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Brandi VS Dana: Twitter War

Imagine how boring life would be if we didn’t have twitter. There’s always something happening on there and we all get to see it.. for free! Hah! As you know, Dana Wilkey and Brandi Glanville are the “friends” of the Beverly Hills housewives. No word if they will be official housewives next season so we’ll just have to wait and see. Dana was on twitter yesterday when she retweeted a horrible comment about Brandi Glanville. When you retweet a comment it means you basically agree with the statement. Check out what she retweeted,
“Brandi has some nerve discussing Kim, while she mixes xanax. alcholol. Claims only to fly. Hope Eddie knows this, if flies with kids.”

Dana immediately got tons of tweets asking her why she would tweet that about her costar. Dana defended herself by saying, “I RT lots of things. Some are really nasty about me. I’m intrested in the discussion and people’s opinion. Let’s not get crazy people! I RT a lot of good and bad things. I thought the comment was interesting thats why I retweeted it. No other reason.”

Brandi didn’t take the tweets so well and tweeted, “It’s so sad to see how desperately you want back on the show. You will throw anyone under the boss #yoursoobviousitssad” She added, “I’m blocking you, cause ur so sweet via texts and horrid on twitter. When you figure out who you really are hit me up!”

Dana then tweeted, “Brandi blocked me so let her know I’m sorry I didnt mean anything by the RT and good luck with everything. I’m jumping off #rhobh”

Brandi accepted her apology and said, “I accept your apology, just be you, the you u are in person. Xo”

Alright so I follow twitter and see Dana does RT a lot of things BUT I have yet to see her RT anything negative about ANY of her other costars except Brandi. Sometimes it’s playful but sometimes like right now, she takes it to far. Why would she even want to discuss that or think that tweet was “interesting.” She knows by bringing up Eddie and the children that Brandi would have been pissed…so maybe..just maybe..she did it on purpose knowing media outlets would pick up the story and her name would be out there. Who knows? Thoughts?

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