Mob Wives Recap: It Has Yet To End


Sure Mob Wives season 2 is over but the feuding and drama has yet to end! The reunion special aired yesterday and you could cut the tension with a knife! Renee dropped a bomb while Drita walked off set! To say it was an intense reunion is an understatement!

Renee Graziano: Renee dropped a bomb and revealed she miscarried back in January. I was literally shocked and heartbroken for Renee. I feel like everything only ever gets worse when it comes to Renee but you know what they say, ‘it gets worse before it get’s better’ and I have a feeling things are going to finally start getting better!

Carla Facciolo: Poor Carla. She does her best to stay out of the drama but constantly finds herself back in it. What a low blow for both Karen and Ramona to accuse Carla of sleeping with Karen’s uncle. Regardless if it’s true or not, it’s sad that they obviously planned to bring it up purposely at the reunion taping. Just proves that the two aren’t sincere and enjoy all the drama they get.

Karen Gravano: Anyone else notice Karen continuing to shut up Renee? It was so rude and I was a bit surprised Renee wasn’t putting Karen in her place! I felt like Karen and Ramona had a motive when walking on set that day. They live for drama and were going to say the most ridiculous things as they did.

Ramona Rizzo: Ramona. Ramona. Ramona. Where did Ramona come from? Who does Ramona think she is? Ramona sound extremely ridiculous when she kept pointing out that Drita was a “mother” okay and? Ramona claims the reason she walked over to Karen and Drita at Renee’s birthday was because they were both mothers. I call BS. That was just an excuse she came up with on her way to the reunion to justify what she did. If Ramona didn’t go over to the ladies, nothing would have happened but Ramona knew by going over to them that something would and Ramona clearly wants something to go down. Ramona also doesn’t want Drita and Karen being friends.

Drita Davanzo: I felt like Drita tried to keep her cool but couldn’t. By the end of the episode, both Ramona and Drita get up and look as if their going to fight while producers try to separate and calm them down. Drita is just fed up with Ramona at this point but I don’t think fighting is the answer. I think the two just need to calmly speak but we all know that will never happen so they need to do their best and ignore each other. I believe that Ramona has such an issue with Drita just because she needs a storyline and the only storyline that is interesting involves Drita.

Big Ang: Big Ang looked super hot at the reunion. She’s just “over it” and wants everyone to “get over it.”

I don’t think anyone is going to get over anything anytime soon. What were your thoughts on the reunion? Who would you like to see back next season?

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