Taylor Armstrong ‘Terrified’ She Won’t Be Asked To Return to Season 3

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 Taylor Armstrong is apparently terrified that she won’t be asked to return to season 3 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Today is the season finale and sources have revealed they are going to be letting some housewives go. A source close to the situation tells RadarOnline that she is “freaking out at the possibility of not returning for a third season.”

The insider says, “She is fearful that producers of the show are going to cut her because she is seen as a liability to the show. Even though there has been a ratings bump this season because of the suicide, Taylor knows the criticism she has endured because of the tragedy. Taylor needs this job, she doesn’t have any other source of income, period.”

We’ve found out that Camille will most likely not be returning “Producers are asking Lisa Vanderpump, Adrienne Maloof and Kyle Richards if any of their wealthy female friends would be interested in appearing on the show. It’s an open secret that Camille Grammer most likely won’t be back for a third season. She came off as such a bitch during season one, whereas this season she has been very reserved, and she isn’t exactly eager to return.”

I personally want Taylor to go. I’m actually hoping she gets let go. Nothing more annoyed me this season then her. I get she is going through things so that is exactly why a reality show probably isn’t helping. Thoughts?


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  1. deanie says:

    i completely agree with you. taylor is unstable, and i think she needs to get psycological help before she does something like this again. i actually liked camille this season. it was refreshing, and i didn’t get the whole lisa adrienne thing… they never concluded their little vegas issue.

  2. Amber says:

    I’ll watch season 3 if Taylor is gone, otherwise, no more RHOBH in this house. Besides, the article is incorrect: what about Income from Taylor’s book, beauty ticket.com and other jobs. It’s just another planted source from Taylor so that she’ll be asked back.

    • Salmon Cakes says:

      If I was Bravo, I’d be scared to be on the receiving end of my own lawsuit from Taylor. I can just see her pulling something out of her a$$ about how the show has damaged her and her child for ratings or whatever.

  3. Seriously? says:

    Brandi must be full-time. Axe Dana. Keep Lisa. Adrienne/Camille = Maybe.

    Yes, Taylor is going through things – even though she is a very evil woman – I guess everyone deserves a chance. In that case – AXE KYLE! It’s either Kyle or Taylor, or else a major boycott by most. So if you must keep Taylor, than axe Kyle. It would be interesting to see Taylor/Kim IF their controller was out of the picture.

    • Michelle says:

      As if BRAVO is ever going to axe Kyle. Kyle may be opinionated and bitchy, but she’s basically the “glue” that holds the entire group together. All the housewives (maybe not Camille) are closest to Kyle.

      • Seriously? says:

        Calm down Kyle. No one is going to like you.

        • Michelle says:

          Can you not read my name is Michelle? Seriously, some people are so childish on this blog. Just because someone is a fan of someone you dislike doesn’t mean they’re them.

          P.S. My comment about Kyle being the glue that holds the group together was said by some other reporters.

    • gupto says:

      oh yeah let kim go at her :D

  4. JoJo says:

    Taylor said she asked the camera’s in to keep from getting beaten on Dr.Phil..she doesn’t have to worry about that any longer. I understand she needs the money. She should have never tried to keep up with the others with her spendings. I want her gone~sorry, I do.

  5. Kimberly says:

    Taylor is very hard to watch, and for the same of her child and herself I would think she would let a tv show take a back seat. If she continues, I do believe this is all she cares about. She can be friends with these women outside of having her life humiliated for the sake of her daughter. She makes me cringe

  6. Kimberly says:

    I meant to say “sake” not same;)

  7. Pamela. Pogue says:

    Love all the housewives except Taylor and Kim. They need to concentrate on repairing themselves,and NOT their show Biz Careers.

  8. Karen says:

    It will be interedting to see if Kyle’s friend Faye Resnick will join the show when it returns. Taylor needs time to heal and grieve without the camera’s in her face. She is a bright woman, and hopefully had employability skills before marrying Russell.

  9. PandaBear says:

    Why are all these sources attributing the ratings this season to Taylor and the suicide? From the many responses not only to regular blogs but Bravo blogs, viewers like everything else about the show that’s why they watch, not because of Taylor. With the Kim issues and introduction of Dana & Pam this season could have been just as good without Taylor in any of the episodes.

    Isn’t Taylor a business woman? I realize she has numerous lawsuits but in less than a year she’s lost all other streams of income? She just wrote a book. While I’m done with this show if she returns, I need all these Bravo “sources” to stop. I’m content to wait until the official announcement.

    • Asm says:

      ITA with you. Trayliar is not the reason people watched. I stopped watching the show because I no longer can stomach her and the way Bravo manipulates us. Get rid of Dana, luv Brandi. As for the mean sisters, couldn’t care less for them. Keep Lisa, Addrienne and my favourite PAUL. He is by far the best one on the show.

      • CanIgetanamen says:

        I second (third?) that emotion “… How Bravo manipulates us….”. And indeed I found the whole Taylor storyline so distasteful – and Lordy she’s a bad actress. I’ve heard they’re having problems getting true “shot callers” wives to do the show. The bloom has fallen off the rose. Andy needs to focus on another demographic -

      • mm says:

        I usually don’t like the husbands getting too involved with the show but Paul is the exception. I like him even more this year than last.

  10. db says:

    She’s so obnoxious and hard to watch. Rudely confronting Lisa in her own home at that tea party showed how low-class and out of her league she really is with the other women. Taylor needs to go find some way to earn a living and support her daughter and forget about being a “star” or whatever she thought she was going to accomplish being on the show. She just might end up like Jo de la Rosa from the original OC cast who was engaged to Slade, the last I heard SHE was tending bar some place. Another thing to consider for Bravo is that Taylor is involved in a lawsuit and they might not want to have the bad press.

  11. Seth Green says:

    I’m really hoping that Kathy Hilton joins Season 3

    • Miss Miami says:

      me too!

      • mm says:

        Since Maurice works for Kathy’s husband we can watch Kyle and Moe kiss up. No more Kyle queen bee.

        • Linda says:

          Except Mauricio doesn’t work for Kathy’s husband anymore. He has his own real estate firm or whatever.

          • mm says:

            It’s only been a couple of months with the new place and he may need his job back. I bet they’ll still be kissing butt out of habit or to cover their bases. I remember when he made Kyle make nice with Camille since she was a good customer. He’s a smooth salesman.

  12. Sheila Roberts says:

    I really do not care one way or the other if she returns… She was not any part of the reason I watched this season… I liked Kyle much better last season than this season, she is a pot stirrer for sure I do know this I AM TIRED OF THE KIM AND KYLE DRAMA…. So with that being said I hope Kim goes… I do like Brandi not a fan of Dana or her 25,000 dollar sunglasses… I hate that Camille is not returning I liked her much more this season.. I hate that lawsuits are involved with most all the Housewives Shows.. I do love Lisa she to me is that show… Just my thoughts…

  13. Buck Henry says:

    As I said months ago, we would start to get stories about how Traylor is afraid of losing her sole avenue of support from the show. I don’t care and if I was Bravo I would seriously get rid of her while the gettings good. Because of Traylor and her situation, they couldn’t really develop the other story plans that they wanted. Heck I see a big financial issue coming up with Adrienne Maloof and her family. And many other things. If they allow Traylor to dig in it will be harder to get rid of her. Dana is gone, Camille will be gone and I seriously hope that Traylor is gone. This time they can get Denise Richards, and two other housewives.

  14. Linda says:

    Taylor and Kim need to go. Brandi Glanville is really the only reason I watched the show this season. Make Brandi a housewife rather than a friend of one of the housewives. She brought life to the show.

  15. Salmon Cakes says:

    PLEASE let her go. I can’t sit through another season of close-ups on her ugly fake-crying face.

  16. Seriously? says:

    Ok Kyle.

  17. KK says:

    I will absolutely not watch if she comes back. Any person who is rational and sane would not even consider exposing her child to reality television when the child’s life has been turned upside down with the death of a parent. It was bad enough that she was on this season, but I suppose they had already filmed it, so BRAVO was not going to miss out on the ratings. However, if they bring her back next season, it would be absolutely reprehensible.

  18. Annah says:

    Taylor needs to go and focus on ‘life’ NOT money. She has to get real and stop pretending to be someone else. I don’t think the show is doing her any good except the pay check. Besides, I can’t stand to look at her for another second. I can’t agree that the ratings were up because of Taylor and Russel’s death. It was because we seen something different in BH that we weren’t getting from the other franchises, we liked first season and a lot of people were interested in watching it.

    While you’re at it, loose Kim and Dana.

  19. Liz says:

    Taylor needs to go & get her life together. Kyle is the most important housewife & the show would be nothing without her.

  20. Heidi says:

    I agree & think it’s definately time for Taylor to leave…….. I’m hoping that Bravo feels the same…….

  21. BravoJunkie says:

    I hope she’s gone because I’d like to watch the show again. (Although watching a drug addicts like Kim R aren’t exactly “entertaining” either)

  22. FedUp says:

    Taylor needs to check herself into a mental hospital,get that sick mind straight before allowed to have custody of her daughter.Would imagine she is doing and saying many negative things around the poor child.Ratings maybe up but she has done nothing but tarnish all HW reputation.She needs to face the part she played in RA death and get the heck off the show.Tired of her lies and fake tears and drunken crying jags!She and Kim both need to go for their own sake and ours!

  23. Rosalie Marie, says:

    I agree that Taylor should move on. People are not interested in her dark drama.

  24. Seriously? says:

    I lost it when she said “you have no idea what the puppy has done to me” in the preview. I guess they had to re-film it.

    • Rosalie Marie, says:

      She said her daughter got allergies from the puppy yet on WWHL, she talked of staying nights at Kyle’s home and sleeping in the bed with Kyle, and her daughter oh, And Kyle’s Dogs. Knowing Taylor, she probably cooked the puppy and fed it to her daughter. Okay, maybe not but Taylor really does spook me that way.

      • Linda says:

        OMG, I’m so glad someone brought that up. I thought it was absolutely ridiculous how Taylor made Kennedy give her dog away last season because she’s allergic and her mom didn’t want to give her allergy shots every month. Absolutely freaking ridiculous! And LOL at Taylor crying about Kennedy having allergies as though it’s some sort of sickness that can’t be freaking cured.

  25. Rosalie Marie, says:

    I would like to see Kim return. If she is able to kick her alcohol problem, than it would be interesting to watch Kim transform into a new person. I wish her well.

  26. Miss Miami says:

    Taylor just doesn’t know when to pull back and I think every single viewer is tired of her hogging airtime with her histrionic drama. She is incapable of being a friend, because she only thinks of herself. She proved that by throwing Camille under the bus regarding her abuse accusations. Her explanation is a text book DV response, and she was counting on that, but the truth of the matter is that she is a self-absorbed, dangerous psychopath. If Bravo had had a brain they would cut her and all of her lawsuits loose. But then again, we are talking about eggheads who though it might be fun to watch Restaurant Impossible, I mean Lisa’s spin-off and who brought on a thug with 7 felony convictions to RHOA. They want to continue to walk a very fine line between catastrophe and outrage by their casting decisions. How much do you want to bet that a murder occurs. They want to push people to the breaking point and will manufacture situations that make people snap. One day they will be held accountable and just like the courageous Italian Captain of the ill-fated cruise ship we will find Andy hovering in a lifeboat under a blanket wearing the hat of a little girl. They are playing with fire.

    • pinkie says:

      yes they are playing with fire,, hope you get it by now my little Andy.

      I cannot stand Traylor, BUT,,,

      Bravo should have NEVER aired this storyline after Russells’ death. Bravo is making alot alot alot of $. Pay Traylor some money, send her away with something to restart her life (it wont kill you) and then let her go. Never to be mentioned again by you.

      Traylor, get a grip. Get rest, go to a quieter place and raise your daughter. it is about surviving at this point. The women on the show, may have some concern for what has happened but they are not the kind of friends you need now. Find a place where status, isn’t everything. please please think of your child.

  27. M.A. says:

    I noticed tonight, up too late to catch the show and rerun of WWHL when I got home, that Lisa does not want to be overshadowed. Not only with the wedding and her lil, cleavage displaying dress to her quick, “what about me Andy?” just because Andy complimented Brandi on WWHL.

  28. Isabella Patricia says:

    Traylor needs to go! If she stays, she’ll get income from Bravo, and she’ll spend most of the money on herself. All she cares about are labels, money, fame, and trying to look good which she’s failed to do. She didn’t focus enough on get daughter which is a shame. How sad for Kennedy? Traylor needs heavy psychiatric therapy! She is a pathological liar, and I will not watch if she returns. Bravo, please fire her!!! The show will lose a hell of a lot of fans!

  29. Isabella Patricia says:

    I meant to say *focus enough on her daughter.

  30. BravNO says:

    Taylor should be off the show for the simple reason that she does not meet the criteria of the program. The Real Housewives programming is supposed to be about wealthy women. Taylor is not wealthy.

  31. JK says:

    I really love your blog, but I feel like lately its just a reprint of all the RadarOnline stories. Please try to come up with interesting and ORIGINAL content.

  32. Nicole says:

    Taylor is a basketcase who seriously needs to prioritize her life. And yes I can judge because it is she who does all the interviews and she who is selling a tell all book about the incident. She is calculating and a control freak..look how quickly she changed her attitude at the tea party once she got called out for not being “honest” she flipfloped quicker than Shamu. Suddenly she was in tears telling Lisa how very much she always wanted to be her friend and Lisa made her feel like nothing. That is her own issues she needs to deal with not Lisa’s. Shame on her for even going there. She needs therapy and alot more than her current therapist/No8 comodel is giving her.

  33. julie says:

    Awww poor traylor, now she can’t cry with NO tears. I wont watch if this psyco comes back. She is creepy and evil!!!!!!!!!! Keep Brandi, Adrienne, Lisa , send Kim back to the “dope man” just not on my tv…

  34. DLL says:

    I can’t understand why Bravo would bring Taylor back for a 3rd season. She is a huge liability! If she doesn’t sue them this season, she will find some reason next season, that’s just her style. Why would they put themselves in the position to have her scam them or possibly the other housewves next season?

  35. Sarah says:

    I don’t want Camille to leave but Taylor needs to go. She needs to give Kennedy some attention that doesn’t involve tons of cameras around. She needs her mother, the world does not.

  36. Reba says:

    Love Camille this season. Yes, last season she was kooky but she certainly got her *** handed to her and stuck with the show. She’s toned it down because of all the criticism of her behavior from first season. At least she laid it on the table with Taylor. Something about Taylor is just manipulative and fake. Many times acted as if she was trying out for her big role (ie. acting) and poorly at that. Love Lisa and Adrienne and what would the show be without both their snarky or off-beat comments. Love Kim and her quirkiness. She needs to come back. Kyle is just a B but who cares. Even Brandi and Dana give the show some fun, but the glue is all the originals minus Taylor who just gave it a bad name. Why doesn’t she get a real job like the rest of us?

  37. I at first wanted Taylor to leave,but our minds have been made up for us.I as shocked to hear Bravo was keeping her.she had so many complaints!!!! But I’m a fan so I’ll stay with it.This storyline was real tuff and so i know better I been thru it,so I think I was being to harsh in my judgements.So let’s see next year she’ll be o.k. ease up on that crying.

  38. Hanna says:


  39. Cammierari says:

    Taylor is “terrified” she won’t be asked back on the show, and the rest of us are terrified she will be asked back. I don’t know what her true story is-if she was an abused wife, a manipulating grifter or what-and I really don’t care. It’s reality television, which I watch to be entertained, not so I can delve deep into someone else’s dark past, present or future. The woman’s husband hung himself for God’s sakes. I would think she has a lot of other, more important things to deal with than retaining her position as a reality star. Maybe if she had been on the show for a while, with story lines that didn’t involve her unhappiness with her marriage and her husband, I would have some sympathy for her and want to see her move past this …mess, (sort of the way I feel about Kim) but as it is now, I just don’t think I trust Taylor or anything she says, so please get off my tv and get some help, especially for Kennedy

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