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Mob Wives Recap: It Has Finally Come To An End!

Last night was the end of Mob Wives season 2 and their is a lot to discuss! Mob Wives begins with Renee and Drita meeting up for some cocktails to discuss Karen and Drita making up. Renee is determined to make this happen and it looks like Drita does too. She just doesn’t want to talk about the past and simply wants to move forward. Like that’s going to happen!

Big Ang spends some time together with her son AJ and they bond over none other than tattoos! Because you know, normal people bond with their children over tattoos! LOL Karen is telling Ramona the deal with Drita. She explains that the two are going to meet up and talk it out. Ramona ain’t happy and it’s clear from the look on her face! Karen wants to talk about the past while Drita told Renee she doesn’t want to. This could go bad in many ways.

Carla and Renee than meet each other up to grab some food. One thing I hate about reality shows is that their always meeting up each other to get A) drinks or B) food! Can’t they figure out somewhere else to meet?! Carla reveals to Renee that her ex Joe is with a younger girl. Renee thinks Carla still loves Joe and I do too. You can’t deny the chemistry the two have and deep down I think Carla wants Joe back. I don’t think she’ll ever admit it but I truthfully see it! They then talk about Drita and Karen meeting up. I think everyone just wants it to happen so there can be less drama if that’s even possible!

Drita had me laughing my butt off when she met up with an anger management therapist. Drita does this before she meets up with Karen. It continued to beep while she tried her best to keep it cool. Drita calls the monitoring a “rat machine” and the therapist doesn’t really understand why Drita allows Karen to get to her. I don’t either but it’s understandable.

Finally! The day we’ve all been waiting for. Drita and Karen meet up! I was glued to my TV and worried but so excited at the same time. Were they going to fight? Were they going to hug it out? What was going to be the result of this?! Well it starts off cool than Lee’s name gets brought up and so does the past. Anyone surprised? Me neither! Can they have a conversation and not bring up Lee? I don’t think it’s possible especially for Karen! Karen continues to bring up the past as well as the fight they had on the roof top. Drita told Renee she didn’t want to talk about it but it was clear Karen wouldn’t let that happen. Karen went as far as to bringing papework from the hospital to prove to Drita that she wasn’t the reason Karen went to the hospital last season. I don’t know how Drita contained herself. And I don’t get why Karen can’t just shut up or move forward. Drita lets Karen know that a nurse started the rumor and makes some interesting points. She tells Karen how or why would she brag about beating her friend up? Drita seems genuine and she truly wants to move on. After they both say what they have to say they agree to make peace and be civil! Yay! It actually happened. How long do you think this will last? Can you imagine how Ramona was feeling when the two were meeting up?! Probably pacing back and forth hoping their at each others throats!

Later Drita tells my favorite person on television AKA Big Ang about what went down with Karen. Drita admits she felt bad about hearing what Karen had to say. She also is happy with how things went. Big Ang than thinks its a great idea to throw a dinner party and invite everyone including Ramona! Drita is irritated that Ramona will be attending but she refuses to look at her when she’s there!

The ladies arrive with all their beautiful children. They discuss what went down at the meeting and even laugh with each other. Ramona’s face is priceless and she clearly isn’t happy which makes me happy because I personally do not like Ramona and think she loves drama! It was really good to watch the ladies all have a good time and have no issue. I could get used to that…

Stay tuned for next week where Drita and Ramona go at it at the Mob Wives reunion! Do you think Drita and Ramona will ever be able to move forward? Do you think Karen and Drita are going to leave the past behind them? Thoughts on the season finale?

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