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Melissa Gorga: I Think It Bothers Teresa That I Even Exist

Melissa Gorga of RHONJ just can’t stop with all the interviews bashing her sister in law, Teresa Giudice. Gorga spoke too Diane Clehane of earlier today. Here’s what Dianna had to say about the interview,

 “Melissa, who is an absolute knockout in person, told me that the RHONJ cast (minus Jacqueline Laurita) shot the reunion special the day after wrapping the yet-to-be-aired Season 4, and the women were all seething about battles and betrayals the viewers haven’t even seen. “We had just had a huge blow up the night before, and that was what was on everyone’s mind. It was so hard not to say anything. That’s why Jacqueline wasn’t there,” Melissa tells me. “It was very confusing for us, and we were constantly trying not to say things about things that hadn’t aired yet. Bravo is so sorry they shot them back to back. I don’t think they are ever going to do that again.” Teresa “tried to set me up” and is back to her old tricks, Melissa told me, without giving anything away. After all the kissing and making up seen at the end of last season, Melissa’s husband Joe Gorga is “disgusted” with his table tipping sibling once again. Big surprise.


Still, Melissa says she’s willing to forgive Teresa if her husband asked her to and make peace for the sake of their families. “The children don’t know about any of this stuff and they don’t care. They just want to be together. They really love each other. That’s what I don’t get. Why does she think I’d want to keep my husband away from his family? It makes no sense,” said Melissa. When I offer that it appears that Teresa is jealous of her and her happy marriage, Melissa’s eyes widen. “But I can’t say that! I can never say that!” she says. “I don’t know why it bothers her that I’m doing what I’m doing as a result of the show. It doesn’t take anything away from what she’s done. I think it bothers her that I even exist!”


If Melissa is so worried about her “family,” why does she continue to do interviews and answer questions about HER family? Gorga says she wants to move on but it’s obvious she can’t! If I was Teresa I would give up being “family” with Joe Gorga because Joe and Melissa sure haven’t been acting like they care. It’s obvious what they do care about is fame. So once again Melissa claims that she was “set up” by Teresa and even says “Teresa is back to her old ways.” Melissa also adds that she is “willing” to forgive Teresa. It should be the other way around. Numerous “friends” of Melissa have told AllAboutTRH exclusively that before Melissa got on the show, Gorga admitted she couldn’t stand Teresa and would bring her down. What are your thoughts on the interview? Do you agree with what Melissa is saying?

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