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Jim And Amber Marchese Continue To Go After Teresa Giudice; Why Is The Bitter Couple Obsessed With Their Former Co-Star?!?

The Mar-Crazies, have moved on to greener pastures in the world of reality TV but still can’t seem to leave their former co-star Teresa Giudice alone. Jim and Amber are obsessed with Teresa and RHONJ only proving how bitter they are about not being asked back to the hit show. In a new interview, Jim […]

Teresa Giudice Calls Out Jacqueline Laurita For Her “Vicious” Behavior & Thanks Melissa Gorga For Defending Her In The Argument!

Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita have been through many up’s and down’s on camera, and both women agreed early on in RHONJ season 7 to rebuild their friendship once and for all! Clearly that didn’t work out as they planned, and Teresa has stated multiple times that she wanted to keep the negativity out of her life; […]

Ashlee Holmes Releases An Almost Unrecognizable Photoshopped Pregnancy Photo!

It’s no secret that Ashlee Holmes loves plastic surgery. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has been cut, plumped and injected almost as much as her plastic surgery-addicted mother. Once Ashlee became pregnant with her first child, many assumed she would put her image obsession behind her, but it seems like Ashlee is more […]

Melissa Gorga Says Something Is VERY Wrong With Jacqueline Laurita; Claims She’s Out Of Line And Full Of Animosity!

With one phone call, Jacqueline Laurita started some major Jersey-sized drama and possibly permanently damaged her friendship with Melissa Gorga. On Sunday’s episode of RHONJ Melissa took Jacqueline to task for dragging her and Joe into the drama causing Jacqueline to spin out of control; leaving Melissa shocked and confused. Now Melissa is reflecting on […]

Former ‘RHOC’ Star Jeana Keough Rips Her Ex Co-Stars; Claims She Inspired The Housewives Franchise And Teresa Giudice’s Table Flip!

Once upon a time, Jeana Keough was the star of the Real Housewives of Orange County, and now the former Housewife is looking back at her time on the show and revealing the shocking reason she left reality TV behind. During a recent episode of Oprah’s Where Are They Now? Jeana dropped a more than […]

Dolores Catania Is Spilling Secrets….On Her Butt Surgery??

Dolores Catania is one of the new girls on the NJ block. So far we’ve seen her attempt to be financially independent and have got to meet her cute family; however other than that we don’t know too much about her. So what is one of the brunette beauty’s secrets that she’s hiding (well at […]

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RHONJ Recap: Swimming With The Gefilte Fishes!

Tonight’s all new Real Housewives of New Jersey picks up with the fallout of Jacqueline and Teresa’s crazy blowout last week. During this evening’s episode, more than one friendship is tested….and it’s every Housewife for themselves. Again tonight’s episode of RHONJ had some juicy parts but as a whole, it was another week of fluff. […]

RHONJ Preview: Melissa Gorga Takes Jacqueline Laurita to Task for Calling Her Husband

With one phone call, Jacqueline Laurita started some major Jersey-sized drama with not only one but two of her Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars. While mid-fight with Teresa Giudice, Jacqueline picked up the phone and dragged Teresa’s brother Joe Gorga into the drama, making his wife, and Jacqueline’s friend and co-star, Melissa Gorga not […]

Teresa Giudice, Siggy Flicker, & Dolores Catania Have Girls’ Night After This Week’s Dramatic RHONJ!

This week’s RHONJ was the most dramatic of the season so far, and from here on out we can expect Jacqueline Laurita to be constantly fighting with her co-stars; with the exception of a few episodes! Teresa Giudice has made it clear that she wants to keep negative people out of her life, while newbies Siggy […]

Melissa Gorga Reveals That This Week’s Episode Gave Her “Clarity” On The First Season 7 RHONJ Feud!

While Melissa Gorga wasn’t directly involved in Teresa VS Jacqueline round 1 on Sunday night’s RHONJ, her husband managed to be a major source of conflict between the two. Both Teresa and Jacqueline claim that Joe warned them not to trust each other, and rather than forget about it and move on like Teresa wanted […]

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