Marlo Hampton: Unforgettable


Marlo Hampton has sure made a name for herself since appearing on Real Housewives of Atlanta. In an interview with TheGrio, Marlo reveals if her and Sheree have moved on, says she is as real as it gets plus more!

So it seems that people love to hate you, would you agree with that? And why do you think that is the case? Marlo Hampton: The people that do love to hate me, can’t take me. I’m just too much. I guess it’s because I’m so opinionated and I speak whats on my mind. It’s the majority women. The gay community loves me, men love me, but I guess I’m just too much for some women to handle. People are still talking about your fight with Sheree. Have two of you made up yet? We’re not friends, I mean we’re cordial. If I see her I would say hi, but that’s about it. Which of the women from the show would you consider your friend today, if any? I would say NeNe. I don’t have any problems with Cynthia, we’re cool, we are cordial and in a good place. NeNe is the only one that I probably speak two every other day. I built a friendship with her and trust her. The source of your wealth is a hot topic on the show. People tend to often question where you get your money from. Can you say on the record how your acquired the money that affords you to live so well? Before is started taping with Bravo, I owned Red Carpet Boutique here in Georgia at Perimeter Mall. I owned that for three years and a closed that right before taping with Bravo. And of course I’ve always been spoiled by the men that I date. But more than anything I just invested my money. I knew from my background, coming up in a foster home, that what was important to me was having a home that’s paid for, because there is just something with me where I don’t want to go from home to home. I needed to have a home in my name and paid for. I don’t have children so I shop and I love fashion. I know that you and NeNe talked about how you both dated older white men on the show this season. NeNe even said “white is right.” Can you tell me what are the perks to dating a older white man? Race is not an issue to me. I like older men period. I just feel that there more mature,. I never have to ask for anything. Older men just know how to treat you. They pray over the food and open the car door for you. They just know how to treat a women. I get looks from some black people when I am in public with a white man. Its crazy because people look and stare at you and they just feel its so wrong. But you know me, I don’t care. I’m doing what makes me happy and if you make me happy I don’t care if you are Chinese, Indian or whatever. If your interesting and you make me happy I’m going to date you. Some harsh critics of reality shows say that people on the shows are talentless. What would you say is your talent? My talent is that I’m raw, I’m captivating, and I’m real. My story is so real. I know people can really relate to my story. What was the most surprising thing that you learned after going from being a viewer of the show to actually being on the show? The most amazing thing that I have learned when I sit here and watch myself on the show is that I see the mistakes that I’ve made. I learn a lot from it, it’s like growth. I grow from looking at the things that I did wrong and sometimes I’m like ‘oh my God, I can’t say or do that again.’

Marlo added that she has no idea if she is coming back next season but many reports have revealed she won’t be asked back due to the fact that she wasn’t very liked by the viewers. I think RHOA needed Marlo this season just because there wouldn’t be much drama without her. Do you want to see Marlo come back? Do you think she’s ‘real?’

Some people love to hate Marlo Hampton because they find her too opinionated and outspoken. They may feel that she is too much to handle, especially for some women.

Marlo Hampton and Sheree are not friends, but they are cordial towards each other. If they see each other, they would say hi, but their relationship doesn’t go beyond that.

Marlo Hampton considers NeNe as her friend from the show. She also mentions that she doesn’t have any problems with Cynthia and they are in a good place. However, her friendship with NeNe is the strongest, and they speak to each other every other day.

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