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Lisa Vanderpump’s First Interview Since The Epic Reunion

If you watch Real Housewives of Beverly hills then you know how shocking the reunion was specifically for Lisa Vanderpump who was attacked by her fellow costars and friends. In the first ever interview since the epic reunion, Lisa Vanderpump talks exclusively to
Wendy Burch about everything Real Housewives and if she’ll return. 

Wendy Burch: People love looking at your lifestyle but they also love criticizing it.
Lisa Vanderpump: Well I don’t feel I have to defend it really. I feel I’m down to earth, I’m really philanthropic. We work hard. Nobody ever gave us anything. I certainly didn’t inherit it. You know you put yourself on a platform and people will criticize but do I indulge in things sometimes other people wouldn’t? Yes,

How did you feel about sharing Pandora’s wedding with the world — or at least the 4.8 million people that watched?
Right, it was a very sensitive subject. I never wanted to be accused of it being about housewives and it being our day. We shot it ourselves and Pandora had complete control of the footage.

Let’s talk about reality. What’s the best part about doing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?
A lot of people had said to me why would you do this, why would you hold yourself up to scrutiny? There are moments, like the reunion, where I question my judgment and my sanity too. But there have been so many opportunities.

What’s the worst part, having your life out there for all to see?
I don’t mind. I put my life up for public consumption and I’ve been kind of fine with that. Even my bottom, people say I have butt implants.

Rumor patrol, lots of talks that you have a pilot in the works and that you will not be back for season 3.
Well, the pilot I can’t comment on at all, and you know I can’t comment on so that very naughty and very bad behavior for asking about season 3! I don’t know really?. My husband’s not as in to it as he was because for some reason I’ve managed to fool him for the last 30 years in to thinking I’m perfect and he hates to see me criticized. After the reunion, I felt blindsided and I went out of town for a week because I really did feel devastated and it wasn’t just the accusations it was the silence of my friends that’s what was really hurtful. I think a lot of people see these 6 women and they choose a character they identify with and they break it down?. I would watch it even if i wasn’t in it.

Let’s talk about how in Beverly Hills, everyone has someone for hair, makeup, an assistant, etc. But you’re a one woman show.
Well I do everything myself. I’m just kind of always on the move, probably which is why I look like such a hot mess, haha. I’m always like “Oh my God, why didn’t I have somebody do my hair!”

What are your beauty secrets?
Well, I have good health, I’m very honest about that. I have a little bit of botox, I don’t have very much right now, this is a phenomenon, but I need some.

Producers have extended an offer to Lisa to return to the show but she hasn’t said if she’ll come back or not. After the reunion, I doubt Kyle and Lisa will ever be as close as they once were. It’s clear Lisa was hurt that Kyle sat down silent as Lisa got accused of countless things. I do think Lisa will return. Thoughts?

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