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Jacqueline Says She Doesn’t Care Who The Star Of The Show Is!

It’s clear that Teresa Giudice is the star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey but that doesn’t bother Jacqueline Laurita! The ladies can’t go without a scene discussing Teresa and the show is pretty much based on…oh yeah, Teresa! Jacqueline was getting many tweets about T being the star of RHONJ when she responded, “To be honest, I could care less who is or isn’t the “star” of our show. We are all getting paid the same. I like who I am just fine,Thank u!”

That’s not all! Jacqueline was asked, “What would you do if one of your sis-in-laws and cousin joined a show behind your back and trashed you every time they could?” Jac’s answer? She says, “Well since u asked.I would get upset,express my feelings about it,then would try my best2sincerely resolve the issues2make it better.”

Jacqueline is a very bipolar character. One minute she is calm. The next minute she is angry. The next second she’s hilarious. I just can’t seem to figure her out anymore. I like her one day and then am bothered by her the next. My biggest problem with Jac and the rest of the gang is that their story line on the show is Teresa. It’s as if these housewives are hiding something and don’t want the focus to be on their lives. Just saying! Since Jac was asked this question, I think you should answer it too! What would you do if one of your sis-in-laws and cousin joined a show behind your back and trashed you every time they could?

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