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Lilly Ghalichi Says The Only Shahs Castmates That Are Invited To Her Wedding Are The One’s That Like Her!

If you thought Lilly’s Ghalichi’s prom themed birthday part was over the top, then you should probably buckle up for her wedding! Speaking to RumorFix, The Shahs of Sunset star revealed that is is planning to have TWO weddings. One will take place in India to celebrate her fiance Dhar Mann’s family, and the other [...]

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Shahs Of Sunset Star Reza Farahan Is Engaged To Boyfriend Adam Neely!

Shahs of Sunset star, Reza Farahan and Adam Neely are ENGAGED! Reza popped the question to Adam with a gorgeous Cartier ring, while surrounded by his cast mates/friends. Reza spoke with the Dish and revealed all the deets! Check it OUT “I finally met the love of my life.” Before revealing his decision to settle [...]

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Shahs Of Sunset’s Golnesa “GG” Reveals She DID Hook-Up With Vanderpump Rules’ Jax Taylor!

Shahs of Sunset star, GG “Golnesa” dropped a major bombshell on WWHL when she revealed to Andy Cohen that she has in fact hooked-up with Vanderpump Rules star, Jax Taylor. Not only did GG kiss and tell, but she later even sent a VERY telling Instagram post to Jax as well. Check it OUT It [...]

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Shahs Of Sunset’s Reza Farahan Shaves Off His Mustache!

Shahs of Sunset’s, Reza Farahan, has decided to shave off his mustache…AGAIN! The bravolebrity recently took to his Twitter account to share the photo with fans, and boy does he look different! Check it out! “@RezaFarahan: RIP MY MUSTACHE #shahs” I actually think Reza looks better without his mustache. I think he looks handsome. What [...]

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Lilly Ghalichi Explains She Is Disappointed In All Of The Shahs; Says They’re Fake And Doesn’t Want To Hangout With Them!

Lilly Ghalichi still isn’t happy with her Shahs cast mates not sticking up for her, so she took to her blog to explain her disappointment for them, as well as call out their fakeness. Check out what Lilly had to say about all the drama! I didn’t blog last week because I don’t really have [...]

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GG Golnesa Shares One Of Her Cast Mates Was Secretly Recorded So Their True Colors Could Be Exposed!

GG is definitely someone who shows her true colors no matter what, but it seems there is another cast member who does the same thing, only us viewers don’t know about it! GG stopped by RHOBH Brandi Glanville’s podcast show, to talk about her Shahs cast and season, and she also revealed that their is [...]

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Mercedes Javid Explains, Spilling The Beans To GG Golnesa’s Boyfriend Backfired; But Says He Deserved It!

Tuesday night’s episode showed MJ being less than a great friend to GG when she revealed to GG’s boyfriend, that GG cheated on him at Lilly’s Prom birthday! GG was trying her best to stay calm with MJ, but was escorted by her sister at Mike’s family’s party, because GG was literally about to hit [...]

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Lilly Ghalichi Says Mercedes Javid Is Intimidated By Her; And Says She Doesn’t Need Fake Friends!

Last night’s Shahs of Sunset ended with Lilly Ghalichi leaving an explosive dinner with the Shahs after fighting with cast mate MJ, and she explains in her Bravo blog exactly why she is so upset, and thinks she makes MJ feel insecure about herself. Check out what Lilly had to say I am so glad [...]

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VIDEO & PHOTOS: Shahs Of Sunset Season 3 Cast Bios & Trailer!

The Shahs of Sunset are also returning to Bravo this fall! The new season premieres on Tuesday, November 5, and features all six cast members for another crazy ride! Check out the cast photos and bios below, plus the season trailer which looks like another amazing season. In Season 3, Reza is faced with turning [...]

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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Mercedes Javid Blasts “Opportunistic, Fake” Lilly Ghalichi, Reveals She Is On The Mend With Reza, And Describes Season 3!

Mercedes Javid had a tough season two of Shahs of Sunset when her best friend of many years, Reza, called her out on many things including her alleged pill and alcohol problem and what he perceived was her lack of dedication to her career. AllAboutTRH caught up with the real estate agent and reality star [...]

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