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Guess Which Real Housewife Is a Total Nightmare Behind the Scenes

Every Housewife wants to be the star and vies for that coveted center spot in the opening credits of each episode. You know the one. It’s the moment the Housewives come together for a final group shot as they hold their city’s designated icon, after they’ve read their tag-lines. Turns out shooting that one scene is when the real claws […]

Tamra Judge Insinuates That Shannon Beador May Have Set Kelly Dodd Up At Her 70s Party!

The 70’s were a crazy decade, so it’s no surprise that Shannon Beador’s 70’s bash was just as wild and crazy as the decade itself. In typical OC fashion, the Real Housewives of Orange County boogied their way into plenty of over-the-top drama leading to one of the most epic fights ever. In her Bravo […]

How Does Tamra Judge Deal With The Haters Of Her New Physique?!

Tamra Judge participated in a fitness competition this past May, and while we don’t know exactly what she won (we’ll find out at the end of RHOC season 11), she was pictured with a trophy; confirming all of her hard work paid off! It turns out that not everyone can appreciate Tamra’s new muscular appearance, […]

Tamra Judge Is “Surprised Somebody Wasn’t Arrested” During Chaotic RHOC Fight!

On Monday night’s RHOC Shannon Beador threw a 1970’s-themed party that turned into an epic blowout; it was one of the worst verbal fights in housewives history. Not only was Shannon Beador head to head with Kelly and Michael Dodd, but her husband David was screaming and cursing at Vicki Gunvalson; yes men and women […]

Heather Dubrow Says Kelly Dodd’s Comments To Shannon Beador Hit “Below The Belt!”

Shannon Beador’s 70s party was DYN-A-MITE but not in a good way.The party was full of groovy moments but took an unexpected dramatic turn after several arguments broke out between Shannon, Vicki Gunvalson, David Beador, and Kelly Dodd. Heather Dubrow shared her thoughts on the madness that went down and how it sets the tone for […]

Is Tamra Judge Done With Plastic Surgery For Good??

Tamra Judge is open and honest about her fear of aging. The mom of four (and grandmother of one) is obsessed with fitness and vowed her hot (and younger) husband Eddie is part of that motivation. So is the image obsessed OC housewife planning on going under the knife again? Tamra spoke with Bravo revealing […]

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Kelly Meza-Dodd “Feels Privileged” To Have Vicki Gunvalson As Her “Good Friend!”

Kelly Meza-Dodd hasn’t been an instant RHOC fan favorite due to her rocky past, inappropriate sense of humor, and friendship with Vicki Gunvalson. She doesn’t care what the other ladies say about Vicki, she is making her own judgments and following the way she feels. In turn, these ladies have become fast close friends and […]

Tamra Judge Reveals Where She Finds the Motivation to Stay So Fit!

I think it’s safe to say that Tamra Judge is the fittest grandma on the block! The OC housewife, who is married to a younger man and is a mother of four, recently decided to get into the best shape of her life. So where does she find the motivation to maintain that shape? Speaking […]

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Meghan King Edmonds Dishes on Her Husband Jimmy’s Dis-Interest In The IVF Process, But Insists He Wants To Have A Baby!

Meghan King Edmonds has given up on her RHOC season 10 detective work and is currently in full on mommy-mode! While we know that she’s currently pregnant, months ago when season 11 was filming it was her mission to conceive with IVF. I was happy to see the women encouraging her while she giving herself […]

Heather Dubrow Has Advice for Her RHOC Co-Stars — Who Should ‘Make Amends’ and Who Should ‘Let It Go’

Mrs. Fancy Pants Dubrow loves giving out advice, hell her Season 11 tagline is, “If at first, you don’t succeed, try it my way.” So it’s no wonder the Real Housewives of Orange County star continues to dole out unsolicited advice to her co-stars. While Heather claims she doesn’t “know it all” and is “not […]

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