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Well I bet Taylor Armstrong is very pleased right about now! Taylor came out with a book ‘Hiding From Reality’ 6 months after her husband committed suicide. The book gives details on their relationship and about all the abuse she delt with. Taylor Armstrong is officially a New York Times best selling author. She landed

15 on the Nonfiction list! Here are some reviews I checked out from Amazon

“I didn’t even finish this piece if crap. I was curious to read because I watch the Real Housewives series. I had no opinion of Taylor either way, but after reading more than half of this “book” I get what everyone else is saying. If you are REALLY curious because you watch the RH shows, I suggest you borrow it from the library. Don’t waste your hard earned money!”

“Also in the minority here but didn’t hate the book. I am a Real Housewives fan and I see consistencies with how Taylor acted and some of the injuries she sustained so I don’t think she would write such horrible things about Russell if they weren’t true. Her daughter is going to read this one day and if he wasn’t a monster, she wouldn’t have portrayed him that way. You could see from the show that he was VERY off and very controlling. She is a bit repetitive but it still wasn’t horrible. If you like the franchise, it’s worth the read. It’s also shocking how someone could let themselves be treated that way. I don’t care how you were brought up, you have to know that this behavior was abnormal. Oh well…entertaining read I suppose.”

“This fabricated story is so sad because the accused is not here to tell the real story and defend Taylor Armstrong’s lies. I too find it very telling that not ONE person has come forward to back up Taylor’s accusations. Not ONE substantiated police or ER report has been given. She even finally came forward, (after getting called out on the flaws in her dates and story), stating that those pictures she took money for releasing them to ET were NOT of the injury but of the aftermath of cosmetic surgery which she clams was a result of Russell’s abuse. Anyone else find it odd that she only copped to the truth when backed into a corner about the facts? She wasn’t upfront with the info, she tried to say that Russell gave her that black eye and it turns out that was NOT true! My heart breaks for true victims of abuse, but this book in NO way will help anyone. It explains why she supposedly stayed with him all those years during the brutal beatings. It tells victims that you should stay with them and then ruin their lives, get them to kill themselves and then destroy their memory with lies and BS stories that they can’t defend. I feel bad for poor Kennedy! Taylor uses her as a pawn in all of this, just as she used Russell! Lets hope they don’t wind up with the same fate. Face it, the woman is toxic!”

“If you want to read a very poorly written, Fictional story, this book isnt even good enough for that.Between her book,tv and mag. interviews,no two stories are the same. She isnt even a good liar, so why waste money on her book. I didnt,btw,got it from a friend who paid $.25 at GoodWill. Lets just say she overpaid.The Honest good reviews on here, just havent done their research, or dont care that there is not one iota of help for the abused included. Taylor is a grifter, a fraud, a liar, etc..Even her name is fake. I truly believe IF this story were true,you wouldnt be able to find a good mom that would trash that poor little girls daddy, like she has. Good moms protect their children, even at the cost to themselves. Personally, I think a book should come out from the poor dead husband. It would contain the same amount of truths this book has.Shame on this “author”..”

I think if anything most people read this book for the fact that they are curious in what Taylor has to say. Did you read ‘Hiding From Reality?’

The book ‘Hiding From Reality’ by Taylor Armstrong provides details about her relationship with her late husband and the abuse she endured.

The reviews for Taylor Armstrong’s book ‘Hiding From Reality’ are mixed. While some readers found it entertaining and worth the read, others criticized it for being poorly written and filled with fabricated stories.

 Some readers questioned the authenticity of Taylor Armstrong’s claims in ‘Hiding From Reality’ because there were no substantiated police or emergency room reports supporting her accusations. Additionally, inconsistencies in her story and the lack of witnesses to back up her claims raised doubts among some readers.

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