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Tamra Judge Appears With Son’s Ex to Give Update on Granddaughter’s Health!

Despite Tamra’s son Ryan and his ex-fiancée having a public social media battle, Tamra and Sarah still seem to be on good terms! The ladies appeared on the TV show The Doctors to give an update on granddaughter Ava Ryan’s health which has been in the news lately due to Ava having only functioning kidney. […]

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Tamra Judge Siding With Friend Heather McDonald In Heather/Chelsea Handler Feud!

If you’ve been following celebrity news the past few weeks, you’ve most likely seen the feud between Heather McDonald and Chelsea Handler. It started with Heather saying that she lived in fear of her former employer and that Chelsea just threw relationships away. Chelsea responded by saying that Heather should have lived in fear as […]

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Drama Continues for Tamra Judge! Still Feuding With Vicki Gunvalson As Family Drama Happens!

We’re still in the first month of the new year and Tamra Judge can’t seem to catch a break! We reported that her ex Simon Barney’s fiancée has been bad mouthing her to the press and more recently her son’s Ryan and his ex fiancée Sarah Rodriguez were involved in some drama. Sarah Rodriguez was […]

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Andy Cohen Hints About RHOC Season Eleven Filming Plus Which Housewives Will Be Returning!!

The ladies of the OC may be back on our TV screens sooner than we think! Recently Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson gushed about wanting to see Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper when they come to the OC in March. Andy, of course, was happy for the ladies to be so excited to see him […]

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Mama Drama! Tamra Judge and Ex Husband Simon Barney’s Fiancée In A War of Words!

We recently reported that Tamra’s ex-husband Simon was engaged to a younger woman and that we hoped that the ladies got along! After all, Tamra has moved on and we hoped that they would do what was best for the children. Well – it looks like that isn’t the case and the two ladies are […]

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Is Tamra Judge’s Ex Simon Barney Engaged to a Much Younger Woman??

It looks like Tamra wasn’t the only one with an eye for someone younger in the Tamra/Simon split! Simon Barney is reportedly engaged to his much younger girlfriend Catushia Ienni! Tamra has since long moved on to her love Eddie Judge; however it’s her ex Simon that’s making headlines for putting a ring on his […]

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Tamra Judge’s Daughter Skips Celebrating Christmas With Her!

It looks like it wasn’t the Merriest Christmas for Tamra Judge! Tamra’s issues with her daughter Sidney have been well documented on social media (thanks Simon!) as well as the latest OC reunion. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like things were resolved in time for Christmas as Tamra posted the following photo on Instagram with Sidney’s […]

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RHOC Season 11 Update; Which Direction Will Filming Go?

The dust has settled on The Real Housewives of Orange County season 10, and already Bravo is focused on which way to go for season 11! There are so many different directions the next season could go on, so what is production going to do? According to Mr. Real Housewife, “Production is definitely interested in […]

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The Real Housewives of Orange County Ladies Keeping Quiet? Bravo Execs Forced To Step In Following Brooks Ayers Backlash

You know the drama is all too real when Bravo steps in and puts a stop to it! The Real Housewives of Orange County cast has been banned from speaking publically about other cast members, following backlash from the Brooks Ayers cancer situation. Radaronline reports that all of cast members are on a “media lockdown,” […]

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Meghan King Edmonds Gets Too Close For Comfort With The Gunvalson Crew; Plus Who Should Join The Real Housewives of Orange County?

It’s been a nice break from the media for Meghan King Edmonds, at least for the viewers! After her crazy behavior (which ultimately uncovered a huge lie) we haven’t heard much from Meghan; but she’s back! Meghan tweeted Sunday night asking viewers who they think she met this weekend. “@Meghan King Edmonds: You guys today […]

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