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More Hints That Caroline Manzo May Be Returning To RHONJ!

Ever since the RHONJ finished airing this season rumors have been swirling about season 7 and many of those rumors lean toward Caroline Manzo returning to her roots. Many blogs are reporting that Caroline’s return is already a done deal. It seems that Bravo has offered her a ton of money to return because they […]

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What Do You Think About Dina and Lexi Manzo Possibly Getting Mother-Daughter Nose Jobs?

When the Real Housewives of New Jersey Secrets Revealed Part 2 aired we saw that Dina and Lexi Manzo were unhappy with their noses and were looking to fix that with surgery. Dina has fought plastic surgery rumors before in Season 1 of RHONJ when Danielle Staub claimed she got Botox and lip injections but […]

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Gia Giudice’s Girl Group Ask’s For Money To Film Music Video; Gia Also Opens Up On How She Feels Regarding Her Parents Sentencing!

It was recently revealed that Teresa Giudices’ daughter Gia Giudice had joined a girls group named, 3KT, which she formed with friends Alexa Maetta and Christianna Cardinale. Gia released the girls first ever video and got some backlash for it for some racy outfits. Gia is now responding to the backlash saying she doesn’t think […]

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Is Teresa Giudice Hoping To Start Her Prison Sentence Early?

Teresa Giudice is set to begin her 15-month prison sentence on January 5th, 2015 but it seems that if Teresa gets her way she will report to prison early. Currently, the RHONJ star is spending every minute with her family and close friends. Teresa’s main focus is making the most of her time and spending it […]

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Is Jacqueline Laurita Trying To Reconnect With Teresa Giudice Yet Again?

It seems like Jacqueline Laurita might be attempting to try and reconnect with Teresa Giudice one more time before Teresa heads off to serve her 15-month prison sentence. Yesterday, Jacqueline was a few days early for #TBT and posted a video on Instagram of her and Gia Giudice. In the video, which appears to be […]

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Jacqueline Laurita Takes A Dig At Danielle Staub On Instagram!

It’s been a good four years since Jacqueline Laurita and Danielle Staub appeared together on RHONJ but Jacqueline can’t help but take digs at her former reality TV co-star. If we go back to Season 1 of RHONJ we all remember “the book”. “The Book” aka A Cop Without A Badge was written by Danielle […]

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Is Caroline Manzo Returning To RHONJ?

It seems like this time next year we could be having double the amount of Caroline Manzo on our televisions. The former RHONJ star and current Manzo’d With Children star is rumored to be returning to both Bravo shows. RadarOnline has sources saying Bravo is very interested in having Caroline come back to RHONJ to […]

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Who Makes Up Your Dream Cast For Season 7 Of RHONJ?

The fate of RHONJ is up in the air right now. Is the show being canceled altogether? Is Caroline Manzo returning? Which Housewives are coming back and which aren’t. Basically it’s a big game of who’s in and who’s out. Bravo has a few months to figure things out before they will need to start […]

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Should Real Housewives Of New Jersey Be Cancelled?

Teresa Giudice is going off to prison for 15 months, Dina Manzo has no interest in returning, and Jacqueline Laurita is happy being a part-time housewife. Without these three ladies there are no remaining original RHONJ left. There’s no doubt that RHONJ will never be the same without any of its original cast especially Teresa […]

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Let’s Discuss: Where Would YOU Want a New Housewives Franchise?

We’ve had The Real Housewives in Orange County, New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, D.C., and Miami…. D.C. and Miami are no longer in production, and with the fate of New Jersey uncertain, it got me thinking about a topic that would be perfect for a Let’s Discuss piece! Where Would YOU want […]

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