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Exclusive: Teresa’s Makeup Artist Denies Recent Claims About Teresa Not Being Able To Keep Friends & More!

A website recently wrote a story regarding RHONJ star Teresa Giudice that I had to chuckle about. While I do enjoy the website I thought the story was just a bunch of BS.  This article basically said that Teresa has trouble keeping her friends and says the only friend she has is her make up artist who is her employee.

From RealityTea:
And finally, our RHONJ insider is also telling us that Teresa, who seems to have alienated all of her costars, continues to have issues keeping friends. Well with the exception of her new BFF, who also happens to be her employee, aka her make up artist, Priscilla DiStasio. Teresa seems to have new BFF’s left and right now. The latest is her makeup artist. She has not one long term friend in her life. She uses people and then she is done with them!” says our insider. “All her other friends are long gone. They, like Jacqueline, see her for who she really is.”

LOL it’s quite obvious who the source is but that’s another story. I decided to get in contact with Teresa’s make-up artist Priscilla and ask if these claims were true.

Priscilla tells AllAboutTRH exclusively that all the claims are false. She starts off by saying, “I’ve been friends with Teresa for over a year now and can tell you that she is the most down to earth person I have ever met. She’s been such an amazing friend. She’s driven, motivated and a great mother. She sets goals and she accomplishes them and I personally think the other housewives are just intimidated and jealous of her and the only way they can deal with it is by putting her down.”

There were also claims that both Dina and Teresa are only friends for business. Priscilla puts the rumors to rest and reveals she is also Dina’s makeup artist! “I do Dina’s makeup. The two of them are great friends and talk to each other off camera. Teresa and Dina are always texting each other and have nothing but great things to say about one another.”

Priscilla adds that she has been there for Teresa even during the hard times, “I have been there for Teresa in her hard times and have watched her cry about what’s happened with her family and the trauma, and not having her brother around. She loves her brother more then anything. It kills her all the time that she has to be dealing with this and has to hear the negativity with all the other housewives who continue to bash her but she just ignores it.”
Priscilla says that she didn’t like Melissa not because of Teresa but because of how Melissa acted when they first met. “When I first met Melissa she was very rude. I put my hand out to say hello to her and said it was nice to meet her and she just blew me off.”

As for claims of Teresa not being able to keep friends. Priscilla says that’s absolutely false. “Teresa has great friends. I’m with her all the time and see her on the phone with friends she’s known for over 10 years. The one she has had for the longest time are her truest friends and will stick by her. I think these ‘sources’ are just making up stuff because their upset that Teresa is getting so big.”

When asked about the relationship regarding Jacqueline and Teresa, Priscilla says, “If you’re a true friend at some point you come to your senses and you’re like ‘you know what we have so much more history. Let’s just move forward from this.’ Teresa is moving forward while the rest of them just can’t. What I do know is that Dina is there for Teresa and those two will always be there for each other.”

Priscilla adds that Teresa doesn’t dwell on the negativity. “She doesn’t acknowledge it. She does get upset with what’s happened because in the end of the day this is her family and the one thing that is so important to Teresa is family. Her daughters, her parents and her brother are so important to her. She loves her brother dearly and it’s a shame that her brothers wife is not even encouraging him to be there for his sister and just say our family comes first.”

Wow! I agree with everything Priscilla says. It’s clear that Teresa is moving forward while the rest of the housewives just dwell on what happened. Thoughts on what Priscilla revealed?

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