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PHOTOS: Joanna Krupa Goes Topless For Photoshoot!

Before Joanna Krupa was a ‘Real Housewife,’ she was a super model who is very, very comfortable with her body. In fact, Joanna was spotted getting topless for a photo shoot for her new calendar in California’s Mojave Desert this past weekend. Joanna was spotted wearing bikini bottoms and just a necklace. Joanna also shared [...]

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Adriana De Moura Talks Wedding Day! Says She Was Drained And Weak Before The Big Moment

Real Housewives of Miami star Adriana De Moura had everyone talking about her wedding when she had her guests and even groom waiting at the alter. Adriana took to her blog to explain that she was drained and weak before walking down the isle and her thoughts on seeing both Fredric and Alex waiting for [...]

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RHOM Recap: It’s Adriana’s Magical Day, But The Darkness Still Looms Over Miami!

It’s finally happening! Five years later, but still. Adriana will be walking down the aisle and marrying Frederic in a church. Remember, they’re already legally married as of 2008. Not invited of course, are Lea and Joanna. Alexia, Lisa, and Marysol are bridesmaids. Let’s begin… Real Housewives of Miami kicks off with soon-to-be bride Adriana [...]

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SNEAK PEEK: Lisa Hochstein Feels “Like A Widow” After Lenny Ditches Her At Adriana’s Wedding!

Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein has expressed that she’s always alone at events because Lenny works such long hours as a plastic surgeon, but the Housewife was particularly ticked when Lenny ditched her at Adriana’s wedding! In this sneak peek, Lenny complains that he’s tired, but to be honest, I don’t blame him [...]

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Lisa Hochstein Does Not Think She’s “Butting” Into Drama, Says Ana Is Condescending!

The ladies got into it this week on Real Housewives of Miami and for once it was not Joanna and Adriana. Marysol was upset and claimed Lea did not reach out to Mama Elsa during her recovery from her stroke, and confronted her about it. Lisa Hochstein expressed her opinion and sided with Lea on [...]

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Adriana De Moura Explains Her Evite Invitations For Her Wedding!

Many watching Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Miami questioned why Adriana De Moura decided to invite her guests to her wedding through Evite and Adriana took to her blog to explain why she opted with going through Evite

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Lea Black Says She Did RHOM As A Favor To Another Cast Mate!

Real Housewives of Miami star Lea Black has been on the show for three seasons, but it was hard to get her to sign up for the show, as she now admits! Lea speaks to Celebuzz and admits that she referred about 10 names to RHOM producers but she did not want to be on [...]

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RHOM Recap: Marysol Accuses Lea Of Not Reaching Out To Mama Elsa!

This week’s Real Housewives of Miami continues to be a rehash of the same old sh*t. We begin with Joanna emasculating her soon-to-be husband on national TV. She continues to complain that he’s such a girl and won’t have enough sex with her. While drunk with Lisa, Lisa plays sex therapist to the couple and [...]

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Lisa Hochstein Lashes Back At Alexia’s Criticism Of Buying A Birkin Bag!

A few episodes ago, Lea Black took Lisa Hochstein Birkin bag shopping on Real Housewives of Miami. Lea was able to get Lisa the hookup on one of the expensive, exclusive hand bags that Lisa had been wanting for a while. While on WWHL this week, Alexia was the guest and a viewer called in [...]

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Lea Black Says She Is Over The Haters And Says Adriana Takes No Responsibility For ANYTHING!

Lea black is over all of the haters. She took to her blog to say she is over all of the haters and feels like she is constantly being maligned by some of the other ladies. That’s not all but she slams Adriana De Moura for never taking any responsibility for anything! “The bus that’s [...]

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