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Lisa Vanderpump Says Her Castmates Were Mean About Her Fainting; Plus Says She Doesn’t Pay Attention To Them Now!

Lisa Vanderpump is over her castmates being mean to her. In fact, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, took to her Twitter, to address how she currently feels about the ladies making fun of her infamous faint on Dancing With the Stars. See what she had to say below It’s never funny in the [...]

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Lisa Vanderpump Defends Bringing Up The Cheating Rumors To Kyle Richards On The Show!

If there’s one thing Real Housewives of Beverly fans are sick of, it’s the tabloid drama going on among the ladies. Recently on Twitter, Lisa Vanderpump tweeted in agreement with a fan on how she handled brining up the cheating rumors to Kyle Richards. See below what Lisa had to say I get what Lisa [...]

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Brandi Glanville Says Kyle Richards Knows Lisa Vanderpump Was Behind The Magazines; And So Does Bravo’s Crew!

Brandi Glanville is taking a lot of heat lately for her biggest mistake yet — going after Queen Lisa Vanderpump! LOL But Brandi isn’t worried what anyone has to say about her most recent claim of Lisa trying to setup Kyle Richards by having Brandi bring hurtful gossip magazines. Brandi took to her Twitter and [...]

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Vanderpump Rules Star, Kristen Doute Says She Agrees With “A LOT” Of What Brandi Glanville Said About Lisa Vanderpump!

Vanderpump Rules star and Professional Crier, Kristen Doute, is apparently trying to get fired by Lisa Vanderpump! Kristen recently took to her Twitter on Monday night, to tweet her support of what Brandi had to say about Lisa, and Lisa responded! Check it OUT I hope Lisa fires her. Not because of this tweet, but [...]

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Brandi Glanville’s BFF Shows Proof That Lisa Vanderpump Is A LIAR!

It seems someone else might have caught Lisa Vanderpump in another lie, and this time it isn’t any of her castmates! Brandi Glanville’s millionth BFF, Adrienne Janic, recently posted a picture of Lisa Vanderpump on the cover of a magazine, with the following tweet below I think Lisa is setting herself up by not admitting [...]

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Lisa Vanderpump Says Yolanda Foster And Brandi Glanville Have Tried Everything!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Lisa Vanderpump, has been pretty vocal on Twitter these past weeks, after episodes aired that questioned her motives towards co-star Kyle Richards. Lisa then responded to a fan yesterday, who had this to say about Yolanda Foster and Brandi Glanville, Check it OUT Thoughts on what Lisa had to [...]

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Lisa Vanderpump Thinks Yolanda Foster Intentionally Lied About Lisa’s Age!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Lisa Vanderpump took to her Twitter this week to answer a fan’s question about co-star Yolanda Foster adding three years on to her age, and she is not happy about it. Check out what Lisa had to say So Lisa can talk about Kyle’s marriage, but THIS is so [...]

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Lisa Vanderpump Now Making Light Of Brandi Glanville’s Deportation Comment!

It seems like Lisa Vanderpump is now taking her own advice these days — laughing on false rumors! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, recently retweeted a joke, making light of Brandi Glanville’s deportation comment. Check it OUT LOL That was a good one. Thoughts on what Lisa had to say?

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Lisa Vanderpump Says Joyce Giraud Was Supportive And Honest At The Reunion!

If you’ve been wondering if Lisa Vanderpump was all alone against the other women at the reunion, you’ll be happy to know she was not. Lisa took to her Twitter to reply to a fan’s question about cast mate Joyce Giraud, and she informed them that Joyce was both honest and supportive of her at [...]

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A Woman Commits Suicide In Front Of Lisa Vanderpump’s Restaurant Villa Blanca!

It was a sad day for Lisa Vanderpump last week. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, took to her Twitter to inform fans that the reason the road in front of her famous restaurant, Villa Blanca, was blocked, was due to a woman who had unfortunately took her life. See below what she had [...]

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