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Kyle Clears Up Recent Rumors And Talks Part 1 Of The RHOBH Reunion

It was an intense part 1 episode of the RHOBH reunion and it’ll probably get crazier next week! Kyle Richards clears up some recent rumors, talks about the epic reunion and calls Brandi Glanville out for lying!

“The Reunion….where to begin?? This is a day we all DREAD. None of us want to go back and discuss issues that have already been resolved or address things in FRONT of the cameras that happened OFF camera.

The day starts off with all of us happy but nervous. We are laughing, joking around and running back and forth to see each other as we are getting ready. Then comes the dreaded call…”They’re ready for you” …It feels like the walk to the electric chair. Ok, slight exaggeration but it’s not fun.

Andy, tells us where to sit and we take our seats. At first it’s fun and we are having a pretty good time. Then the hard questions come. We are expected to answer honestly. It’s not always easy. Many times I’ve wanted to say “May I be excused?”

Before I go on to what happened , I would like to address a rumor that was circulating Monday afternoon. Brandi had given an interview and said that Adrienne, Taylor and I had planned an attack on Lisa. I can promise you with all my heart and soul that that never happened. I was really upset about that because Lisa is my friend. By Brandi putting that out there, some people went into viewing the Reunion with a very different mindset . Later , after hearing that I gave a brief interview explaining that was not true, Brandi said she never spoke to me but had HEARD that Adrienne was planning a meeting to discuss “an attack”. I NEVER heard of any such meeting nor did I or WOULD I attend any such meeting. I know Adrienne would never do something like that. I don’t know how my name got dragged into this, and I was even more perplexed because Taylor never said anything to Lisa that could be considered an attack. I do not know what Brandi’s reason for saying that was. However, if it really was something she had just “heard” she shouldn’t have repeated that without knowing if it was true or not. Repeating hearsay can be dangerous. It was very hurtful to everyone. Probably, most hurtful to Lisa.

When we addressed the stuff that had been going on OFF camera between Lisa and me, I was not trying to be hurtful, but honest. I WAS upset that she had said one thing to my face about doing the splits at Pandora’s engagement party and then changed her tune in a video she shot for AOL. I knew the video was to get back at me for the “maybe she preys on the weak people” comment. Lisa knows my personality and knows I’ve been known to do crazier stuff than the splits WITHOUT cameras around, just to make my friends laugh. That is who I am. Everyone there , including Lisa had known I was hurt by that. I would have felt like a hypocrite if I had not been honest about it. I should have chosen my words more carefully during that conversation with Taylor when I made that comment that upset Lisa. I would have preferred if we had just handled the issue alone, without cameras, which we HAD done and gotten past. However, during the reunion these issues are brought up again. Then we have to re live them over and over. Then just when you think you’re past it…Re runs!!

When Andy asked me what was going on between Adrienne and Lisa I was extremely uncomfortable. I am friends with BOTH of them! I think a lot of people think I am only close with Lisa, however, Mauricio and I are also close with Adrienne and Paul. (as well as the rest of the cast) In addition to that, Adrienne has been very kind to my sister Kim during a very difficult time in her life.

As Lisa and Adrienne started to get into it , I felt awful. There were many times I wanted to chime in and didn’t because of the fact that they are both my friends. How could I defend one and not the other? I also know that these two women are strong and can hold their own. The people pleaser in me (not a good trait or one that I am proud of) didn’t want either one of them to be upset with me. So I stayed out of it. Most of us did. This argument was a long time coming and I had not been involved with any of their issues. However, when the day was finished, I felt bad about not speaking up at certain times.

Clearly , I would have my own battles to fight…When Brandi came in we joked about her getting married in Vegas. I had teased her via text about it right after she got married and we had laughed. All was fine between Brandi and me…so I thought.
The drama continues next week…”

Kyle makes a good point. She is close with both Adrienne and Lisa so she was in a tough position. As for getting upset about Lisa’s comment. I don’t actually think it was a big deal but Kyle is a bit sensitive. She should embrace the facts that she could even do the splits instead of getting offended that Lisa called her out on it. Thoughts?

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