Let's Discuss: Melissa Gorga Teresa Giudice

Let’s Discuss: Melissa Gorga

Well Melissa Gorga has been getting asked about the interview AllAboutTRH had with Angelo Vrohidis and told a viewer on twitter earlier that she is planning on suing Vrohidis because she says its 100% false that she danced at lookers and that their is “proof on the way.” So it’s quite obvious Melissa read our interview and checks out our website! Hi Melissa xox! She then adds, “Although, I don’t know why she (AllAboutTRH) doesn’t like me..” (obviously upset that I posted this interview)  Okay. I guess I’m going too have to answer this AGAIN. I’ve said plenty of times that Melissa Gorga is a beautiful girl (not crazy about her voice. Probably bc I’ve only heard her sing once without autotone and that was the episode where she sang for Joe) but I’ve said she is beautiful and her children are gorgeous. I’ve given her credit everytime she takes the high road. And I’ve always been fair. She says otherwise but whatever! Apparently Princess Gorga is always right! My problem: As I began watching Ms. Gorga on RHONJ, I felt like she was PURE evil. I mean, have you seen the first episode? It’s like she really hated Teresa and wanted to kick her down even after all the things she was going through and dealing with. (And sources have told AllAboutTRH that Melissa used to tell friends how much she hated T before she knew she was going to be on the show) Now I know Teresa has made comments and I don’t think it’s right but Teresa doesn’t deny the fact that she does that and Melissa does! Melissa dedicated almost 90% of her blogs bashing Teresa. OR she would write a whole blog playing nice THEN end it by making a smart comment about her sister in law. Ahh! It made me so angry. And Teresa never “tweeted” or called her out for all the bad things she said or did. But the second Teresa makes one comment about Melissa…what does Melissa do?? She tweets about it and has her husband tweet about his sister. It’s just sad. But i’m starting to think Joe is worse than Melissa. How can he trash his sister publically on twitter after watching how much she cares for him? Sad. Or how about the comments Melissa made on the show “Oh I pay my bills!” Viewers immediately called her out for the dig. Her response? “I was just saying that I pay my bills. That’s all.” Oh. Okay Melissa! And isn’t it odd that Teresa is no longer friends with people she has been friends with for years and there now Melissas BFF? Just doesn’t make sense. How can any of them say they want to move on when they all won’t shut up about each other? What do you all think? Am I being to hard on Melissa? What are YOUR thoughts on Melissa?

Each week we’ll discuss a housewife. That way we can all express our opinion on the housewife. Makes things fun and Interesting!!

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