Rumored New Housewife For Season 5 Of RHONJ

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Most of us are aware that season 4 of RHONJ has finished filming and will air in Spring. Some of us even know 95% of the things that are going to happen..thanks to twitter! AllAboutTRH was exclusively told from a reliable source that no one has been signed on for season 5 but Jacqueline Laurita is definitely out! Jacqueline has since denied this and says she is the one considering coming back but that is false since Bravo has admitted they haven’t spoke to any of the housewives and no one has been signed on. In comes Claire Szucs-Pavlinec. She is rumored to be the newest cast member for season 5. Claire was Mrs New Jersey in 2010. Claire is a stay at home mom with two children and don’t know any of the housewives personally.

Other rumored housewives for the hit show are Heather Robinson, mother of 3 and married to NBA veteran Clifford Robinson. Heather is friends with Kathy and Melissa. Sheila Giudice the sister in law of Teresa is also rumored.

They should skip season 4 and start brand new with season 5 since so many stories have been leaked about season 4.

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  1. Rach says:

    If they cast anyone that friends with Melissa and/or Kathy, I officially quit.

    • lisaslying says:


    • gupto says:

      this is starting to really piss me off BRAVO. they better not add that robinson chic, she is the one that had the birthday party melissa was at and was all over twitter, right?

    • Jessalina says:

      me too. i hope bravo see this!

    • sickofmelissa says:

      So done, if any “friend” of Melissa is on the show. That witch doesn’t need any support.

    • jba says:

      ditto, so done stick a fork in the show it will be bitches n hoes! lying ass hoes, for that ill watch basketball wives with them hoes evelyn n crew screw bravo n andy i see double lmao

    • Belle557 says:

      I’m with you there.. I have had enough of this bullying crap. I will not watch season 5 if they cast anyone who is friends with Melissa & Kathy. It’s not entertainment watching someone I have grown to adore on TV be attacked constantly.

      • Gregg says:

        I totally agree with you and if they do cast Melissa’s friends it is totally obvious that Andy is out to get Teresa and a total douchebag. last seasons bullying made me sick to my stomach, I can’t stand Melissa and i certainly don’t want to watch a show of Melissa and her friends. I’m totally bummed, they’ve ruined this show. GIVE TERESA HER OWN SHOW!!!!!!! I really just want to watch Teresa with her family.

        • pinkie says:

          Yes,,, Teresa’s family (girls and joe, her mom and dad). Can carry a show of their own, I think it would be very successful,,, Bethenny’s show is and I like Teresa even more.

          the Manzo’s are not entertaining to watch ,,, Carolines children are too old… and there are mysteries, which viewers would like an answer to. Like when did Gregg show up and why is he on the scene? Why does their momma still bring them groceries? Something isnt being fully explained. not interested in their day to day life.

          • JanShe says:

            I would love to see them get their own show. I think that it would be a hoot.

            As for the Manzo’s, they are spoiled brats that can’t think for themselves and they act like teenager’s. Time to grow up and stop sucking on Mom’s t#$s.
            Don’t get me started on Miss Greggie. UGH, SO GROSS !!!
            Bleh boring, get rid of them all.

          • crazylisad says:

            I am so glad to see people are seeing what I see..The Manzo’s need to go…sooner the better. Caroline is a negative animal who thinks she is the most honest moral person. Truth is she is starts it all, including all with Danielle, now Tre…she is the devil in disguise and she turns everyone…they are all fighting her battles,,,very clever Caroline but we all got who you are…EVIL

          • crazylisad says:


          • crazylisad says:

            and Jac…Caroline’s puppet… to bad you lost a bff only thing true that has come out of your mouth!!!

    • greentea says:

      Exactly this! I don’t want to watch the “Teresa’s sister in law and friends” show.

    • pinkie says:

      Heelloooo,,, DITTO, BAM, BOOM,,, any more Melissas buddies,,, I am out…
      anyone who thinks Bravo wont air season 4 just because Jac Ass blabbed crap all over the internet, forgettaboutit. No Way they will let the $$$$ it cost to produce the shows go
      down the drain.

      Isnt’ there anyone old/experienced enough to stand up to Don Caro?
      Shes disgusting,,, like i want to watch her bulldog face, talking sh*t to Teresa all next season…

      no mention of penny poo,,, wonder…..

    • YeahRight says:

      Yep , me too

    • shuggie says:

      I swear to the good Lord almighty, if they cast a friend of Melissa nd Kathy for Season 5 of RHONJ, I will NOT watch any show on Bravo!!! Try me!

    • Cat says:


    • Isabella Patricia says:

      I agree! I won’t be watching! Can’t even stand the witch and her washed up sisters, let alone anyone she’s friends with. I read wayyy back then that Melissa stopped talking to all her friends and everyone she associated with because she doesn’t want us knowing about her past and the HORRIBLE things she’s done.

    • Heidi says:


  2. KT says:

    What about Penny?

  3. Jessalina says:

    all i care is about penny cuz i want melissa exposed. but people like sheila (since i doubt her intentions), heather, and this new claire, i wonder what they will add to the show

  4. gupto says:

    agree rox, season 4 is gonna suck. now, where is pics from last night :D j/k, glad u got to go and have a good time <3

  5. Seriously? says:

    Not happening. Kim G and Tom Murro keep trying to say she is in but she is not. She lives in Jackson. Two hours southwest away from the average area where the current women already film. If BRAVO starts filming in fucking Jackson, what is next? Toms River? Newark?

    • Mb says:

      Whats wrong with Toms River???

      • Lee says:

        There is no action in the Jersey Shore during the winter. It’s better to pick a woman living in Northern Bergen County. This is where the real wealth is.

    • jba says:

      yes film from lookers! lmao heads up to the ahole trolls like joe gorga who took one home lol

    • mm says:

      Jackson is like another planet from North Jersey. Unless they’re vacationing on Kingda Ka instead of Punta Kana they aren’t going anywhere near that place.

      • Seriously? says:

        First Foreclosure Lakes/Wayne/Montville (crickets chirping) now Jackson? Wow I guess they really want to make RHONJ the Bad Girls Club.

  6. Reality TV Lover says:

    Don’t really understand your comment/point regarding Jacquelyn? She tweeted around time of the airing of Reunion that she told Bravo she wanted to leave at the end of Season 4 and asked Bravo to dramatically reduce her filming time. She also said this applied to Ashlee as well and that they both wanted to get away from the drama in a way that would ease them out, little bit at a time. Jac seemed very much at peace with that decision so not sure where/when any conversations took place regarding Season 5. Did I miss something? Was other info posted here and if so where?

    • AllAboutTRH says:

      Should have explained it better! My apologies. Rumor has it that Jacqueline won’t return and before it seemed like she didn’t want to but now she is denying those rumors and insisting that she is the one “considering” coming back to the show when really her contract has been terminated. Click the “source” word on the post for more info.

  7. jaydee0702 says:

    I penny is out? They should bring at least one ally for Teresa. Or maybe she will leave and get her own show. Although its rumored that andy is in talks with the manzos to give them a spinoff.

    • sickofmelissa says:

      That will bomb.

      • sickofmelissa says:

        They did a web show called, “Boys to Manzos”. Who wanted to see that? NO ONE.

        • jaydee0702 says:

          I know, the only chance they have for a successful spinoff is with Teresa. I hope she gets out now while shes popular cause they are doing all they can to bring her down.

        • Seriously? says:

          Boys to Manzo was horrible. It was basically them going “look mom im not gay.”

    • jba says:

      andy should seek speech therapy for them not a show! the singing sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss lol or just do a biggest loser program for lauren’s lard ass! its funny i would watch for a minute lmao

    • Isabella Patricia says:

      Who the hell would want to watch The Manzos? Lol. They are all SO DAMN BOOORING on the show, I can’t imagine how boring their own show would be. I would NOT watch. What a waste of time.

  8. jaydee0702 says:

    I penny is out? They should bring at least one ally for Teresa. Or maybe she will leave and get her own show.

  9. diana says:

    Ok….if they bring in a friend of Missy stripper or bug eyed Kathy I’m done too!!!! &&&&&& if they give the Manzos their own show and not T I’m done with all of Bravo shows…no ratings from me! Jac didn’t have a choice in any matter…she broke her contract end of story!

  10. lovehousewives says:

    No matter who they bring on and what spin offs or other things any of the other RHONJ housewives have none will have the success T has, somehow I get the feeling Bravo doesn’t like that she can branch out and leave them in dust, Betheny stuck with Bravo but T might not….

    • pinkie says:

      i think you are correct,,, they dont want to give Teresa her own show…. for several reasons and imo one of them is Manzos.

      They are boring and false, and they don’t deserve a show of their own… ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Fake. Caroline is a hypocrite.

  11. Mb says:

    Teresa will end up where miss nene leakes is headed…. Further into the ground. They both need a reality check.

    • Whitegirl1 says:

      Teresa will end up with on a major network doing big things! Teresa loves her fans and we show her support!! Teresa if your reading this, leave bravo for ABC, NBC, CBS, or Fox…. That’s where the real money is why waste your time with Mrs..Andy!!!! ( she’s a BEOTCH)!!!!

    • DidiPie says:

      Nene is SOOOOO different from Teresa. Nene THINKS she is gorgeous and fab and Teresa IS gorgeous and fab. Totally different people. Nene seems to think she is RICH RICH RICH and Teresa is WORKING hard to be Rich Rich Rich LOL LOL

  12. Jay says:

    This show’s future really is not looking good right now…I hope Teresa leaves while she’s still pretty hot instead of fading into oblivion when this shit crashes and burns.

    • BS Detective says:

      Teresa probably would had her own spin-off and a mini empire if she and Joe hadn’t filed for bankruptcy, which exposed their finances and started the negative press on them being crooks and slumlords.

      Someone over at Reality Tea said: “She is lucky her slutty and disgusting family joined the show this season and she got a little sympathy from me and others that are not her fans. Teresa and Joe have a chance to prove they are better then what people think; let’s see if they start paying some people back. I have seen tons of people file for bankruptcy 3 or 4xs — trust me, for a lot of people we all know that’s the American way. Look at the Manzos and the Lauritas; the only difference between them and the Giudices is they hide it better.”

      Bravo is sneaky and doesn’t seem to care about its stars. Teresa needs to work with a network where the production is not so dark and menacing and the editing is not so manipulative.

      • Jay says:

        Agree! At least Teresa keeps it real and has taken matters into her own hands.

      • Dee says:

        Seriously?? Teresa is crazy, her husbands is a piece of crap and that kid of hers needs a leash. People talk about Teresa like she has soo much talent. The only reason she went as far as she did on Apprentice is because she stayed below the radar. Once she had to step it up being the final five, her true stupidity and nastyness came out. She can’t speak for crap and she is so self centered. She can’t keep up with her own lies. I dont think much of the other ladies. I watch the show cause its like a train wreck, you just can’t look away. But I must say Teresa and her motley crew DO NOT deserve their own show!!

  13. Obvious says:

    All I want is for Sheila NOT to join (don’t trust her) and for Tre to get her own show!

  14. Terry says:

    Why would they pack the show will Melissa friends. Carolyn and Jac should no now that they owe Theresa an apology. They should also realize how Melllisa drew them in and now they will be off the show that’s what turncoats deserve.

    • pinkie says:

      they dont and for that reason have lost all respect for them…I LOVE housewives,,, let me edit,,, USED to LOVE.

      easy to walk away from a channel whose programming has gone wrong..

      WWHL-drunk and mean

      Brad Brad something or other-back stabbing and very silly. Why do we want to watch this twerp!

      RHONY- cast damaged to shreds,, poor judgement casting
      RHOBH- WE know how this one got screwed up,,, and Bravo is allowing its members to display their drug addictions all over BH. They have a tight leash on these women,,,, this isnt an accident.PERVERSE

      AND now
      cant watch bravo ruin this too… I aleardy know its coming… but I can’t watch.

  15. Seriously? says:

    Let’s see. You have Foreclosure Lakes/Wayne/Montville (crickets chirping) now Jackson? Wow I guess they really want to make RHONJ the Bad Girls Club.

  16. Whitegirl1 says:

    The new line up sucks!!! Teresa is NJ housewives! I don’t think she should come back season 5, I think Teresa should leave while her star is on the rise..

    • pinkie says:

      Bravo is depending on Teresas fans to watch no matter what he does to her.
      Andy Cohen,, freez you balls off in the hamptons,,,

    • JanShe says:

      I believe that she signed a 5 year contract. Therefore she is under contract for season 5.
      Meho’s friend Heather, NO NO NO !!! And no more family.
      Even out the odds Bravo, you attacked Tre for all of Season 3 and I’m assuming Season 4. Enough is enough !!!
      BRAVO and MS. BULLY ANDY can not be that stupid, Tre is the RHONJ, and is very popular, would they really shoot themselves in the foot ?
      They had better smarten up, her contract is going to be up after Season 5. ( If I was Tre I would be shopping around the other networks while she is so popular )
      I will not be watching Season 4. ( more Tre bashing and being ganged up on, NO THANKS ) If they do not vindicate Tre I will be saying good-bye to the Bravo channel.


    • Ann says:

      Yes, I hope Teresa goes far, far away, too.

  17. Skeeter says:

    Claire looks like Jacqueline II

  18. Belle557 says:

    I really wish they would bring Penny on. They need to even it out. Enough of this 4 against one crap. It is not entertaining, it’s disturbing. BRING ON PENNY!

    Maybe Bravo is hoping that Melissa is going to make big bucks off her music career and they are thinking about protecting her because they want their percentage. Here is my opinion for the Bravo people, and I know I share it with many, – she is not good. She can not dance (even Rich was laughing and said she can’t dance in the hookah episode.) Her voice is not star worthy and her past is trashy enough to ruin her career, yet not controversial enough to keep her in the news long enough. So cut your losses and get those family attacking jerks off the show. You have ruined the show by bringing Kathy and Melissa on, now fix this ugliness you created!

    • mm says:

      You are so right. She cant’ dance at all. Ever notice all the arm waving and over the shoulder posing in her routines. She can barely move her feet. That’s why she needs a big stage so she doesn’t fall off.

  19. DLL says:

    Teresa needs to get away from Bravo and Andy and get on another network. She is obviously the star of that show. After the way Andy treated her at the reunion, she should get away fast!

  20. Where's Penny??? says:

    I’ve been following you since your interview w/Angelo and for quite some time Penny has been on top of the S5 rumored list. What happened? Is she no-longer considered to be on?
    If that’s the case I will not be watching. Bravo brought on Melissa to bring down Teresa and now when Teresa can have some vindication Bravo won’t cast her? Bullshit! Penny and The Greek have brought more exposure to NJ than any of those cast members even after the cameras stop rolling because they don’t take crap from anyone. This is beyond revenge, this is good TV. They were attacked by Melissa, her sisters, her PR, & her Makeup Artist. You’re telling me that’s not grounds or great foundation for them to be cast? If Bravo pulls this crap and cast more against Teresa, I’m out.
    If Mrs Robinson wants to be on TV, there’s Basketball Wives.
    Bring on Penny!

  21. Stacey says:

    Not looking forward to season 4 at all. Same as 3, let’s all be pissed off at Teresa and suck up to Manzo. Gag. I still cannot believe Manzo, Mel or Kathy have any fans???

  22. Stacey says:

    BTW, this lady is scary looking. Yuck.

  23. Ann says:

    I don’t see why people have a problem with Melissa but not Teresa. Uh, hello, Tre and her husband stole thousands (maybe millions) from folks and committed fraud. Melissa may be just as shady as Teresa but Tre has removed all doubt.

  24. LifeIsGood says:

    I’ll give season 4 a few episodes – just to see if they can stop the Hate Train. However, if they sign a friend of M’s – I’m gone immediately. They only brought her on to trash T, and she did her job well. Can they possibly think that she has anything more to offer? Signing on a supporting cast for her tells me they are looking to build the show around her. They are idiots if they believe this.

    I always like to see people pursue their dreams but let’s face it – the sooner M realizes that she doesn’t have “it” – the better for her and her family. Stop enabling her, Bravo. How many over-30, wife and mother of three small children have managed to break into the music industry? Set aside the fact that she has no talent.


  25. daniella murphy says:

    WHEN IS BRAVO GOING TO WAKE UP AND GET SOME NEW HOT, INTERESTING HOUSEWIVES!!!!! Heather is much older than this pics portrays and totally airbrushed! I had a great storyline, Bravo… know it!
    YAWN!!! if she is the rumored HW…..

  26. Gloria says:

    Teresa and her husband Joe are dysfunctional people and really it doesn’t matter if they replaced all of the Jersey Wives because it’s Jersey and people will watch no matter who is on tv. So Bravo what are u waiting for. Get rid of these fake and boring idiotic Wives and their families time for new ….

  27. Gloria says:

    Oh yea, hey Andy I can’t wait til Bravo falls flat on their face for not getting rid of Teresa and Caroline and jackass and their husbands and replace them for all new Wives and families

  28. Maggie says:

    Cannot believe people adore Teresa. Something about overspending, lying, attacking people, being two-faced and unable to look reality in the face appeals to people that much? Agree Caroline is blah, was never much of a fan, but she she did at least spend the time observing Teresa’s behavior and then came to her own conclusions. Teresa and her husband are dysfunctional. If it were a movie I might laugh more, it’s gotten to the point that it is sad to watch when you consider there are children involved, growing up with all this mess. RH were interesting in the beginning but now the focus is on who can trash whom the best. Wow, as a woman I cringe, Bravo. It seems like all the worst female traits are exploited. Would everyone really tune out if there was something socially redeeming or uplifting presented? Time to move on to another show.

  29. frances says:

    Caroline is just plain mean!

  30. Shy says:

    Are you freakin kiddin me?! Melissa’s been the target of vicious attacks by Teresa. I can’t believe how many people are permanently attached to Teresa’s tit. Smdh! Its clear that Teresa has issues and can’t and NEVER will accept responsibility for her actions. She should be tryna keep her brother close…not bash him and his wife then turn around and start cryin like a psycho cuz he no longer wants anything to do with her. That’s her fault. Teresa doesn’t know how to be a big girl and own up to her damn mistakes. I like Melissa the most…she doesn’t expect pity from anyone. She knows who she is…and so does her husband.

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