Drita Davanzo Talks Season 3 Of Mob Wives Plus More!


This season of Mob Wives have been rather interesting with all the drama going on involving Karen and Drita as well as the recent drama regarding Junior being a “rat” as the wives like to call it. RealityWanted caught up with the breakout star of Mob Wives, Drita Davanzo and asks her if she’ll return for a season 3 plus more!

RealityWanted: Will we see you in season 3?
Drita: I don’t know. I’m not sure when you’ll find out. Probably in the summer, in about 2 months.

You, and the other women on the show, have been through some tough times. What has it meant to you that the show is so popular and the response you’ve gotten from your fans?
I think that’s what kept me going with the show and if I’m going to do the third season, that’s what would make do it because it’s amazing, the impact that I’ve had on women or young girls that look up to me as a role model. It’s amazing. Some fans come up to me crying and say I’ve changed their life or they’re going through what my daughter went through and they don’t have a father. Exactly what I wanted to happen mostly happened. The reasons I did the show and what I was wishing people to see, they see. It made me happy, you know what I mean?

Have you put more thought into fighting or are you going the peaceful route?
There’s a scene which was cut out, you can see the bonus clip online, of my brother talking to me. That’s what really made me change my mind. He just blatantly said to me, “Fighting is fighting. I don’t care. You’re sugarcoating it.” And he’s right. It makes no sense. I’m trying to put that behind me. You know what it is? I try my hardest and it’s so difficult to live life doing things I don’t want my daughters doing. I wouldn’t watch them in a boxing match so if I don’t wanna watch them in a boxing match, I shouldn’t be doing it. Period. That’s how I look at everything.

Has doing Mob Wives made you think of other things you might want to do, such as more television or maybe a book?
Right now, I have been offered a lot. Honestly, I got very lucky. It’s a lot of different things. They want me to maybe go into movies and do this and that. I’m overwhelmed with the response. A book? I have been offered that a long time ago, in the beginning of the first season. I think I’m definitely going to do that, the reason being that I always wanted to. I was caught up in the thought process of my kids reading it. I always think of them. After doing Mob Wives already, what else could be worse?! So I was like, “I think I’m going to do that!”

Can you tease anything about the rest of season 2?
You know what? I think everyone is going to be kind of shocked…

I’m honestly hoping for Karen and Drita to make peace. I think Ramona is the only reason that it might not happen because she encourages the drama. Do you want all the wives to return for a season 3?

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