Drita Davanzo Sets The Record Straight; Talks Mob Wives!


Drita Davanzo is the break out star of Mob Wives and has been doing a lot for herself since season 2 aired. Drita spoke exclusively with The CWDC sets the record straight, talks the girls and what we can expect next from her!

What has been some of the challenges of season two versus season one?
A major Challenge is having to deal with the situation with Karen because if this happened off camera we would just walk away and never speak again. Now we work together so it’s like fighting with a fellow co-worker and having to work with them no matter what. I don’t like dealing with drama and there is so much in season 2.

Mob Wives has had an incredible amount of success with viewers. People have really connected with the how. How do you deal with being thrust into the spotlight? Did you know the how would be so successful?
I was not surprised with the success of Mob Wives because this is something that has never been done before. No one has really seen the effect this lifestyle has on the wives and children. Everyone has this obsession with Mob Movies, The Sopranos etc. and now you get to be inside their homes. There are also many women who can relate to the show. For instance, single moms. Millions of men are away from home everyday and the women are alone caring for their children. As for the spotlight, I personally had to get use to it. I am a very private person and never share my business with anyone. Now millions of people know everything about me and not being able to go to the mall without being stopped and constantly taking photos is not the easiest thing in the world. But I am started to get use to it. I have a lot of support and my fans are amazing, so I do feel lucky.

Tell me about your relationship with Big Ang. You guys go way back.
BIG ANG…oh how I love this woman. My ex boyfriend who I was on and off with for a very long time had introduced me to Angela. We use to go to her bar all the time. From the first day I met her I loved her instantly. She has such a big heart, she’s so funny, she never judges anyone and never hates on anyone. And if anyone can make me laugh, it’s her. I had some major fights in her bar with girls that would try and bully me or boyfriend issues and because of Big Ang I never got in trouble. She always had my back and that’s why I will always have hers. She used to think it was funny that I never drank alcohol. Bottom line is everyone that knows her, loves her.

Where does your relationship stand with the other cast members today?
Carla is my good friend and we get along and never fight, obviously everyone knows I love Big Ang, Renee and I are like a Divorced couple that fight here and there but I love her and her family very much. Karen I have not seen each other or have spoken to since the fight (I quess the fans are going to have to wait and see if we make up or not). And I don’t really remember the other one’s name.
If you could set the record straight on one thing. What would it be?
I think what annoys me the most is that people are under the impression I am friends and grew up with these woman and that is NOT the case. Renee and Carla are a lot older than me so I never hung out with them (but they did know each other, and hung out in the same circle) Karen and Ramona are also the same age had the same friends and were very close. I had a complete different circle of friends that I am very close with and are not part of the show or even on the show. That used to bother me when the show started but then Carla and I started hanging out and I no longer feel that way because we became close working together. When I was 19 I did hang out with Karen for about 2 years, had fun times but then she moved on with her life and I moved on with mine. So really this show is a bunch of woman that all know each other and are somehow connected and trying to build a friendship with each other because we are all in the same situation as one another. It is not a bunch of great friends fighting. I don’t fight with my friends, never have and never will. I have friends for 15 years that I’ve never had an argument with and it bothers me to think people actually think we are all really close and we fight like this.

What’s an average day for you like?
An average day for me is waking up, taking my daughters to school, filming, doing interviews, working out, do homework with my kids and put them to bed. On weekends I do appearances and sometimes travel to do them. I’m exhausted. Because no matter how busy I am because of Mob Wives, I am still a single mom. I am always busy.

What can fans expect from you outside of the show?
I have a lot of things I am working on outside the show. “Just Me” Cosmetics will be launching very soon. I am in a French Montana video, working on launching my perfume that I have been actually making and wearing for the last 10 years. The sky is the limit. I want to build an empire for my daughters so they never have to worry like I did and never depend on anyone. I want to make them proud and say look at what my mother did and she did it as a single mom.

That must be really annoying to have to work with someone you don’t get along with but then again that’s all part of being on reality TV. Thoughts on the interview?

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