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Melissa Gorga: Stripper or Bartender? Exclusive Interview With Her Ex Manager!

I had the opportunity to get in contact with Angelo Vrohidis. Angelo was the general manager at “Lookers” for over 13 years. Lookers is a Gentlemen’s club that Melissa Gorga was rumored to be dancing at. Melissa Gorga immediately shut down those rumors and claimed she was a bartender there for a short period of time. I thought I should investigate this and see what really happened…

AllAboutTRH: Was Melissa Gorga a dancer at Lookers, or a bartender like she claims?
Vrohidis: She was a dancer.
AllAboutTRH: How long did she dance for?
Vrohidis: It was less than a year
AllAboutTRH: So you attended the fashion show?
Vrohidis: Correct
AllAboutTRH: Did Teresa Giudice contact you to attend the fashion show?
Vrohidis: No.
AllAboutTRH: So is it true that you went up to Melissa and as soon as she saw you, she ran to the bathroom?
Vrohidis: No, actually, I was at the bar talking to some friends because a lot of my friends were at this event. I began talking to my friend, Mike, and his wife. We all started walking back over to our table. I happened to see Melissa so I walked up to her and said hello. She looked like she recognized me and seemed very, very embarrassed and shocked. I just said hello and briefly had a conversation with her and then sat down. I stayed for a while and then I left.
AllAboutTRH: Were you there when Joe Gorga came?
Vrohidis: What?
AllAboutTRH: Were you there when Melissa’s husband came to the event?
Vrohidis: No, I had left. I received a phone call and had to be somewhere else. I had no idea her husband was coming and had no idea any of that stuff was going to happen. It’s not my place to know that.
AllAboutTRH: I heard you had a microphone on you, is that true?
Vrohidis: Yes I did. I was asked to help promote my friend, John’s, salon and I was at the salon while Teresa was getting her hair done. Everyone in the salon had a mic on them.
AllAboutTRH: I heard Teresa was getting blamed for you being there and you were mic’d because Teresa knew that you used to work with Melissa.
Vrohidis: No. I did not know Teresa at all. Teresa knew nothing about this. When she was at the salon getting her hair done, I introduced myself to her and Kim D was there. I said hello and told her, you know I know your sister in law. She used to work for me. And she was very shocked. I never met the girl before in my life. That was my first time.
AllAboutTRH: What did she respond back to you when you told her Melissa danced at lookers? How did she react?
Vrohidis: I don’t want to say too much but she was very defensive of Melissa and said, “Listen don’t talk about my family like that.” She didn’t like the fact that I mentioned that Melissa and I worked together. I apologized to her repeatedly and told her that I had no idea she didn’t know. You know, I would assume she would know this about her sister-in-law. But you’ll see what happens when it airs.
AllAboutTRH: So she didn’t dance for years?
Vrohidis: No. It wasn’t even for a year. I don’t know what she did before that nor do I know what she did after that. It’s that type of industry where I was concerned solely with that club. Nothing else. My main concern was the bartenders and the bartenders cannot work anywhere else. When they work for you, they can work for you only. On the other hand, entertainers…they can work wherever they want. My friends from ‘Lookers’ did contact me but there also have been people that I have spoken to who claim Melissa tried contacting people from ‘Lookers’ to tell them to say she was only a bartender, not a dancer.
Vrohidis: I wasn’t out to hurt anyone. I just met the girl (Teresa) at the salon and said to her, I know your sister in law. I didn’t know anything was going to happen. I wasn’t trying to be malicious or hurt anyone. That’s not my intention and I’m just not that kind of person.
Vrohidis: You have to understand, bartenders got paid by checks. Dancers were independent contractors that did not get paid by the establishment. It’s different now but she worked a long time ago and that’s how it was back then. When Melissa worked, we didn’t pay the dancers and they didn’t pay us.
Vrohidis: Dancing is not a bad thing so I don’t know why she is denying it. A lot of girls I know that danced have made such a name for themselves. I know dancers who have become nurses and someone who is a lawyer right now. I’m glad to see Melissa do something good for herself. I have nothing against the girl. I barely know her anymore. It was just one of those things, you know. And you will see it all when it airs out. You’ll see how off guard I was when Teresa came back at me and reacted angry. I was completely off guard and you can’t fake or make up stuff like that. I was really surprised. I was just shocked that she didn’t know because I wasn’t trying to hurt anybody.
Vrohidis: She’s going to keep denying it because she’s already denied it so many times. But do a lot of people know? Absolutely. Of course they know.

Well there you have it. My interview with the general manager of the gentleman’s club, Lookers. On 11/13/11 I went on my twitter page to tweet about my interview with Angelo. Melissa got word of this and quickly went on her twitter to once again deny that she has “danced.” Without seeing the interview, she immediately tweeted me and said “Honey..u r interviewing with a guy that is lying to u for some sort of recognition, I’ve meet him twice in my life…” Keep in mind, she did admit to “bartending” at Lookers for a couple months while he managed it but says she only met him twice. She then tweets someone and says “btw, I feel for him, I hear he has a major drug problem…Don’t wish it on anyone…” She then got countless angry tweets at her for accusing someone of being on drugs. Someone even said “drug problem?? Wow thought you were a God loving woman, the way you put people down for your benefit is so UGLY.” Her tweet sparked so many backlashes that she deleted it. Many people asked her why she deleted the tweet. She ignored until one of our amazing followers sent her a screenshot (that is pictured below) of the tweet. She responded “honey..I deleted bc it’s not fair to put that out there..not for me to say. He shouldn’t go around lying.” But Melissa, honey, the damage is already done! Why would Melissa call Joe the day of the fashion show if she only had met Angelo “twice?” Why was she so afraid? What are your thoughts?


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