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Mob Wives Star Ramona Should Be Questioning Karen’s Parenting NOT Drita’s!

Yesterday I posted a story on newest Mob Wives Ramona blabbing that Drita uses her children as props. It’s one thing to talk about each other in interviews but why bring children up? Since she has, I thought I would! Ramona has really been bugging me this season just because she’s new and starting more drama then there already is. Ramona spoke on Drita’s parenting skills and added that she needs to learn to keep it under control for her kids. Ramona even went as far as to claim that Drita uses her children to get sympathy from the audience.

Oh no she didn’t! That’s totally fine if she wants to give Drita “advice” on how to be a parent. But I have a serious question for Ramona. Does she think Karen is a good mother?

Karen’s daughter Karina is only 12 years old and Karen had left her in another state to move to Staten Island and film Mob Wives. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t feel so great if my mom left me at that age to film a reality show.

Anyways since Ramona thought she should question Drita’s parenting. I thought I’d bring this to everyone’s attention. On FaceBook there is this chat called “MobWives Fan’s” where people discuss the episode and so on

Yesterday, when I posted the article about Ramona, someone went on the facebook chat and said this,

“RAMONA RAMONA RAMONA! go back to where the F#%$ came from! you have NO right to even speak the girls names out of your blood mouth! If the audience are sympathetic to drita it would be because she has to work with the likes of you and your buddy who may i add……left her child in another state to film mob wives and allows her young daughter to be a member of a mobwives fan chat group on facebook… where there is a major fan war going on team karen/team drita. You should be more concerned about what “your neice” is being exposed to rather than what and how Drita D’Avanzo raises her children! Do you think it’s healthy for a young girl to be reading strangers on facebook call her mother all kinds of vulgar and degrading names etc? back up and look closer to home! sorry drita……i mean no disrespect to anyone but i see it and tell it like it is……”

The “Admin” of the page immediately responded saying, “Our little group has grown so much. We also have been lucky enough to have Karen’s daughter, Karina Seabrook join our group. I think it is great and please keep in mind this is a young lady and this group is about her mom, so those who may …not agree or love Karen as many of us do (What the hell? Is Karen writing this? Did she have someone paid to say this?) to please be mindful of your comments and post. This is Karina’s mommy and we should be sensitive and respectful to that. Anyone who post or comments anything inappropriate will be removed from the group. Welcome Karina!”

And check out the rest,

Admins: I will remind all of you karens daughter is in the group.please give her respect….got mad love for ya karen ?

Comment:so does that mean this is karens fan page? thought it was for all the wives? im sure she understands that we love the show and want to express our feelings about each castmember..

Karina Seabrook Team Karen ? .. No room for haters .

This comment was  “liked” by Karina,
“Drita needs to keep her fat ass mouth shut!!”

Another comment
“I hate that dumbass bitch drita. She is a lying ass bitch!!”

Karina added, “No room for haters.”

Again, this is a 12 year old talking about a show she shouldn’t even be watching. Ramona before you question anyone’s parenting, look at your “niece.” Drita raised intelligent children who know how to behave. I don’t know if I can say the same about Karen! 😉  If Drita’s children were on a Facebook chat cursing at such a young age, calling Karen names I’d say shame on Drita too! No child that young should be doing that. Karen needs to stop worrying about all the Mob Wives drama and start worrying about her daughter.

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