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Teresa Giudice Takes Daughters To See NeNe Leakes In Cinderella!

Teresa Giudice is making the most of her last few weeks of freedom and is spending her precious time with the people that mean the most to her. Teresa decided to take her four daughters Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audrianna to see her good friend NeNe Leakes star in the Broadway show Cinderella. After the […]

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Is RHONJ Not Coming Back Until 2016?!?!

Rumor has it that Bravo is thinking of tabling season 7 RHONJ until 2016! Say what?!?! Bravo is reportedly delaying the filming of RHONJ season 7 because they are affaird the show won’t be appealing without Teresa Giudice. Instead of filming the show without Teresa they want to postpone the season until she get’s out of […]

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Teresa Giudice Will Not Spend Christmas With Melissa And Joe Gorga!

Teresa is mere weeks away from heading off to prison and it looks like none of her precious time will spent with her brother and sister in law, Joe and Melissa Gorga. Despite the united front we saw from the family this season on RHONJ it seems that the family has not spent much time […]

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Andy Cohen Comments On the Future of RHONJ!

Can The Real Housewives of New Jersey go on without Teresa Giudice? That seems to be the question on many fans’ minds now that the season has finally wrapped. With Teresa surrendering herself to prison come January, it seems unlikely she will be able to film for season seven, unless Bravo films her frequently until […]

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RHONJ Reunion Recap: Teresa Says Goodbye To The Real Housewives!

And so it comes to an end. The Real Housewives of New Jersey aired the final installment of season six’s reunion and the drama focused on house husband, Jim Marchese. Everyone seems to have an issue with Jim because he can’t shut his mouth. Jim has bashed the Giudices’ and Gorga’s and has had a […]

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Let’s Discuss: Violence On The Real Housewives!

For this next “Let’s Discuss” piece, I have decided to tackle (no pun intended) a topic that has been a hot-button issue on The Real Housewives franchise for several years: VIOLENCE. In the wake of the RHOBH trailer being released, I felt compelled to write this piece. I thought to myself…we’ve seen Porsha Williams drag […]

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RHONJ Recap: Part One of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion!

The moment we have all been waiting for. The Real Housewives of New Jersey finally premiered part one of the season six finale. Andy welcomes all the ladies to the reunion and gets straight to Teresa Giudices’ sentencing. Teresa was sentenced a few days before the reunion taped so it’s all still very fresh. Teresa […]

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Is Season 7 of RHONJ Starting Sooner Then You Think?

Ever since season 6 of the RHONJ wrapped many fans have been left wondering why the season was so short. If you compare season 5 and season 6 of RHONJ you’ll notice that season 5 was much longer with 22 episodes focusing on the Giudice-Gorga family feud. While season 6 was super short even though three […]

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Teresa Giudice Celebrates 15th Wedding Anniversary With The Love Of Her Life!

There have been several rumors regarding the status of Teresa and Joe Giudice marriage since the both were sentenced to prison time earlier this month. Despite all the rumors, Teresa Giudice is sticking with her man and will continue to do so. The two even recently celebrated their wedding anniversary! She shared the following photo […]

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RHONJ Recap: Secrets Revealed!

Bravo decided to delay the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion and instead air a part one and two of RHONJ’s Secret’s Revealed. I think Bravo felt compelled to make a secrets revealed due to the fact that they shortened the season. So what are the secrets that we missed out on? On part one […]

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