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Let Me Make Something Clear….

Hello everyone! Haven’t blogged all day because I was so busy and had no access to a computer until now. Anyways most of you know what this is probably about and for those of you who don’t..I’ll explain.

Yesterday I posted a story questioning Mob Wives star Karen Gravano parenting. Reason being is Karen’s cousin Ramona did an interview where she spoke about Drita‘s parenting skills and mentioned how she needs to learn to keep it under control for the sake of her kids. She also added how Drita uses her children for sympathy on the show..

Read The Interview Where Ramona Talks About Dritas Parenting Skills Here

Because Ramona did an interview question her costars parenting. I thought I would too and ask her why she hasn’t questioned her “cousin” Karen’s parenting skills.

Check Out The Post Here

Today Karen tweeted about the story and basically told her followers that I’m talking about her child and that her child has been crying all day. First off it’s a Thursday and she tweeted all this around 2. Her daughter lives in Arizona and it’s earlier so i’m pretty sure her daughter is in school. Thats besides the point. The interview had nothing to do with her daughter specifically. I was just questioning Karen’s parenting like Ramona was questioning Drita‘s. I don’t think children should ever be involved but lets face it. Sometimes they are. How many stories have we heard about Bobby Brown’s daughter having problems when she was 14? It happens. People blog these stories. In no way was I talking about her child and I want to make that clear!

If ANYONE was offended by that post AT ALL, I want to apologize to you for writing it. If I knew you’d be offended, I would have took that into consideration and not have wrote it.

Im disappointed that Karen purposely tweeted I was talking about her child so I can get attacked by her followers but then again it comes with the territory when blogging. Things like this will happen and I have to just deal with it.

Karen tweeted, “lying on the kid to make a point and have her crying and people sending her hateful mAssages wtf.” I think she meant messages…anyways. Karen’s daughter has been ON THE SHOW and everyone knew her name was Karina so I didn’t expose her like Karen claims and if Karina did get hateful Facebook messages. I apologize. No one should be messaging a 12 year old girl. That’s why I don’t know why she even has a Facebook. Not everyone is going to like Karen and people are going to say things to Karina and not because of me, because they want to so I don’t think I should be blamed for that.

Karen also tweeted me saying, “write about me bitch not my kid.” Again I was questioning her parenting as a mother. Never once did I insult her daughter!

I got plenty of messages from my [amazing] followers letting me know that some blogger and a few haters were tweeting that I talk about kids? I get some people will not enjoy my blog, doesn’t mean they have to make up lies and say that I talk about children! Just don’t read my blog or follow me on twitter! See how easy that is? Oh wait they don’t follow me! Hmm..

Again if I offended anyone with that post, I’m sincerely sorry and was only pointing out someones parenting and can understand why some people could be upset. In the end of the day I can’t please everyone!

OH and another thing that was brought to my attention. Apparently my blog is far from the truth and i’m a liar. First off AllAboutTRH stands for All About The Real Housewives and I DO think it’s important I get the truth but that’s not what my site stands for. Second off these people are spreading rumors saying my blog lies and this is why..

I had an exclusive interview with the man who worked at lookers the same time RHONJ star Melissa Gorga did. The mans name is Angelo and we will be seeing on the upcoming season of RHONJ where he tells Teresa that her sister in law was a stripper. In this interview. Angelo confirmed she was a stripper and I immediately called Lookers to see what they had to say.  They responded, “no comment”

Check out the interview with Angelo. Click here

Months later Melissa Gorga‘s lawyer sent me pay stubs that I DID post on my blog

Check that out here

So I had Angelo claiming she was a stripper and pay stubs proving she was a bartender. I posted both sides. I didn’t have to post those pay stubs but I did. If that makes me a liar then so be it!

Again this is MY blog if you don’t like it there are many more to go on! I blog my opinion and if you don’t agree with me, even better! The comments get interesting and I love reading all the different opinions.

This will be the last time I talk about this 🙂 Hope you all have a wonderful night. –AllAboutTRH

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