Carla Facciolo: Unveiling the Untold Stories

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I had the opportunity to speak with Joseph Ferragmo. Joseph is the husband of Mob Wives star Carla Facciolo and has recently appeared on the past two episodes of Mob Wives. I spoke to Joseph exclusively and asked him about how his life is now, where his relationship stands with Carla, his thoughts on Mob Wives, what he’s up to now, and a lot more! Check out the interview after the jump!

How does it feel to have your freedom back after being in prison for 7 years? Well today was a nice day because I took the kids down to the beach and I’ve been home for 6 months now and it’s nice when you get to walk around the beach and actually sit back and just say ‘wow this is what you’ve been missing.’ You know I’ve been out for a little over 6 months and my mind was focusing on getting my life back together and taking care of the kids. So today it was great because I got the chance to say ‘let me sit back and smell the roses…’ as much as it sounds like a corny, that’s actually what I felt and it’s great to finally have my freedom back. Being in prison you’re told what to do and when to do it and you don’t have your freedom at all so it feels really good to finally sit back and have that again. So are you free to do what you want without any restrictions? Well I’m currently on supervised release meaning the police can call me at any time and do random check ups for drugs, pop up to visit me anytime they want and I have to report to the federal parole officer once a month. I also have to show pay stubs and I’ll be on supervised release for 3 years. Let’s talk your relationship with Carla! Are you two trying to reconcile No not right now. Right now were just friends and we do a lot for each other. We fight and torture each other here and there but we are able to help each other and if she needed me to get the kids or do her a favor I obviously would and the same goes for her. Are you dating anyone now? Yeah I am actually How does Carla feel about it? Well she’s a little upset about it i believe but you know she goes on her dates and I just think before I was away. I was a lot different. Like when I was at home I was always out in the town, always drinking and doing things and she was always home and now that I’m back home it’s the opposite. I kind of just want to be home and don’t care to go anywhere and she’s going out now. How long have you and this girl been dating? For about 6 months. Do her and Carla get along? They haven’t met but I’d probably say that they don’t really get along. Uh Oh! Can u tell me what exactly you went to jail for? My charges were for tax evasion, wire fraud and security fraud. Do you regret anything that you did? I mean I try and have no regrets with anything. But at the time that I did all these things I had no children. My kids were born in 2002 and my charges were from 1997-1999. You think differently when you have kids and when I did all of this I was thinking about just myself but now that I’m finally home. I would never consider doing any of that. Are you currently working? I work at Angels Skin in Hylan Blvd, Staten Island. My father is a New York State board certified Physician. He owns and works there. He has undergone extensive training in Esthetics including Juverderm, Botox, Restylana, Radiesse, and Scleorotherapy. He has over 20 years experience in the medical field and his wife who is also a Nurse does a lot of the work too. I basically manage the place, do all the marketing, do all the sales, I deal with the reps, and I have a lot of other responsibility. Angel Skin does laser hair reduction, we reduce and eliminate shaving bumps, botox, skin rejuvenation, microdermabrasion, juverderm, Radiesse and a bunch of other services. Sounds great! Check out AngelSkinNYC official website: HERE Are you spending a lot of time with your kids now that your home? Yeah they are actually at the house now. I usually pick them up from school. I get them every Wednesday and every other weekend. Carla’s been busy so if she asks to bring the kids over, I’m more then happy to do it. You’ve been featured in the last 2 episodes of Mob Wives. Are you officially apart of the show? Right now I’m on about 5 episodes of the 15 episodes that they shot. They haven’t offered me a full time role yet but they have been talking to me about it for season 3. If it comes to it I’m down to do it but I’m also approached to be on another show so if that show is picked up I’ll do their show because I already signed a contract with them. What do you think of the show ‘Mob Wives?’ Originally I had heard about the show back in 2008, Carla called me and told me that she was offered to be on Reality Show and explained to me that the show is about women dealing with husbands who are incarcerated and how it is to raise your children alone and I was actually okay with it. And then she never mentioned it for a while, came back and told me about it again. I later received an email from my partner explaining to me that the show was called ‘Mob Wives’ and I was really upset. I then saw the show and saw that it really has nothing to do with the mob lifestyle and should actually be called ‘Crazy Staten Island Housewives.’ It does have a factor of the gangster lifestyle but it doesn’t talk about mob business or mention names and that was my biggest concern. That’s why I agreed to be on the show this year. And my role on the show is being with Carla or with the kids. What do u think about Junior cutting a deal with the feds and putting Renee’s father in jail? I mean I have been incarcerated and knows what its like to have people tell on me and I knew Junior relatively well and I’m very very surprised just because I would never ever think that he would hurt anyone else. I don’t go with that line ‘hes a rat.’ I just didn’t think he was the type of fella that would hurt someone else’s family. I had the opportunity to go home. My kids were younger, the cops told me they were aware I had a family at home and that I would have been able to leave right away but I said listen. I can’t do that. I’m just not that type of guy. I have to look in the mirror everyday. And I just told the cops I don’t know what your talking about. Because in my head it had nothing to do with me being ‘gangster’ my point was just why should I put a family in the position that my family is in now. At the end of the day, that’s what this fella ended up doing. He put himself in front of everybody and said ‘you know what I’m in a bad position so I’ll make everyone else be in a bad position.’ As far as I’m concerned, he’s a garbage can. If he was doing what he was doing and then just because he gets in trouble that shouldn’t be a reason for you to tell on anyone else. I don’t know the specific facts about the case but supposedly he got Renee’s father involved which is ultimately one of the worse things he can do because not only is Junior now away from his son [AJ]. Junior also just took the second most important man away from his AJ as well and that was Renee’s father. That’s a real garbage can. I have a father and I have Carla’s father. Carla’s father was there for my son and made sure he took him out and took him to ball games so what would that make me if I know I’m going back to jail for another 5-10 years and then I drag along my father-in-law when he was always there for my son. You just have to be a very very selfish person to do what Junior did. Do u dislike anyone on the show? No I don’t at all. I have never met Karen. Never met Ramona. Drita is the biggest sweetheart. Big Ang I’ve known for 30 years, she is a doll and I’ve known Renee for a while. I have no problem with her. What are your feelings toward how everyone acts on Mob Wives? Listen, as much as people say it’s not acting. It’s acting. You are playing it for the camera. These people know what works and see what brings in ratings. They are aware drama and acting crazy brings in ratings. They know the screaming, hitting, scratching, shouting is all good for ratings so they do it. You have to understand something. Carla was raised by a great family always had money and when I was away was taken care of. So Carla didn’t really need to do this show but some of the other ladies did. The ladies know what other people like so they act that way for ratings. I think Carla stays true to herself. The way she is portrayed on the show is exactly how she is. Trust me, you don’t want to make Carla angry but then again she doesn’t care for drama. She’s over it. I honestly don’t watch the show because I hear about how everyone’s always bad mouthing each other and it’s just crazy. I happen to watch Sunday’s past episode because I was on it and last weeks because my son asked me to but in all reality, I don’t watch the show. I would watch if they showed Big Ang cracking jokes and the ladies doing fun things but I can’t handle the constant screaming. What are your thoughts on Ramona? Like I said I don’t know her but I can tell you I’ve never heard one good thing about her from anyone.

Joseph was absolutely great to talk to! He was honest and I agree with everything that he had to say. He’s a smart guy and knows what he’s talking about. I was a little torn when hearing he and Carla aren’t together. Deep down I’m still rooting for them to give it another shot! Check out these photos below of Joe with Carla and their gorgeous children.

Do you agree with what Joseph had to say regarding Junior’s latest betrayal? Still hoping for him and Carla to get back together? Thoughts on the interview?

 Joseph Ferragmo was in prison for 7 years.

Yes, Joseph Ferragmo is currently dating someone.

 Joseph Ferragmo initially had mixed feelings about the show but agreed to be on it because it didn’t focus on the mob lifestyle. He believes that the show is scripted and that the cast members act a certain way for ratings.

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