga says he needs to step up and make a change. I think he’s phony because he says things when the cameras are rolling but when their gone he could care less about his family. Hence the fact that he hasn’t seen Teresa or her children since October of last year and missed Gia’s birthday who he by the way was invited to back in January. Now let’s pretend the cameras were rolling when Gia’s birthday was around. How many of you bet his ass would have been there?

Melissa Gorga: Who wears shorts shorts? Melissa wears shorts shorts! Melissa has a cute body and I understand why she’d show it off but those shorts were totally inappropriate. 1. She is not 15 and 2. Even though she doesn’t care what others think about her wearing them, she shouldn’t let her ass hang out in front of married men and children. It’s disrespectful to her friends and everyone around her. Just saying!

Teresa Giudice: Teresa takes Gia bra shopping! How cute was that? Gia was so embarrassed but she’s growing up! Do you remember her on season one? So little and now she’s all grown! Where does the time go? The Gia situation: Teresa is Gia’s parent. Teresa could have handled the situation privately. That’s that.

Caroline Manzo: I’m really tired of Caroline’s theories and her negativity. It’s like there is something going on with her at home that she’s always so negative and constantly bashing Teresa and her family. Caroline questions everything Teresa does but questioning her parenting is where she needs to take a step back! I personally think she handled the situation with Gia completely wrong. She had no business talking to Gia that way and regardless if Gia is right or wrong, she has a parent. Caroline could have handled the situation so much differently but her attitude, body language, sassy approach, forcefulness to demand respect was just uncomfortable! Caroline calls other bully’s but Caroline was bullying and mocking a 10 year who was crying out for her mom because she’s going through so much including her family falling apart. Great job, Caroline! You’re a great person.

Jacqueline Laurita: Jacqueline was taunting Gia. Reading the book to Gia was so out of line in so many different ways. Regardless of the situation going on, you don’t mess with the children. All last season we saw the mess with Jac and Ashlee and never once did Teresa comment on it when she could have. It’s like both Jac and Caroline are so frustrated with Teresa that they took it out on her daughter! I was in shock when Jacqueline pulled out the book. Gia wasn’t upset that she lost. That wasn’t the case. She was upset that the other team cheated which was wrong. Instead of the other team apologizing for cheating they laughed it off which upset a 10 year old.

Kathy Wakile: If anyone denies that Kathy is a great mother than shame on them! Kathy is an amazing mom and after Sunday’s episode, I respect her a lot more. I just thinks she tried staying as positive as she can and was having really fun with the field day.

Smartest person on RHONJ this week: Albie Manzo! Albie put Teresa, Melissa, and Joe on the same team instead of putting them against each other! Bravo, Albie! Smart thinking.

Most annoying person on RHONJ this week: Caroline Manzo. She truly makes me sick.

Cutest person on RHONJ this week: MILANIA! Can never get enough of her!

Thoughts on the episode? Was Caroline and Jacqueline out of line? How did you think field day went?

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