Tamra Barney Says Alexis Bellino Was Fired From RHOC!

September 18, 2012 | By Continue Reading

It was reported earlier today that Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino has quit the hit show and won’t be returning to season 8 because she is over being bullied and just wants to get back to her “simple” life.

Tamra Barney is now revealing that Alexis didn’t quit! She was fired! Tamra thinks Alexis should be honest and get her story straight. She also makes a good point tweeting, “who leaves a successful show?” I don’t think it be easy for Alexis just to leave the show and I think she might have had a few disagreements with Bravo which resulted her to not return!

Do you believe Alexis got fired? Does Tamra make a good point?



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Comments (69)

  1. Sofia says:

    Oh shut up already!!
    So sick of this woman!!

    • Say What?? says:

      she is a lying bitch! lol Bravo did not fire Alexis. They HAVE to have one member to gang up on and that was alexis.

      Tamara is nothing but a producers puppet!

      • FREE KROY says:

        I respectfully disagree. I don’t like Tamara…but, she is right. The HW franchise is a cash cow for these ladies. They don’t just quit. Well, a few of the originals did and they desperatly want back on the show because their cash cow quickly ran out when there were no longer in front of millions of views and thus, the apperance request, product sells and endorsement deals stop. She either was fired because her husband keeps outing the show’s production, or they no longer wanted her (this happens Jill Z, Lisa Wu, De Shaun Snow, Kelly, Simon’s Wife, She by Sheree, Kim Z, Scottie P’s wife, Glen Rice’s ex, Lynn). Or maybe even her negotiations went sour. But, she did not quit because she no longer wanted to be on the show.

        • BM Barbie says:

          I completely agree with you. I think it mostly had to do with her husband. It’s very likely he refused to film and Bravo doesn’t typically keep the ones that can’t show their family members. Also like you said, he keeps outing production.

        • Buck Henry says:

          Your totally correct, He doesn’t want to be shown in a bad light because he’s a shady person and doing shady deals. But at the same time is outing production, they fired her because she couldn’t control her husband.

        • renee says:

          Sorry free kroy but dina quit because the drama was getting to be to much. I wouldn’t doubt that Alexis and her husband has had enough of the women ganging up on her. I felt uncomfortable watching them do that and I really don’t like her much. So if a viewer is uncomfortable watching imagine what it was like for her to have to deal with those rotten women.

          • FREE KROY says:

            Sorry renee, but Dina did not quit, she was let go because she forged her ex’s signature to have her daughter on the show. Production set up the events for her to walk away from the show, but, she did not do it willingly. Her husband would not film and her daughter could not be on the show, so it would have just been her and the cats. This franchise is about housewives and show caseing their homes, lives, and families. But mostly fighting with other women. Also, Dina was an orignial housewife and I stated that a few original housewives did quit, Jeanna from OC being one of them (well I think she quite because she was on another reality show, so, not sure why someone would say they are leaving because they don’t want the drama but then go to another reality show where you may be involved with drama).

        • View all HW Shows says:

          I like Tamara! Alexis was a bad actress with no talent, therefore she should not be in a tv show! Stay home with her kids and not try tv…..oh, also she is soooooo superficial! Vickie needs to go too and get new folk. I love the new interactions on HWONY because the new ladies are not playing like they are RICH…they are already.

        • stephanie says:

          Kim Z is still on RHOA! Get your facts straight.

    • Yankeegirl says:

      Sofia..thank you. I agree..shut up!!

    • pinkie says:

      I think Alexis could have well been fired, but it isn’t Trashbox Tamra to blurt it out. What a hot mess she is.

  2. NonnaB says:

    It’s not too late for Bravo to fire skank’s(Tamara) a$$ also.

  3. Srt_3 says:

    Of COURSE Tamra is going to say this. I have always like Tamra and not so much Alexis, but this pat season she was wicked. It it isn’t cute. Why can’t she just leave well enough alone?

    But if it was Vicki…..prob wouldn’t care as much, lol!! Regardless of not liking Alexis, I couldn’t stand how she as treated. I was awful. The show and franchise are just disgusting now.

  4. ladynblack says:


  5. brooke says:

    Tamra is nasty. I can’t stand watching her vile personality. Her looks are even starting to resemble her gross/mean heart.

    Of course she doesn’t understand why Alexis would leave, Trampra will ride this show out til she’s old (well older) and gray, it’s all she has!

  6. S.B. says:

    Who is Tamara(the real white trash) to say anything on what happened. That drunk needs a life

  7. Joanna says:

    Unlike TRASHY TAMRA, Alexis doesn’t need the show.

  8. Heidi says:

    O.M.G. can’t believe all the negative comments on Tamra posted….. How can anyone ‘hate’ a person that they don’t even know nor affects your life in any way personally? Bottom line, she’s a character on a alleged ‘non’-scripted television show & her ‘characte role’ is a major factor in bringing in the ratings for Bravo….. Love her or love to hate her ‘character’, tiz’ the truth…… :)

  9. Katie says:

    They are seriously keeping Tamra on this show? I am SO OVER Bravo and the Real Housewives. Still love all of these blogs though!

  10. Sarah says:

    “tamra” is the definition of white trash. No class at all…

  11. tiffany says:

    Go figure eddie cheats on her. I would cheat on that nasty bitch too.

  12. Allison says:

    Can’t Tamra find something more constructive to do with her time than bash Alexis? Like… work out or take care of her million kids?

  13. Bionic says:

    What about if Alexis wasn’t willing to accept all the fakeness bravo really is?

    Why do most think that ALL the people on these shows can’t have a change of heart and rethink their priorities? Seemed like her husband didn’t like the idea of her coming back. Maybe she put her family and marriage first! She did live very well before the show, I am sure she wont be starving soon. It’s not always about money and fame.

  14. Stacey says:

    Oh no Tamara, who are you going to pick on now!!! Again I will say it…..RUN EDDIE RUN!!!

  15. Maru the Cat fka Sharon Lea says:

    It is really out of line for Tamara to say this, can’t she wait 24 hours even? Tamara has a cruel streak.

  16. Meh. I have to stick up for Tamra.

    She is one of the ONLY ones left who says what she thinks and doesn’t feed us PR crap….
    I bet she knows.

  17. Collegegirl2012 says:

    Why does Tamra care?? She’s made it clear that she hates Alexis no matter what so if she wants to say that she quit instead of that she was fired what difference does it make in Tamra’s life? And to answer her question, Dina and Bethenny both quit successful shows. It just shows how miserable she really is because on this site, posters predicted that either Tamra or Gretchen would say that she was fired and what a shock Tamra did. It’s just gotten predictable and you can tell that Tamra is t happy with her own life.

  18. SA says:

    does Tamra spend everyday stalking Alexis? who cares what Tamra has to say? she needs to go back to the trailer park where she came from and learn some manners…her poor kids are probably so embarrassed that she is their mother:( I hope Vicki quits too..soo over Tamra..she is a vile snake!!

  19. kate says:

    Love Tamra! She may be harsh sometimes but she is honest & you know where you stand with her. Alexis is a lying mcliarson – she was fired just like Dina Manzo, Jill, Cindy, Kelly, Sheree, etc…
    Tamra is not a bully she is stating her opinion of her – Alexis knew full well what the show was all about – better hope those maxi dresses sell well! Good riddance to her & her crazy nasty husband!

  20. socalsoccer says:

    Kate, I get tired of people saying that Tamra is just “being honest” bullshit! She is a low class, uneducated, no manners, bad extensions skank. Alexis good probably not take anymore crap from her.

  21. Lapband Lauren says:

    This bitch must have alexis on google alerts. Seriously? Let alexis be. Shs doesnt need bravo nor is bravo her life regardless if this franchise is a cash cow. What have u done trampra since you started the show? Have you come out with a line or clothes? Fragrences?? I mean maybe an episode of porn, yes. Good for you. Move on from alexis and let her be you old hag! You aint cute and you will never be cute cause your intentions are straight out UGLY!

  22. stay says:

    I wish Tamera would leave this show. Why doesnt she mind her own bussiness

  23. stalina says:

    that’s rotten tammy for ya. always keepin’ it classy and cute. pfft. i’m not watching the next season of this shite- NO WAY- and that is also rotten tammy-apple-heads doing too. btw, she really does have a rotten apple head.

  24. ohno! says:

    I hate tramps too. to the point i cant watch the show where i can watch.

  25. Emma says:

    Without Alexis they will e no dama, so bravo will possible not have fired her she is the show the storyline is surrounded around her. Now see how the stings drops or maybe they will fight amongst themselves.

  26. Love love love says:

    Tamra =porn

  27. IRiSHMaFIA says:

    Alexis wasn’t happy most of this season and who can blame her? She was often ganged up on with negative comments and picked apart by the rest of the cast. Her husband wrote a blog that criticized Bravo and the direction that they had taken the show. I’m sure Bravo didn’t appreciate the honesty.

    I also think Andy Cohen didn’t like the Christian values Alexis shared and would to mock her mistakes or point out her flaws. At the same time he made no secret of the fact he loves Tamra. She’s one of his faves.

    Alexis being fired is quite unfair. If she decided to quit because Bravo refused to bring in someone who was her friend to join the cast, that makes more sense. Whatever the case her being dropped from the cast is Bollocks!!!

  28. cammierari says:

    You know I don’t know what to make of old Tamra…but I think when she says no one leaves a successful show, she means SHE would never leave a successful show!! But, Tamra has nothing else. She doesn’t have a line of clothes, or jewelry, and I bet her “Wines by Wives” is about to be defunct since she and Vicki no longer speak. She needs this show. I kind of think her relationship is ‘for the show’. I bet this fitness studio she is supposedly opening is paid for by Bravo, or fronted by them and she just works there-for the show. I think the show is her life.

    I’m glad to see Alexis go. I just think she was a phony and that husband was hard to watch. I think she brought her troubles on herself by not listening to people’s (valid) criticism of her. She and Vicki are just alike in that department-being their friend means NEVER disagreeing with what they think. Alexis was a braggart and a boaster and always tried to one up people, then wondered why people didn’t like her. She has never been truly happy for anyone but HERSELF, because no one is allowed to have their “moment” as long as she is in the room. Oh, and just for the record, I don’t think Alexis was bullied-except by Tamra. The other women were truly trying to tell her things she needed to hear-Tamra brought it to a whole other level with her angry, nasty tone. Maybe Bravo told Tamra to “go after” Alexis. To me, her hatred was kind of over the top

    • socalsoccer says:

      cammierari, I live in orange county and we need another fitness studio like we needs a hole in our heads! It will not be in business for long. She had to think of something to do since Vicki, Gretchen and even Alexis have businesses. You are probably right about the Wines by Wives; if she does not speak to Vicki, how can they have success. I don’t see any advertising for it anymore.

  29. Another RHO_ Fan says:

    Why does Tamra think it’s her place to announce to the world Alexis was fired? Isn’t this just another example of Tamra’s bullying? Just sayin’

  30. Saboricua says:

    Tamra needs to mind her own damn business. I’m sick of this bitch always sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Whatever happened to NO COMMENT. STFU already.

  31. inthezone says:

    Don’t listen to Tamra! It’s already been reported that Bravo were “in talks” with all of the women, including Alexis. Why would they negotiate with someone who was being fired? Tamra’s full of crap.

  32. OC Lisa says:

    All I can say is thank you jesus!

  33. Rosalie Marie, says:

    Tamra says Alexis isn’t honest? Wow! Coming from a woman along with Gretchen who are seen on video laughing about throwing each other under the bus and decieving viewers with their made up fighting storylines.

    Bravo really needs to fire Tamra and Gretchen.

    After watching that video, I’m no sucker viewer. Will Never Watch RHOC until the two hillbilly tramps are gone.

    • SandraDee says:

      Wow I have not heard of that video do you have a website that you can post? I can’t stand “trampra” hehe I love that one and the “other” nasty grechit well its all such a kids high school type thing now. I was actually starting to like Alexis the past 2 seasons. Yes she can be somewhat over the top about bragging, but, ya know what I’ve heard grechit do it, also trampra for sure doing it so why suddenly has Alexis become someone that these two, no life bitches, (also they are both two faced) can condemn? I was raised don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house. Can’t wait for a stone to hit both their houses and soooooon. Sorry for getting off subject but ugh the way the shows, allllllll the shows are changing is just repugnent to me. I already don’t watch 2 shows, is it now going to be 3? Anyway, back to the original question, please please please, if you know where I can view that video about them secretly trying to bully I’d loveeeeeeee to see that. Specifically cause I think things like that are truly what should be reported. Setups can hurt not just that person but that persons children and lively hood. I hate already its cost one person their life and seriously I don’t want it to happen again, no matter who that person is.

  34. ajaii says:

    Tamra have several seats you old , jealous , EVIL , Fake , Whore !

    Get off Lex already! Whether she was fired or quit , I’m happy Lex is gone , she’s Above all these chicks , let them turn on each other.

  35. stephanie says:

    Alexis was an IDIOT!! You keep rocking it Tamra

  36. Belle557 says:

    Tamra is just nasty and can never hold back the urge to get some digs in. So what if Alexis says she quit and actually got fired – why does Tamra feel the need to tell everyone otherwise? It’s just unnatural how much that woman always wants to bring other women down and make others look bad. That’s why I can’t stand her.

  37. Sofia says:

    All I have to say about this is, just wait and see…
    Now that Alexis will not be on the show next season, Tamra will need to find someone else to be nasty to…………And SHE WILL!!
    And then it will become clear that it wasn’t about Alexis and how phony she is that was making Tamra angry….It just she needs someone to be angry and nasty to ALL THE TIME!!

  38. inthezone says:

    Dear Roxy ~ Next time you give Tamra a platform to say things like Alexis was fired, would you please do us all a solid and have her prove it first? I’m so tired of Tamra spewing out her venom willy-nilly and getting away with it. Why is she never challenged on the facts? Frustrating….

  39. fefe says:

    Alexis was an easy target..air head to the second power. Tamara hated her cus she’s gorgeous.

    Tamara is a two-faced, lieing ass, hypocrite. With her botoxed up face..act you’re age bitch and stop trying to compete with Gretchen. Vicki is an old hag thats hard to look at. She is way out of her league with these ladies and she knows it. The only reason why she is sitll on the show is because she knows how to bring drama.

  40. fefe says:

    AS far as the brunette is concerned, she sold out her career as an actress to Marry the Plastic Surgeon and live the good life…smart move baby cus you’re no Meryl Streep thats for sure.

  41. CaraMia says:

    I call BS on Tamra. After all, Peggy claims she left and wasnt fired. Tamra stood behind her. Now Alexis says she left and suddenly “Who leaves a successful TV show?”. Someone who is being called Jesus Jugs. Thats who. No self respecting Christian would stand for that. And dont go commenting about Alexis not being self respecting because she has never deserved the crap thrown at her.

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