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Teresa Giudice Says Her Cousins Rosie and Kathy Are All “About Money And Fame!”

We’ve witnessed Teresa Giudice’s relationship with her cousins Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri go from bad, to worse, to non-existent on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. The family drama has left a mark on Teresa, who told The Daily Dish that she doesn’t see the trio reconciling anytime soon. “It’s hard because it’s sad […]

What Does Teresa Giudice Think Of Teenage Daughter Gia’s Boyfriend?!

Gia Giudice is the gorgeous, oldest daughter of Teresa and Joe Giudice. Not only does Gia have beauty and brains, but she’s wise behind her years, athletic, and very responsible; which begs the question, why are haters out there lying about her and her boyfriend’s relationship? Last week rumors were flying that Gia had a […]

RHONJ Recap: Nama’stay Away From Me

Tonight’s Real Housewives of New Jersey was a doozy that was full of many ups and downs. Teresa Giudice struggled to adjust to life as a single mom, while Melissa Gorga planned out her first ever fashion show. Meanwhile, Dolores Catania showed off her home renovations during a reveal party, and Jacqueline Laurita further alienated […]

AATRH EXCLUSIVE: PHOTO & Details On Teresa Giudice & Danielle Staub’s Reunion!

RHONJ has been making major headlines lately, more specifically the reunion of Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub! The RHONJ OG’s put the past behind them and got their zen on last Wednesday morning at JZT Dance and Yoga in Weehawken, New Jersey! AATRH recently spoke with several insiders who saw Teresa and Danielle at JZT, […]

Is Jacqueline Laurita’s RHONJ Army Falling Apart As Season 8 Becomes A Priority At Bravo?!

  We told you months ago while RHONJ season 7 was filming that Jacqueline Laurita stepped back onto Bravo with her girls Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania; hoping their support and loyalty would come in handy while she battled former BFF Teresa Giudice. Now we are one episode away from the finale, and Siggy is very […]

The B Vs. The T: Bethenny Frankel Shades The RHONJ Cast!

About 90% of The Real Housewives from every franchise admit that they watch other cities, and almost always have an opinion on what’s going on from season to season. Not only that, but the wives are typically friends with stars from other cities, and spend time together either at Bravo events, or just in their […]

Melissa Gorga’s Sister And Her Hubby Make Up Following His Sexting Scandal!

It looks like it’s Love Italian Style for Melissa Gorga’s sister Kim Pirrella and her hubby Joe. The couple seems to be back on track after dealing with a shocking sexting scandal between Joe and still unidentified woman. Kim, who’s Instagram account went private following Joe’s sexting scandal was made public, posted a lovey-dovey picture […]

Jacqueline Laurita Calls Melissa Gorga “A Two-Faced, Trouble Making RAT!”

Jacqueline Laurita took to her Bravo blog, to share her thoughts on co-star Melissa Gorga instead of discussing last week’s episode. In her blog, Jacqueline called out Melissa, labeling her everything from a rat to a gossip girl; claiming that she’s finally figured out her friend turned enemy. “Melissa Gorga is a two-faced, trouble-making RAT! […]

Danielle Staub Reveals The TRUTH About Reuniting With Teresa Giudice

Forgive and forget is the theme behind Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub’s recent reconciliation. The two former Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars have recently, and surprisingly reunited and are on the path to rebuilding their relationship. The two met up and reconnected during a yoga class, which Teresa documented on Instagram; revealing that she […]

Are Bravo Fans Ready For The Wakile’s To Leave RHONJ Forever?!

Kathy Wakile made her way onto the RHONJ scene by scheming and attempting to take down her estranged cousin Teresa Giudice. She’s stayed (somewhat) relevant for the same reasons, and it’s clear that Kathy’s sister Rosie Pierri is the only reason she even appeared on season 7; but in the words of Melissa Gorga, “Things […]

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