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Tamra And Eddie Judge Say There Was No Double Standard; They Also Apologized To The Dubrows

Over the past two weeks we have seen the clip where David yells “spread the legs!” at Heather many times.  What can also be seen on the clip is Eddie Judge taunting, “Show us how you ride Terry!”.  Interestingly enough, on the show Terry and Heather make a big deal about wanting an apology from […]

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Alexis Bellino Calls Out Tamra Judge; Claims Her Apology Was Only For Attention!

Where was this sassy Alexis when she was on RHOC?!  After being “ganged up” on at dinner in Bali, Tamra felt resentful for the way she treated her ex-castmate Alexis Bellino in Costa Rica.  Tamra took to her blog to apologize stating, I want to publicly apologize to Alexis for being any part of that night. […]

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Eddie Judge Wishes Tamra Would Stop The Botox!

It is pretty clear that Tamra has had a bit of work done on her face, even Andy pointed it out on her Watch What Happens Live! appearance!  Obviously it is Tamra’s body and if this makes her confident and happy more power to her, but someone who is apparently not feeling too happy about […]

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Lizzie Rovsek Says Tamra Judge Has It Out For Her!

It looks like there will never be a friendship between Lizzie and Tamra.  Despite all of the drama the two currently have going on, their relationship on RHOC is not much better.  Following this week’s episode, Lizzie wrote her in Bravo blog that she believes Tamra is two-faced and has it out for her! I […]

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Tamra Judge Reactivates Her Facebook And Continues To Bash Lizzie Rovsek

As we previously reported, Tamra Judge deleted her Facebook on July 31 amid rumors that she had been fired from The Real Housewives of Orange County. After flying to Mexico with her husband Eddie, Tamra has returned to the OC and reactivated her Facebook page. She also posted a late Bravo TV blog in which […]

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Lizzie Rovsek Says She Has Never Met A Person Quite Like Tamra Judge!

And the drama between Lizzie and Tamra continues!  Last week Lizzie became extremely angry after Tamra “accidentally” posted her phone number on Twitter, which resulted in Tamra saying Lizzie was only trying to do “damage control” before RHOC aired since it made her look bad.  After posting her blog, Lizzie began to receive a bit […]

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Lizzie Rovesk Says She Has Started To See The Light When It Comes To Tamra Judge!

After an explosive episode this week, Lizzie has taken to her blog to give her side of the story and straighten out some of Tamra’s lies! We have finally made it to Bali. So much to discuss, let’s jump right in! First let me say how crazy it was for me to go back and […]

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Tamra Judge Claims Rumors Of Her Being Fired Are Untrue; Thanks Everyone For Keeping Her Relevant!

After it was reported that Tamra fled to Mexico after having been fired from the Real Housewives of Orange County following her posting castmate Lizzie Rovesk’s phone number on Twitter, Tamra was pretty quiet.  Until now.  From her beautiful vacation spot in Mexico, Tamra took the time to send out two Instagram photos telling viewers […]

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Tamra Barney SLAMS Bravo TV Producers, Vicki Gunvalson In Facebook Rant

Tamra Barney isn’t too happy with how she was portrayed in Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. After missing Lizzie Rovsek’s birthday party, Vicki took the opportunity to warn Lizzie about Tamra and told her how Tamra tried to cause a rift between Brooks and Briana last year. All of the […]

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