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Will Love Exposes Illumination PR And Melissa Gorga

Will Love work’s with entertainment and NJ/NY media. Will has shared the same PR as New Jersey Housewive, Melissa Gorga. Will was friends with Melissa and her sisters but is no longer with Illumanation PR. The former client of Illumination PR exposes the truth about the PR, Melissa Gorga and more.

“Immediately after writing today’s blog I nearly deleted it entirely. The reason being is that I knew of the controversy it would ignite and, while I wanted to make more than a few aware of the subject matter I will be discussing, I was not in the mood to encounter the negativity I would no doubt receive. I have been through an overwhelming amount of maltreatment and have had the bread taken out of my mouth thanks to Robyn Polay, who is also known as “Illumination PR” and the amateur publicist of Melissa Gorga. Nevertheless, when I reflected on the unwarranted treatment I was given after parting ways with the incompetent “publicist,” I instantly knew full well that I deserved the opportunity to, at bare minimum, express my trepidation.

I had first met both Robyn and Melissa when I covered the 2010 POSCHE Fashion Show. After expressing interest of meeting the furtive confidant of Danielle Staub, colleagues pushed me smack in the middle of Melissa’s first photo-op. Judging by facial expressions directed at me afterwards, I do not believe Melissa was too happy. This was evident when I approached her after the fashion show: Melissa very blatantly rolled her eyes when I introduced myself. Despite her uncouth initial impression, I featured a side-by-side cover cameo of Melissa and Teresa Giudice on the cover of Out In Jersey’s December-January issue. When I messaged Melissa regarding her first cover appearance, after reading that the appearance was not a full cover, I never received a response. I guess “Lady Gorga,” as her immediate circle describes her, did not feel the exposure was important enough to warrant a reply or thank you. After all, at the time Melissa was confident that she would be signed to Universal Records – even before her meeting with the record tycoon earlier this year.

After noticing the media attention I brought to assorted events she promoted, Robyn praised my work and made it a mission to stay in touch with me. The woman talked a good game, so much that I included her logo on the step-and-repeat for a charity benefit I directed in Manhattan. I did this out of kindness for a friend. I never had to go through Robyn to speak with any of her “clients,” as they were more of a sole resume booster for her. After text messaging, “I am in traffic – I am stuck in Brooklyn – I will arrive during the second half of the show,” Robyn ultimately let me know less than an hour before my event’s closing that she would not be able to make it. After a week of text apologies, I felt it only fair to give the woman another chance.

The following week I attended a fashion gathering for one of Robyn’s clients at a lounge in Manhattan. It was my first time seeing both Melissa and Kathy since the POSCHE event. Kathy immediately greeted me with compliments on my attire during conversation, while a startled Melissa greeted me with a half-assed ”hi.” The fact that I was confident I recognized the husband of Melissa’s sister from a local North Jersey gay bar less than a week prior [his distressed facial expression when he saw me did not help] made the evening additionally awkward. Nonetheless, leave it to Kim D to bring us all together to socialize – on the runway.

At the launch party for a friend’s business I was again approached by Robyn, who asked if I was interested in representation. This was the second time she brought up the topic to me, and since I was looking for management, I felt a publicist to be a safe alternative. I remained with “Illumination PR” from April through August of 2011. Very quickly, I began to realize who Robyn was and what her “business” was about. Her policy was “all play and no work,” unless it came to tarnishing another’s image.
Before signing with “Illumination PR” Robyn and I had a meeting were she noted what I wanted her assistance with. Throughout my entire time working with her, she did absolutely nothing except bait-and-switch me. In retrospect, I continued to publish features positively promoting her events and clientele. I had a seasonal (12-week) blog on a website dedicated to the “real housewives” franchise, in which I managed to incorporate and give attention to her work almost weekly. In another publication, which I am Editor of, I published a cover story and spread on her client [Alisa Maria] that illustrated the “stylist” as the queen of high-end fashion. In actuality, Alisa pays Robyn to allow her [Alisa] to style Melissa. I have been told by many who are relative within the world of fashion that Alisa’s fur’s are fake and that she was in a legal hole when caught marketing Clara Kasavina jewelry as her own line. The fact that the Sashika Twins won’t even touch her also speaks volumes.

I reached my breaking point with Robyn when I agreed to assist her with Fashion & Beauty Week, a knock-off of New Jersey Fashion Week. FBW was the last “Illumination PR” event I helped to give attention to via my publications. Somehow, the fact that I was supposed to model turned into me doing intern-style work, but that is another story which you may read here. During this time, Robyn’s true colors shined immensely. After Kim D simply expressed her loyalty and friendship to Teresa on multiple occasions, Melissa became furious with Kim. The fact that Kim simultaneously parted ways with Robyn did not help matters either. In retaliation for Kim being a free thinker, Robyn and Melissa began a well thought out smear campaign. I witnessed, at least during half-a-dozen events, Robyn and her friends speak of Kim D as a “coke addict,” “drug user,” and claimed Kim would be out of business within six months. Robyn, who I previously witnessed express to Kim how her only [now former] full-time employee “is completely overpaid” and “should be grateful to have you as a boss” – was saying the opposite to the employee. Concurrently, Robyn was expressing to the employee that they should “open up a separate boutique” and was eventually triumphant at having the employee parrot the same damaging sentiments about Kim at various events and to multiple customers while still employed at POSCHE. Robyn and Melissa even went as far as to contact BRAVO weekly in hopes of persuading them to film the insignificant Fashion & Beauty Week as opposed to the annual POSCHE Fashion Show. This was due to the fact that Robyn was successful in blacklisting Kim D and Teresa Giudice from the supposed “charity” fashion event [FWB]. Therefore, if FWB were filmed over POSCHE, it would appear as though Kim and Teresa “were not wanted at an “esteemed” fashion event.”

I stopped working with FBW and began to distance myself from behavior liable for slander and other legal action. Robyn was still supposed to follow-up on a number of gigs for me, yet her job as a publicist became calling me at odd hours of the day questioning if I had spoken to any of her former clients. I was a finalist for an upcoming reality program on MTV which Robyn would have received a percentage of my income for if she was able to secure my role. Interestingly, making adolescent phone calls was most important to her. Once I found out that I was not invited to Melissa’s single release party at Manhattan’s Tavern on the Hudson, I complete took “Illumination PR” off of every networking page and website I had. I could not get over how after basically acting as a publicist and editor for a woman who was supposed to be my publicst – that she could not invite to a celebration of a client [Melissa] who considered me a “good friend.” I found it odd how I was excluded from an event where Melissa invited avid Twitter followers, most of whom were middle-aged mothers who she never met a day in her life, to. Looking back, it was obvious that they knew I was waking up to who they were as individuals, and therefore were becoming enigmatic.

My intentions from here on out were to allow Robyn and Melissa to see my removal of “Illumination PR’s” information from my pages and let that speak for itself. However, after nearly two weeks of their brands being removed from my pages – I found it odd that I received a text message asking for me to do just what I already had done weeks ago. Just minutes after the text message, I received a phone call where an agitated Robyn began to curse at me and accuse me of speaking negatively of her. The paranoid female proceeded to claim that she fired me yet that the reason I stopped working with her was because of her reputation. Conflict much? I was almost certain Melissa and her circle were present on the opposite side of the phone, since that is all Robyn was ever concerned about impressing. Robyn and Melissa must have been upset with the fact that a portion of their free promotion and exposure was gone after I parted ways – so much that other clients of Robyn’s began to not only delete, but block me from various social networking websites. My previous contact for a mini-clothing “line” I have approaching [if you want to call it that] stopped responding to all of my e-mails, phone calls, and text messages shortly after I stopped speaking to the “Illumination PR” circle. This contact was initially my contact – meaning I knew them before giving their information to an associate of Robyn’s after asking for my assistance with a project.

I was honestly hurt by all of the malicious behavior, especially being as I was the professional who was used by women who – up until this day – I never spoke negatively of. I was ready to speak with Robyn about the many aforementioned issues at the 2011 POSCHE Fashion Show – except she was nowhere to be found. Melissa, however, was present – who [just like when we first met] rolled her eyes the minute she saw me. Despite the fact that all six housewives (including Kim D) were supposed to take a New Jersey Equality (NJEQ) photo – none of the women did. I even tweeted Jacqueline, as well as some of the other girls regarding the photo the following day, only to be ignored. For women who were so appalled by Joe G’s “homophobic” and “uneducated” remarks, one would think they would have responded to my inquiry. I guess after Melissa threw her hysterical fit [which led to a fan running into the NJEQ backdrop], it was much more important for Caroline to parrot that “this was all a set up” ten times over outside of Son Cubano. Kim and Teresa, who was scrutinized by Mr. Cohen during the RHONJ reunion, were the only housewives who have taken a photo for the equality campaign. The following day, after tweeting back and forth with Kim, Teresa, and Penny [who I wish I could elaborate more on but I am legally unable to] I received various hate tweets from an anonymous account. Among other sentiments, this individual wanted to make it clear that I was apparently a “whore.”  After tracing the IP address, the Montville residence which showed up as sending the tweets was none other than that of Melissa and Joe Gorga. I found this to be ironic, especially since Melissa, and the friends of ten years she managed to lure away from Teresa, were implying [that same day] that Teresa was behind the apparent “anonymous eggs” they were receiving. Cover up much?

I feel as though I stayed with “Illumination PR” as long as I did due to the fact that, since I was able to benefit Robyn and Melissa to such a degree, I was certain she would pull through for me eventually. Obviously, this proved to not be the case being as the woman undoubtedly lacks professionalism, experience, aptitude, conviction, and of course, qualifications.”

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