UPDATE: Tamra Barney’s Ex-Husband Reveals That Tamra Forget To Pick Up Her Own Daughter From School!

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Things are getting heated between Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney and her ex-husband Simon Barney. The drama all started when Tamra wanted her children to appear on Bravo’s hit show while Simon is making sure that doesn’t happen!

The two are going at it at court and things are getting so bad that Simon revealed via twitter that Tamra actually forgot to pick up her own daughter from school saying, “@TamraBarney school called.u didn’t pick up Sophia.on my way to get her.no response from you from Schl or I. R u ok? Where r u?”

A follower then tweeted Simon asking why he would tweet that in which Simon said, “I did, text and so did the school. was hoping to get response from twitter. Btw. She’s fine & was home.”

The tweets have since been deleted and Tamra has yet to respond to the tweet. Do you think Simon should just drop it and allow his children to appear on the show?


Tamra has since responded saying, “unfortunately do to the holiday schedule ou weekends switched and I overlooked it, Totally my fault and felt horrible.”

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  1. September24 says:

    Simon is a thug. He is a bad father. Why does he even have twitter……..

    • michers says:

      He is a famewhore still, just pissed Tamra took his tv time away with the divorce and all.

      • LJ says:

        Totally agree Michers! His motives are so transparent. Hes bitter desperate and thirsty!

      • Park Ave Princess says:

        So Tamara forgot the kid from school. No big deal the kid can always walk home, I’m sure she needs the exercise anyhow. Simon is probably thinking she’s in a hot tub with her new much younger and Hotter hubby Eddie. Simon is so bitter and JEALIOUS! I’m sure Simon is making a bigger deal out of it than it really was.

    • IndyDink says:

      He has a twitter account for the same reasons millions of other non-celebrities have accounts, because they can. Twitter isn’t reserved for vapid F-List reality TV personalities, it also welcomes regular Joes and vapid, hanger ons.

      They both seem like insufferable people.

  2. Jarlath says:

    I’m not a parent but I suspect this happens to parents more frequently than not.

    • michers says:

      Adriana did it first season to her son, hours late ( Miami) . But yes, in reality, I think it happens to some more commonly then we think.

      • LJ says:

        Yes it does! I’ve been late to pick my son up because of the time change and also had misunderstandings where I thought my mom was picking him up for me. Doesnt make me a bad mom just human.

  3. Ginny says:

    Simon is doing whatever he can, it seems, to make things difficult for Tamra He’s a controlling man and is just putting in road blocks. Yes, the children should be allowed to be on the show with their mother as long as they aren’t around all the screaming and fighting. All parents have memory lapses at times. I’m sure Sophia was supervised as this happens sometimes.

    I forgot to pick my grandson up at daycare one time. He was fine and never left alone. I now leave a note on my kitchen counter whenever I need to pick him up as a reminder.. I just got busy that day and blanked it out.

  4. rhfan says:

    That’s a creepy picture of Tamara and Simon!

    I am not really following the Tamara/Simon kid saga. I do think it is funny how many husbands who were so happy to film themselves and their kids while they were collecting the Bravo paycheck and perks, all of a sudden think filming is “harmful” to the kids as soon as they stop getting the Bravo check.

  5. Bryn says:

    I don’t believe it was necessary for Simon to put this question on twitter. With their legal issues going on right now I think he is using anything he can against Tamara. Not a Tamara fan at all but I’m sure there was miscommunication between the two of them and this is why she wasn’t there to pick her up. I think both Simon and Tamara are good parent’s.

  6. RabbleRouser says:

    I think Simon tweeted this to put her on blast and embarrass her. It’s a waste of time because Tamra has no sense of shame.

  7. Tara says:

    Simon is a bully.
    I am a great Mother.
    However, when my sons were pretty young,
    I was expanding my business and doing the juggling act every single parent in the world knows by heart.

    Oh, I have gotten delayed with clients, once a Nanny quit during her shift ( her bf proposed to her)
    Once I was trapped on the fwy due to a car chase.

    Anyone who has ever been to L.A. can tell you that 5 miles can take you hours in traffic..

    Yes, I once forgot it was my turn to carpool and yes, my boys along with 4 of their friends had a bit of a wait.

    They were not terribly traumatized.
    They are just finishing Graduate School.
    They do not hate Women due to tardiness..

    Simon is an ass..

    • mm in oc says:

      They live in south county. Traffic is no where near as bad as LA. Shes already said she forgot.

      Nothing wrong with simon trying to protect her daughter from this shit show. Bravo makes all the kids look like helions.

      Tamra sucks and im shocked that people are coming to her defense.

      • socalsoccer says:

        mm in oc: I’m with you; I won’t come to her defense. None of these kids should be on these HW shows.

        • What Had Happened says:

          Totally agree @socalsoccer….no children should be in any of the franchises…and I have never forgot to pick up my children…

      • rukidding? says:

        it’s not that anyone is coming to tamra’s defense( i’m sure a few tamra fans are). the non fans like myself think it’s because simon can be just as much of an ass like tamra. simon trying to be a protective dad now is suspicious. although, some of his concerns were reasonable. his motives are suspect.

      • Johanna M says:

        I can’t stand Tamra but it’s funny how Simon wants to protect the kids from the show now but had no issue with them being filmed previous when they were married. I don’t think ANY kids should be on the show at all because it’s their personal lives, they aren’t actors, they’re often exploited (Giudice kids), and when they go through troubles people criticize them. But it’s not coincidence that he doesn’t want them shown now and I doubt the motivation is actually protection of the kids.

  8. lolilea3 says:

    Simon was an arse for putting that on twitter. First, she turned out to be home and fine. Second, as parents we juggle a lot – and sometimes you get stuck somewhere on the way to picking up your child. I accidentally forgot my child had a club after school and did not pick him up on time. Fortunately, the school called and I was close by. Stuff happens. Not cool to blast it on twitter, conveniently during a curt case.

    I do not blame Simon for not wanting Sophia on the show though. I really believe reality tv messes up kids at a pivotal time in development. They have no idea how the public will react to them, and it can be very malicious. They should be able to grow, make mistakes and learn out of the public eye.

    • Tara says:

      IA, loliea3!

      No civil Parent/ Co-Parent would ever Tweet a child pickup snafu unless there was a nefarious reason behind it.
      Custody battles can be blood baths..

      I agree.
      I certainly wouldn’t allow my minor Children to be on a Reality show.
      I don’t think that growing up with a camera in your face is an actual “childhood”.
      Childhood, is short enough for Children.
      Also, I just think that being on a Reality TV show is an Adult choice..

      • thesepeopleareallidiots says:

        I can’t help but think of Camille with fondness whenever I hear the word “nefarious” LOL. Oh Camille, how we so miss your attempts to sound smart!

      • socalsoccer says:

        Tara, I agree with you about Simon tweeting the info; that was wrong. She had better get used to it, because it sounds like Simon will be up her ass until these kids are 18.

        • Tara says:

          Oh, socalsoccor, it doesn’t end at 18 years. It a lifetime of your Children’s milestones of life.
          Education, friend choices, driving, first dates, first loves, proms, graduations, college choices, first jobs, first apartments, girlfriends/boyfriends, career choices, engagements, weddings then grandchildren.

          • socalsoccer says:

            I know it does not end at 18. But, when the kids are adults, they will make their own decisions & these two won’t have to co-parent.

    • Johanna M says:

      Exactly. It happens to many parents. You get caught up in what you’re doing and suddenly you realize you’re late. To put it on Twitter is really just trying to blast her like an immature brat.

  9. zoeysmom says:

    Tamra is an embarrassment on the show. At least when Simon had the children he had a say as to what was shown of the children. Sometimes being a control freak can be a good thing-especially when it comes to children.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news even if Tamra wins it does not mean Bravo will elect to allow the children to film. There are appeals that would extend this matter past this season’s filming and why would Bravo want to risk being sued? Are the kids going to add so much to the show it would be worth the legal fees? Sounds like a storyline to me. Tamra has to be always fighting with someone.

    This is not an original tactic-didn’t Jon Gosselin do the same thing?

    I am waiting for Tamra to blame Jeana for this.

    As far as the tweeting-IIRC Brandi did the very same thing when she could not reach Eddie and the kids weren’t available for her call. Of course Eddie doesn’t use his Twitter account but Brandi got her message to the masses.

    • jen says:

      So is your point that Brandi is as much of an ass as Simon?

      • zoeysmom says:

        Hmmmm. . . pretty much about the tweeting. About control over his children on the RHOOC-I think he is wise to err on the side of caution. I would not trust the producers one bit.

        • jen says:

          IMO he is not doing this for the best interest of his children. He is doing this to be a thorn in Tamras ass. He had no problem filming himself and his children for how many seasons,now he decides its not good.

          • zoeysmom says:

            Simon had control over what was shot and aired about his children. The e-mails sent by the producers to Simon clearly indicate he will has no say it what is being shot or editing in future seasons.

            So yes he did film with his children and he had a say in what transpired. IIRC Tamra made a big deal over an alleged assault against Simon and then retracted her statement. So as a father and a person he does not want his children on a show that paints him in a bad light.

            Is there an upside to the children for being filmed on this show? I don’t see one.

          • rukidding? says:

            did he really have control over the filming? as far as I can see nobody has any control on what can be filmed on these reality shows. the producers will film what they want. his trying to control footage of the children didn’t change the footage between him and tamra. they both were making asses of themselves and now that he’s gone it’s just tamra making an ass of herself.

          • jen says:

            We all know BRAVO edits shit the way they want people to view it. Simon or any other housewife/househusband has zero say on what is shown. My point is he had no problem with his children being filmed in the first place so now that he and Tamra divorce its a big no no for his children to be on the show??? Sorry not sorry IMO the one and only reason his kids are not being filmed is so he can be a pain in the ass. He no longer has a say on what and when Tamra decides to do something and this is his only control.

    • Jarlath says:

      I don’t understand your logic. Simon had a say on what the camera crew filmed but Tamra won’t have a say? How do you know?

      You should be glad Tamra is an “embarrassment,” otherwise you wouldn’t have something to whine about.

    • Johanna M says:

      Brandi’s explanation of that was that she didn’t have their phone number outside of the home phone or something like that. Now I don’t know how accurate that is but it’s different than Simon who can communicate with her easily. Regardless, Brandi did get crap for that as well.

  10. Ana says:

    OK hold up! He maybe a lot of things but keeping his kids off the show is the best thing for them! Has anyone watched the last two seasons? Fighting,sex,drinking beyond remembering who she is! And that makes him a bad father? Really?

    Tambra needs to get it together! That’s what needs to be said! Put the kids FIRST! Let’s try that!

    • jen says:

      I would have more respect for him if from day 1 they were not filmed but he had no problem letting the circus go on while he was still being filmed. tamra may be alot of things but a bad mother she is not. Simon fails to remember the big jackass he made of himself while filming.

      • zoeysmom says:

        Well I don’t think Ryan is a shining example of good parenting. Then again he spent a great deal of time not living with Tamra.

        Sorry-a good mom does not strip down naked with her boyfriend-while still legally married and jump in the tub in on TV.

        I didn’t think Simon was out of line. he was trying to get Tamra to preserve some dignity. Lost cause.

        • jen says:

          I see what you’re saying but, I have had friends that were legally seperated from their husband and had a sexual relationship with their bf, granted it was not filmed for the world to see but they are not getting paid for the drama and shock of it. I don’t think that makes anyone a bad parent for moving on from a bad relationship. As for Ryan all kids are different and you can try your best but sometimes they don’t always get it. He is his own person and an adult his decisions are on him not Tamra.

        • socalsoccer says:

          zoeysmom, I totally agree! That was one of the more embarrassing things Trashy has done on the show.

          • Maggie5 says:

            Listen, I have to side with Simon on this one. Tamra doesn’t NEED to film with them. And on the BEST day, filming with children seems like a bad choice, especially in a situation where there is an acrimonious divorce, remarriage, etc.

    • jen says:

      I would have more respect for him if from day 1 they were not filmed but he had no problem letting the circus go on while he was still being filmed. tamra may be alot of things but a bad mother she is not. Simon fails to remember the big jackass he made of himself while filming.

      • mm in oc says:

        My recollection of those early days of OC were much more tame than they are today. There was no circus, just a bunch of catty bitches (to Gretchen mainly). I don’t recall much of their kids on the show.

        I understand why people think Simon is a controlling jerk, but I can’t say I blame him as his wife seemed to be changing for the worse. He didn’t handle the Tamra circus very well. She changed (in my opinion for the worse). But I think Tamra is in the top three of most awful housewives.

    • Jarlath says:

      I am not arguing he’s a bad father because he wants to keep his children off the show. But I don’t care for him trying to make Tamra out to be a bad mother because she forgot to pick up her child. Like others have pointed out, he did not seem to have a problem when he was on the show, but now does? He’s a hypocrite that simply wants to get back at Tamra.

  11. jen says:

    Simon that was uncalled for. Shit happens, you are their father pick up your child without making a scene. If you were truly that concerned over if maybe something tragic happened to your ex wife you would have made it your business to get to the house not call her out on twitter like the jackass you are.You sound like a whiney bitch that needs midol.

  12. Charay says:

    I don’t see how this is a problem. But he did claim he texted her & called I mean he could have been worried & thought social network would be faster. Maybe he didn’t have to say she forgot to pick up the kids but maybe he thought people will jump to conclusion if he randomly reach out to her via social network asking her to contact him. Idk but I don’t see a problem he doesn’t even sound like he’s angry. But if the father of child wasn’t answering & didn’t pick up our child I will be worried & reach out which ever way I CB

  13. samael says:

    Hmm, why is this holier than thou parent suddenly in the social media..who even cares about him.

    What a toad..he could have “direct messaged” tyrant,if he did not see it as an opportunity to humiliate tyrant.

    on twitter accounts tyrant would just press the follow button – then simon the other tyrant- would be allowed to send txt through direct message and the txt would not be shown – only tyrant would see them.

  14. mtrae9 says:

    I don’t think the kids should be on the show. Don’t like Tamara or Simon.

  15. BravoGay says:

    She needs to let the whole getting-her-children-on-the-show thing go. Is it THAT important to her? As a Real Housewives veteran, she of all people should know that putting her kids on reality tv is not in their best interest.

    I’m glad she fully owned forgetting to pick up Sophia. I agree with a lot of you – this happens to the best of mothers.

  16. LaraM says:

    Divorce can out the worst when you have children, unfortunately. Simon was controlling on the show, imo, and putting this on Twitter was rude. However, considering Tamra’s behavior, and “role”, I don’t think their kids should be on this show.

  17. Renee says:

    I don’t think children should be involved in the show. That being said, that decision is at the parent’s discretion. If Simon doesn’t want his kids publicized on the show, then that’s his decision as a parent.
    However…let me just say, Simon was always being so ugly to Tamra about the way she dressed…really Simon? Cuz’ the girl you’re hugged up with looks like she’s trying way too hard to be 21 years old & a hooker. lol Just sayin’

  18. IBS says:

    Children that aren’t allowed to be on the show which Should then NOT be talking on Twitter about same.What about the school bus? Aren’t they old enough?

  19. Lisa says:

    Simon is an ass but whatever his motives keeping his kids away from the cesspool that Bravo has become is a good thing

  20. Rager says:

    What I want to know is..What is up with that hideous pic of Trash-ra? LOL

  21. JustaShow says:

    It’s funny how Simon didn’t have a problem with them being on the show when HE was still on the show. As far as Tamra forgetting her daughter at school I can’t even imagine. But she’s home safe and that’s what is important.

  22. realityaddict says:

    Doesn’t Simon realize bashing your childrens’ mom on Twitter as humiliating as being on filmed on the show? I’m sure kids hear about it.

  23. audpaud says:

    Simon is an unhealthy combo of control freak + famewhore but agree with him on not putting the kids on screen with their mess of a mother.

  24. bbecca74 says:

    That’s TAMRA in the pic with Simon from season 3! Guess nobody remembers. She’s changed a lot, for the better!!! She’s gorgeous now!!!

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