Real Housewives: Unveiling the Truth Behind Miami’s Scenes


After season 1 of Real Housewives of Miami, many assumed there would not be a season 2. Reports recently revealed that there will be a season 2 and they have even added two new hot chicks to spice things up. Looks like there trying way to hard to make season 2 work that they’re actually faking scenes!

From MiamiHerald: First we hear of a “scene” filmed at Smith & Wollensky involving Marysol Patton’s mother Elsa passing out or something like that, and now an incident last night at Mynt, the club owned by Romain Zago, the boyfriend of new castmember, model Joanna Krupa, who quite vocally and sort of ironically said he’d never allow Jersey Shore to film there. This ain’t too off from that Shore, we’re afraid. Says our spy, “While miced last night, Joanna Krupa stood in front of the DJ’s booth, flipping him birds and cursing him out. Apparently the DJ had a rough break-up last year with Joanna’s sister. Romain ripped off his mic and stormed outside to try to cool off.” Classy, and exactly what Bravo is looking for when it comes to its “reality” shows. Speaking of which, we’re also told that the drama is so faked, it’s hard for these regular folks to act like it’s anything other than that. “Apparently, they had a ‘staged’ employee meeting so that all can see how big a happy family they all are. Everybody who works there was of course rolling their eyes over the hypocrisy,” says our snitch. “Apparently even the silent investors made it in, which they never do, [but did it] just for the ruse.”

I mean I can’t say I’m surprised. I feel like a lot of the scenes on the show are planned and forced. It seems as if they are trying way too hard to make Miami succeed but hey! Who knows? This might actually work. Drama=Ratings. Are you surprised by this? Will you tune in to watch RHOM?

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Yes, reports have confirmed that there will be a season 2 of Real Housewives of Miami.

Yes, two new cast members, described as “hot chicks,” have been added to spice things up for season 2.

According to reports, there have been claims that some scenes on the show are staged or faked. It is suggested that the drama is manufactured for the purpose of entertainment.

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