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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: ‘Mob Wives’ Star Ramona Rizzo’s Past Revealed!

AllAboutTRH was first to reveal that ‘Mob Wives’ newest star Ramona Rizzo’s was in fact a liar in regarding her relationship with her boyfriend and ex husband. Now sources are telling AllAboutTRH exclusively all about Ramona Rizzo’s past! The real TRUTH about her past!

Sources told AllAboutTRH, “Let me clarify a few things, I knew Ramona and her husband personally for many years. They are not good people. Both of them. Her husband was in the telecommunications business and a lot of people lost money with him due to his lack of business ethics. He met Ramona when she was working for him as a secretary in NYC and during that time, he was married to another woman in staten island who he had two young children with. At the time her husband had some money and Ramona was cash hungry. Her father did not approve of this choice for her, rightfully so, but she didn’t care and married him anyway running off to live with him in Atlanta. Some five years ago her husband had money troubles so he moved back to the middle east and she followed him there with the kids. I was told that the house she was in was rented and they were defaulting in paying the landlord also I was told the furniture in the house was not paid for and her husband was scamming people left and right to pay for her kid’s school. She didn’t live in mansions or palaces and she didn’t rub shoulders with royalty she was having some cash rich months from other peoples money that her husband took. He was taking money from other people to pay for her plastic surgeries and his own hair transplants. One guy said her husband scammed him for 15,000 dollars to have the doctor take off his wife’s big stomach. (what he meant was tummy tuck and so forth) At one point, her husband was having a lot of problems in Jordan because he was owing people money, so he left the country and Ramona stayed behind with the kids. He wanted his children to go back to the united states. Many people have said to me that Ramona is responsible for the downfall of this man, because before she was married to him, he was straight in business married to a woman for ten years with no problems. I can’t vouch for that, I can only vouch that they were a money grubbing couple with no care in the world for anyone else. Ramona knew her husband was taking money from people who really needed it and she had no issue spending that money. Ramona and her husband are both Sociopaths. The poor children are where one’s heart go out. For your information, all four of her children are baptized and the arab muslim father attended all christenings. This is unheard of for arabs, but her husband didn’t care for religion or ethics and she doesn’t care for principles or ethics.”

Another source added, “Ramona worked at a company called Contectco, it was ran by her husband Wail, also known as Wally…her dad, Gambino Capo Johnny Rizzo and Joe Watts were involved in this company/front…to make a long story short, she ran away with Wally after her ripped off Joe Watts…he gave her a good life for a few years and then couldn’t find anyone else to rob so the good like came to being broke…then she cheated on him (knowing Wally he cheated on her too) and he wanted her out of his life so she left Jordan.”

Wow! So this confirms Ramona is the phony she portrays to be on the show! Thoughts?


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