Why You Won’t Ever See A Real Housewife On Dancing With The Stars!


Many of the housewives have been dying to be on the hit show ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ Some are even desperate enough to have their fans tweet Dancing with the Stars and beg them to bring that specific housewife onto the show. But have you noticed that their still hasn’t been one Real Housewife on it? Well that’s because the show doesn’t think the ladies are big enough stars! Ooooohh snap! A source tells RadarOnline, “There have been former and current Housewives that have reached out to producers to appear on Dancing With the Stars but the ladies have all been shot down. Taylor Armstrong expressed an interest in appearing and she was rejected. Producers of Dancing With The Stars just don’t think the ladies are big enough stars to appear on the show. Of course there is also rivalry issues at play because Bravo is owned by NBC Universal and Dancing is an ABC show, so you have massive egos involved which will likely prevent any of the Housewives from ever being offered a spot.”

The source adds, “Dancing With The Stars is a family friendly show and a lot of the cast members from the Housewives have all sorts of unsavory issues in their background and sadly, the women tend to get more negative press than positive, and ABC would never want to go down that road. ABC doesn’t shy away from casting controversial stars, from Bristol Palin to Kate Gosselin, but both of those ladies have a hard core fan base.”

Here’s where Dancing With The Stars is wrong. These housewives do have a HUGE fan base. Bigger than some of the stars they’ve had on the show. Then again, they are just “housewives” so I also get it. And if they were to chose someone to be on the show, I highly doubt they’d pick Taylor Armstrong! Better luck next time, Taylor! Who would you want to see on Dancing With The Stars?

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