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AllAboutTRH Exclusive Interview With Dana Wilkey

AllAboutTRH spoke exclusively to the newest RHOBH housewife Dana Wilkey and while I don’t agree with some of the things she does, let me start off by saying how sweet she was! From talking to her I immediately could see that she was a genuine and loyal person. Dana talks Real Housewives, ‘game night,’ why her and Brandi Glanville don’t get along plus answers who she’s closest with and more!

What were your expectations when joining the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?
I had no expectations but I watched Taylor go through a lot the first season and I was shocked by the impact the show had on people so by watching her struggle with it, it helped prepare me

How much has changed since being on the show?
Being on the show has taken a large amount of my time so I had to reprioritize my business and chose to launch a product that I probably wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for the show. Dana Wilkey says ThinShot is the reason she lost those last 15 pounds! Dana says, “This is what ThinShot did for me …makes me happy,
suppresses my appetite, boosted my Metabolism, included all my favorite, health and beauty Vitamins, (hair, skin and nails/ Vitamin D)… Gives me lots of energy and gives me awesome focus. It doesn’t make me speedy because there is a small serotonin release that relaxes you. I take 2 liquid shots a day one in the morning and 1 in the evening. ThinShot is a diet accessory and can be used with any diet program. I eat lots of protein with it and workout with Tabata.

Who are you closest with on RHOBH?
I’m closest with Taylor. We didn’t see each other for a little bit obviously with all the circumstances going on with her so it was understandable. There was a period where we were apart –not on purpose, just because of life and I wasn’t quite sure that after all of this, how things would be, if she had changed because of everything she went through. But she went right back to being a really great and supportive friend of me and I’m so grateful to know her and have a friendship with her.

Any regrets since being on RHOBH?
My regret was that I wasn’t on a season where there wasn’t a typical sort of topics of fighting. What I mean by that is there were two things as a “friend” that I was there for and it was to be controversial and like a catalyst. The truth is I was never going to risk consequences with the two topics floating around all season. One of them being Kim’s issue and the other Taylor’s abuse. With who I am that is not something I was going to play around with on television. So if I come off as boring then so be it. I just wish I was on a season where the biggest argument we were having is over you know someone being a ‘bitch.’

Aside from the Real Housewives of Orange County. Do you watch any Real Housewives series and which is your favorite?
I like Atlanta a lot! I was also a huge fan of New York because I was from New York but I’m a bit concerned with who’s coming on next season just like everyone else is!

Why do you think you should be an official housewife or come back next season?
Because I have unfinished business with these girls and because viewers have seen only a few glimpses of a really crazy and interesting personality. I have a super cool family that would be on camera including my boyfriend’s 2 young adult kids, my 2 year old son JC who reads and speaks Thai, my 94 year old nana that I take care of and my super sassy Cuban step sister. I also have multiple businesses and charity projects people aren’t even aware of. For example, on March 10 I am hosting a charity event with Taylor at my house.

You and Brandi both were cast as the “friends” of the housewives. Why do you think you two didn’t get along?
The truth is I really like Brandi as a person and we have gotten along at times. She is fun and has cool attributes to her but I’m very close with Taylor so I obviously cannot be supportive to Brandi when she tells Taylor she wrote her book too soon and says that she hasn’t been abused and is a liar. That sets our goals back with helping women in these circumstances with that kind of thinking being publicized. It makes women scared to ask for help. I also don’t agree with what happened at Game Night and found it hypocritical when she called up Kim on her drug issue but then took Xanex and drank on camera. That is very dangerous and I was worried for Brandi when I watched that. I don’t see Game Night like everyone else does but I have my reasons for that and people will see some of that on The Reunion Part 3. All I’m going to say is Brandi acts like a victim a lot after saying some pretty “F”d up stuff, you better be able to take it if you’re going to dish it out with this group.

Speaking of Game Night, why were you being so hard on her?
Well for me at the Lollipop event, I had never really met this girl before and she was a bit silly. When I asked how she broke her leg she said she fell off her shoe and then when I looked at herfeet I saw heels on her good foot with the broken leg. I’m thinking that’s not too bright. LOL!. That made me judge her a bit and I probably shouldn’t have. Then I saw her and she tells me my husband is basically cheating on me. I’m like excuse me I don’t know you. Taylor then convinces me to invite her to ‘game night’ to be the better person because frankly I didn’t want to bring her into my home where my boyfriend is after her BS accusation so I did. She was being really aggressive and I was just trying to make Kim feel comfortable because Kim was in an obviously vulnerable state and Brandi was calling her out and I just don’t think it was necessary at my ‘game night.’

Imagine you being in Brandi’s position. And you didn’t know anyone and you were next to these two girls who keep talking about you. How would you feel?
I feel like Kyle was just being very protective with Kim because if someone was trying to imply with 20 cameras around that Kim was a meth addict, I’d be pissed too. You see an edit that makes it seem short and limits all of our interaction but this was on going for hours. I just feel like Brandi egged ‘game night’ on and I actually said it at the end when I helped her find her crutches. By the way, I didn’t really know anyone there either but Taylor and even though Kyle and Camille was making fun of me and Kim called me the wrong name I just tried to keep it fun. That’s my nature… I was in shock when it went so badly so quick I had never seen women behave like that before.

Are you bothered that Brandi was seen more on the show than you were?
No not at all. I’m happy for her. I’m cool with whatever unfolds for me. I think it’s important to just go with the flow and whatever is supposed to happen will happen.

Do you think it’s true that the ladies met up before the reunion and planned to attack Lisa?
I read the blog who wrote that and that was the dumbest blog ever. That’s absolutely NOT true. I really hope Brandi didn’t say that. And by the way that blog brought up my house and so you know, my boyfriend and I were in that house for 5 years. It wasn’t rented for the show! I didn’t even know if the house was rented or owned that was his business. I just lived there. And the reason you guys don’t see furniture is because we were in the hallway a lot of the time during the filming and people kept thinking my hallway was like a living room or something. My grand hall in that house had 40 foot ceilings and was 2000 sqft. It looked massive on TV and so bare but besides some art and an entry table what the hell goes in a hallway anyway?. There are tons of stuff in my house and I think all the walking back and forth in the hallway made it like it my home didn’t have furniture. The Game room had a bar, pinball, Marble Madness and a pool table and board game playing area but it wasn’t meant to congregate in. My plan for the event was we were supposed to be in the game room for 20 min to grab some snacks and a drink and then go play games in the living room but when Kim was an hour late and Adrienne didn’t cancel until an hour late too. We had been there for 2 hours! BTW the invite specified desert only. Next time they will be lucky to get chips and dip.! LOL

Do you think Kyle came across different then she was last season?
I don’t know. It’s hard for me because I know her in real life so I don’t know the ‘edit’ I know her. I think she’s really nice and very cool. She’s one of the nicest people I know

How did you and Taylor meet?
I met Taylor through my girlfriend. We were invited to go to this thing together and we just hit it off. We had similar personalities. We’re silly and funny and I really liked her.

Don’t you think it was hypocritical for Taylor to bring up how Brandi “threatened” to kill Kim when last season Taylor threatened to “beat up” kim
I think that both women didn’t mean it and said it in a heat of passion and I’m sure they both regret saying it.

Can you tell us what’s next for you?
I’m doing a bikini spread and for someone like me, it’s a big deal. I’m not some modely person. I’m like a regular Italian/Irish body type and I’m 38 years old and I’ve had a baby. So it was a big deal for me to do that but I really did it and it wasn’t that hard! I’m so excited for what ThinShot is going to do for people I had to take a big risk.

I respect Dana for being such a loyal friend to Taylor. It’s very refreshing to see that! Thoughts on AllAboutTRH interview with RHOBH star Dana Wilkey?

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