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Kenya Moore Gets The Cops Called On Her While Filming Her Eviction For RHOA, Gets Caught Faking A Scene?

She might not have a home right now, but at least she has a storyline! Twirl on that, landlord. Kenya was vacating the house she was renting in Atlanta after the whole eviction drama, and she invited Real Housewives of Atlanta to come film it for season six, but Conya, the landlord, had a problem […]

Kenya Moore’s Landlord Proven Wrong By Judge, Ordered To Settle Outside Of Court!

Say what? Kenya wasn’t lying? The Real Housewives of Atlanta star was being sued by her landlord Conya Weems-Dillon for being late on rent payments multiple times, in amounts of nearly $1000, but it turns out she was wrong. Kenya was in court earlier this week and the judge threw out the case entirely! Mstarz […]

Kenya Moore Slammed By Landlord In Court Even Further After Speaking About Her On Wendy Williams!

The plot thickens in the battle between Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kenya Moore and her landlord! Kenya was recently asked by a judge to vacate the rented house, but Kenya filed a motion asking to delay the eviction because she was not made aware of the court date for her hearing. Now, the landlord is […]

Kenya Moore Says Her Eviction Battle Is Not Over Yet Despite Judge Ruling!

Kenya Moore has been asked to vacate her Atlanta house by a judge, but she claims that it’s not fair and that it’s not over yet! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star called in to the Wendy Williams Show this week to set the record straight, or at least tell her side of the story. […]

Kenya Moore Files Counter Suit Against Landlord; Claims She Lied For Media Attention!

Kenya Moore has filed a counter lawsuit against her landlord, Conya Weems-Dillon, after she spoke out about Kenya not paying rent in the full amount of $3,999 per month on her Atlanta house! Conya also slapped Kenya with an eviction notice, and now Kenya is twirling (hehe!) the tables on Conya, filing her own lawsuit! […]

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