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Why Is Lisa Hochstein Planning To Sue Joanna Krupa?

AllAboutTRH was told exclusively after the Real Housewives of Miami season three reunion taping that things had gotten so heated, that Lisa even threatened and planned to take legal action against Joanna for defamation! We were asked not to reveal the actual reasons why and we respected the source’s wishes, but now that Life & […]

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PHOTOS: The Real Housewives Of Miami Season 3 Reunion!

The Real Housewives of Miami filmed their season three reunion recently and it looks like things got heated between former BFF’s Lisa and Joanna by the photos we have here! All five ladies seem to have had intense moments except Alexia. Marysol also joined the group and it looks like she and Lea also went […]

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RHOM Recap: Lisa’s Peacemaking Works, But Not Without Getting Her Into Trouble First!

On this week’s Real Housewives of Miami, Joanna was preparing for her upcoming wedding day. Since her sister lives in Pennsylvania and Romain is always working, she is freaking out because of all the last minute stress. Where are her bridesmaids? Oh yeah, Lisa goes to gossip with Alexia and Adriana. Lisa discusses the Texas […]

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Lea Black Glad To Have Shown On RHOM That She’s Not A Gold Digger!

Lea Black took a trip back to her hometown in Texas during this week’s Real Housewives of Miami. Along for the ride were Lisa Hochstein and Lea’s son RJ. We saw how Lea is clearly the “black sheep” of her family and had bigger dreams than her small town, but in her Bravo blog she […]

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Joanna Krupa Praises Strippers, Talks “Brutal” RHOM Season 3 Reunion!

Joanna Krupa was paid (we assume, a pretty good appearance fee) to hang out with strippers this weekend. Sounds like an easy enough job! The Real Housewives of Miami star and supermodel appeared at Crazy Horse’s in Las Vegas this weekend, where she posed for photos with strippers and talked RHOM’s season three reunion which […]

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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Is Lisa Hochstein Suing Joanna Krupa?

Well, the end of Real Housewives of Miami is near and yesterday the ladies reunited in New York City to film their season three reunion. All five Housewives attended plus Marysol Patton, but it was between Joanna Krupa and Lisa Hochstein where the drama went down! Sources present at the filming tell AllAboutTRH that accusations […]

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Adriana De Moura Responds to Lisa Hochstein’s Insulting Comments Regarding The Service At Her Wedding!

When viewers finally got to see Adriana get married, one word that came to mind while watching it was “CHAOS!” But then again, I guess what wedding isn’t? Also, fellow cast member and bridesmaid Lisa Hochstein, was sure to let us all know that besides being absolutely late, the guests were absolutely starving! See what […]

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Is Lisa Hochstein’s Skin Care Line A Total Scam?

About a week or two ago, RHOM star Lisa Hochstein announced her new skin care line “Skinfinity.” Le Sigh. ANOTHER Housewife product. Lol Anyways, a mutual friend of all the Miami housewives, Daisy Olivera, had some choice words for Lisa and her new business venture, and of course it all went down on Twitter! Check […]

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Joanna Krupa Slams Adriana De Moura’s Wedding; Says She Was Happy She Wasn’t Invited!

Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa had a lot of negative things to say about Adriana De Moura’s wedding. In fact, Joanna took to her blog to explain that she wasn’t invited to Adriana’s wedding adding that she was so happy and throwing many digs in about the waiting and attire! “Well this episode […]

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VIDEO: Lea Black Reacts To Adriana’s Wedding Ceremony! Is She Genuine Or Sarcastic?

On this week’s Real Housewives of Miami, Lea Black was barely on. That’s because the episode revolved around her former-BFF Adriana’s wedding/vow renewal/religious ceremony/whatever and Lea was NOT invited! However, we still get to see her reaction to the event, and I am sensing some extreme sarcasm. The two ladies have been feuding this season […]

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