Karen Gravano’s Book Becomes A New York Times Best Seller


Just after a week of ‘Mob Wives’ star Karen Gravano releasing her book ‘Mob Daughters’ it’s made the New York Times Bestt Seller at #18! Congrats to Karen but dang it seems rather easy to get on the New York Times best selling list. You just have to be on a reality show. Here are some of the reviews I came across on Amazon

“I bought this book for two reasons. One being that I read her father’s book Underboss. The second being that I watch Mob Wives every single Sunday. I regret buying this book. Its horrible. Sentences are clipped. Thoughts are all over the place. At one point she goes from talking about her family being arrested to her nephew almost drowning. Like wait…what? The first, and really only time, she mentioned fellow cast mate Renee Graziano was when she said “She throws her fathers name around all the time, me and the girls (referring to Ramona and her sister Roxanne) don’t do that.” Umm HELLO!?? Are you serious right now?? YOU are always the one throwing around the “check my bloodline” “I’m Sammy the Bull’s daughter” “Do you know who my father is?” I found her “story” to be extremely hypocritical. She claims that Ramona has been such an influence in her life and she’s “your girl” how come she rarely mention her? She slams Drita for getting with Lee, stating that “you two weren’t over” yet on page 188 she says, and I quote “I had accepted the fact that Lee and I were done.” Really? Cause her actions, even in season 2, show otherwise. She also kept saying how this book wasn’t about her father yet how the Mafia affected her life. I saw none of that really. What I saw was someone that was completely confused, reaping in the benefits of being “The Bull’s daughter” and someone who enjoyed the lifestyle. Once she was shunned, then all of a sudden she hated it. Waste of money, waste of my time. Frankly, this book just proved what a hypocrite she is (as if the show didn’t make her look like one already). If you want a good Gravano read, read her father’s book. At least then you say it’s “captivating”.”

“This was just a ok book for me. Read it all in one day wasn’t impressed with the writing and it just showed the kind of gangs these kids get involved in. Which is not a good influence on our children today. When she added Roxanne and Ramona and then Ramona appeared on the show she is one very negative person and a bully to boot I feel real sorry for her children she is NOT in a nice place!!!!”

“If you watch the show then this is a big waste of time and money. Nothing is shocking or new, that you haven’t already heard. I feel as though anyone could write a book about how they grew up (mafia or not) and it would be the same rambling on “blah, blah, blah”. In my opinion, Karen is drawing on the “whoa is me” factor. Save your money…borrow from a friend or the library if you really feel the need to read this…”

“Whether you agree with the lifestyle or not, this is a very entertaining and interesting story. Really enjoyed the book.”

Have you read ‘Mob Daughter?’

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