Mob Wives: A Recap of Dogs And Men


It’s been a while since I’ve done a Mob Wives recap but I miss talking about my favorite Staten Island ladies! Can you believe there is only one episode left? What an interesting season filled with unnecessary drama but I guess that’s whats good TV! Mob Wives begins with Karen talking to Ramona about making up with Drita! Ramona is instantly against it. Anyone surprised? Not me!

Ramona starts doing what she does best and begins to bash Drita and says, “you might as well put Drita out with the trash, cause she’s trash!” Classy Ramona! Karen seems over it and wants to do it for the sake of Renee but as we all can see Ramona is the problem and doesn’t want it to happen. I feel like the only time Ramona gets air time is when she’s bashing Drita. Time to think of a new story line hun because it’s getting old!

Carla and Big Ang meet up for some drinks to talk about Joe! Carla says Joe hasn’t been around and is slacking and talks about their marriage and how it fell apart because of Joe’s constant cheating. Has Joe looked at Carla? Why would any man cheat on someone who looks that great? Seriously. Big Ang believes Joe has a girlfriend and that’s why he’s been slacking. Carla says she’s going to find out.

AllAboutTRH interviewed Joe a few months ago and he confirmed he did have a girlfriend and Carla wasn’t too fond of her. Check out the interview HERE!

The day has finally come and we meet Karen’s ex, David! He comes by to talk about Karina moving to New York with her because you know, Karina is Karen’s daugther and it’s only healthy that she stays with her mother. The two don’t see eye to eye but they talk it over with some wine!

Drita then meets up her friend Nicole to talk about making mends with Karen. Drita knows the only thing stopping Karen is Ramona and ding ding ding Drita is correct!

Carla and Joe meet up at the gym. Carla immediately questions him and he admits he is seeing someone but spends all the free time he has with his children. Carla finds out that the children have met his girlfriend. You can tell Carla still loves Joe and is probably hurt by the fact that he’s dating someone else. At the same time you can see Joe still has feelings for Carla.

David and Karen are still struggling to find a solution when it comes to their daughter Karina. David is unsure if he wants to pack all his things and just move back to New York but reveals that Karina wants to see mommy and daddy back together! Dave reveals he misses Karen and when she asks how much the two kiss!

The episode ends off with Drita who was excited to hear that Lee was being transferred to Brooklyn, opening a letter from him. Drita looks disappointed and in the letter Lee writes that he is not going to Brooklyn but will be in Pennsylvania and he isn’t allowed to use a phone. Drita is shocked and sad mainly for her daughters.

On the season finale of Mob Wives, Drita and Karen finally come face to face! Do you think the ladies can move on and make up? What were your thoughts on Sunday’s episode?

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The main conflict in the episode revolves around Karen wanting to make amends with Drita, but Ramona, who is against it, creates obstacles.

Carla is concerned about Joe’s infidelity and suspects that he has a girlfriend, which is causing him to neglect their relationship and their children.

 The emotional revelation in the episode occurs when Drita receives a letter from her husband, Lee, stating that he will not be transferred to Brooklyn as expected, but instead will be in Pennsylvania without phone privileges. This news deeply saddens Drita, especially for the sake of her daughters.

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