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The Drama Between Tamra Judge And Lizzie Rovesk Heats Up During RHOC Reunion!

This season has been a rough one for Tamra.  She has fought with basically everyone, been caught in numerous lies, is in the middle of major custody drama with Simon, and was just told her son plans on marrying a woman he’s known for 3 months from Instagram.  As if that wasn’t enough to discuss on […]

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Is Tamra Barney Blaming Production For Her Behavior This Season?!

Tamra Barney not taking any responsibility for her actions — I mean is anyone really surprised? When Tamra was told on Twitter that she was coming off not so great this season, she had the following to say about it It looks to me like Tamra is trying to blame production. Sorry, but Tamra comes […]

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Tamra Barney SLAMS Bethenny Frankel; Tells Her To Go Eat!

A Real Housewives feud is brewing between Tamra Barney and Bethenny Frankel! Bethenny posted a photo on her Instagram last week of her wearing her daughter Bryn’s Hello Kitty pajamas. The photo led to a huge backlash from viewers who called her a bad role model and claimed the photo was inappropriate. Now Tamra is […]

Fans Fire Back At Tamra Barney After She Posts A Quote About The “Truth!”

If you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County, then you know Tamra Barney and the truth do not belong in the same sentence. After Tamra was done filming the season 9 reunion, she took to her Instagram to post the following Fans immediately fired back at Tamra with the following comments Tamra is truly […]

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Vicki Gunvalson Says Tamra Barney Is Lying – She DID Say Terry Dubrow Wanted To “Take Down The Beadors”

This season has certainly brought out a different side of Vicki Gunvalson!  Just last season she was screaming at Lauri on a ski slope about multiple partners and now she isn’t even looking to get involved in any of the drama.  However just because she is – for the most part – staying out of […]

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“Bring It B*tch” The RHOC Season 9 Reunion Is Being Filmed Today!

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Reunion is being filmed today, and it looks like the ladies will be brining the D-R-A-M-A! Recently on Twitter, Tamra Barney revealed she isn’t afraid of being “exposed” and Vicki Gunvalson told Andy Cohen “it’s go time!” Check out the tweets below! Any reunion predictions? Do you […]

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Gretchen Rossi Says Tamra Barney Only Misses Alexis Bellino Because She Can Manipulate Alexis!

Oh saaaaanap! After Tamra Barney appeared on Watch What Happens Live Monday night and pretended she didn’t know who Gretchen was, but stated she missed Alexis — Gretchen is firing back! Gretchen revealed the REAL reason Tamra misses Alexis. Read what Gretchen had to say below Do you agree with Gretchen? Do you think they should bring […]

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VIDEO: Tamra Judge Claims She Is Making RHOC Worth Watching; Calls Vicki Gunvalson An Ass-Kisser!

This season viewers have watched Tamra stir up the drama on camera, and off camera defend her actions by saying she is just doing her job.  Monday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live!  was no different when a viewer called in asking why Tamra was such a trouble-maker, with her response being, “Am I a […]

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Tamra Barney Is Going To Be A Grandma!

As we reported yesterday, Tamra Barney posted a photo of a sonogram to her Facebook and Instagram, insinuating that either she or someone in her family was preggo! Turns out the sonogram belongs to Tamra’s oldest son, Ryan Vieth, and his fiancee Sarah Rodriguez. The two got engaged back in April. Tamra took to her […]

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RHOC Reunion To Film Next Week! Tamra Barney Is Getting Ready!

It’s almost time for the season 9 RHOC Reunion! And how does a housewife prepare? She gets her hair done of course! Tamra recently posted the following photo on her Facebook account, of her getting her hair did before the big day! Check it out below I am sooo excited for this reunion is particular […]

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